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IvyOreoCatz's Profile

IvyOreoCatz's Profile
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Username IvyOreoCatz Gender Male
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Member Info
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I'm back! HA! This is the ONE PLACE I didn't forget my Username or Password! HAAA!!!

I've revived this website because I didn't want to be a n00b again! I've been here since 2004, and you can't disprove me!

I'm a cartoonist at Smack Jeeves. I go under the name AuthorJoshua there.

My actual name is Joshua Chaske' Littlewhiteman. Please just call me Josh or IOC or something. Don't call me Littlewhiteman. I'll go crazy.

Anyway, yes. I used to be a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, as evidenced by my old gallery, but I've now become neutral. Oh, I don't have any plans to delete my old gallery. It's a nice reminder of my past. Besides, it's a link to my old (jerky) self. And besides, now theres a record of what I used to be!

Oh! And keen observers of my work will realize that I used to sign my name as Ivan. I was scared of people knowing my real name before. I'm sorry for that faux pas. It's also pretty obvious (to some people) that Ivan Orro Chatz is just a mishmash of my username. IvyOreoCatz. I mean, if you were duped by that... sigh... I'm ashamed of my past self. I also used the name Ivan Daily.

Please visit me comic! Leave a comment! DO SOMETHING!

My birthday is July 19th... just a thought.

See youz later!

I'll work on this later!

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Isis on November 7, 2004, 12:00:18 PM

Isis on
Isisyerp, i live in jacksonville...the place the person i love most hates *tear*. and it is 7 somethin

Isis on November 7, 2004, 10:55:36 AM

Isis on
Isisthe words dingly and little r just funny together, and cool about the lake. i'm in 9th grade too, but here thats high school. but while we r on the subject of where we live let me tell u i hate jacksonville, it sucks. everyone here is mean and self absorbed, wrst of all i live on the beach! i hate the beach!! but the worst part is my idol was arressed here and abused in jail just because of what someone said he did something that he didn't, so now he won't tour here! wah!!

Isis on November 7, 2004, 10:27:44 AM

Isis on
Isisdingly little watergorge *giggle*...sorry, i can't help it......i just think that way, hee. but yea, u don't hear either name much. i hate my name taylor tuenge, the last name is pronounced "ting" by the way. i hate it because when people see my name they normally think i'm an asian boy. and i'm not! i'm a german/english girl! not that i have anything against asian boys, far from it, but I'M not one! well i guess u get the point then.

Isis on November 7, 2004, 9:56:09 AM

Isis on
Isiswell like i said before crazy people r best, hey by the way, i love that name, ivan, u don't hear it much but it's a cool name.

Isis on November 7, 2004, 8:29:33 AM

Isis on
Isisoh but strange people r the most fun! just look at me!

Isis on November 7, 2004, 7:12:32 AM

Isis on
Isisno, i don't think that at all, please keep talking , i don't have many people to talk to so personally, there is no one in this world who i would think talks to much.

Isis on November 7, 2004, 5:13:53 AM

Isis on
Isiswell as soon as u figure out what that question is, i will be glad to answer it, and i'm glad u found ur glasses where ever they may have been.

Isis on November 7, 2004, 3:27:15 AM

Isis on
Isishee, well i'm glad i passed and i hope u find ur glasses, i feel ur pain, i loose mine all the time.

Isis on November 7, 2004, 1:45:34 AM

Isis on
Isiswell that was certainly detailed, but no i don't intend to ask for ur picture. ppl need their privacy and i respect that. and as for the sorta trusting me thing, i'd like to use that statment to tell u about my odd power ove people. for some reason everyone trusts me, i don't kno y. i guess i'm just charming or something. but some advice, stick to just sorta trusting me, because i'm crazy and lord knows what i may ask people who trust me to do. just ask poor troy. but thats ust some advice *bis toothy grin*

Isis on November 6, 2004, 1:21:24 PM

Isis on
Isiswell good luck with that. ......i have heart burn...oww



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Carrie Fireborn (RQ: MaddithSmith)

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