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VHTluvsM101's Profile
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Member Info
hi every1! i'm new here! my name is Amanda Mossman but u call all just call me Val. ( ^_^ ) ( that'z my anima name...Valerie Hakunei Tu'shoie is my full name )o n also don't kind all of the slag words, it's just how i write sometimes. i have long blonde hair n i have greenish blueish eyez. i'm a PUNKER n a FIGHTER! i have many friends n even some or them r on this web site * waves like an idiot * HI KYOTO!! HI KENJAI!!
i am a good artis n i hope 1 day i Bcome a great 1. i do like writting a lot of stories. i have a story that i done over in the school year but it's about 39 pages long. * phew * what a wrok out that was! i think i broke the computer on the 20th page tho. ( ^_^ )0. about Val.

OK! if u ever went on2 Spell_Caster_Inu's art page. she did some art work of Val. Val is the red hair girl that'z w/ Miroku but 4 those ppl who didn't C those pic's, here, i'm tell u the details.

Val is a red hair girl w/ green eyes. she is the once long lost sister of Kurama ( a.k.a Shuichi Minamino or how ever u spell his last name ) Val loves it when her n her borther fight, espicealy when they r both using a ROSE WHIP! Val HATES it when ppl worry about her n she HATES it when she's all beat up n ppl think she's going 2 die or something like that! JEEZ! EVEN I HATE THAT!

Val also has many diff demon sides 2 herself. they r 6 demons in Val ( 2 of them isn't demons. )

1.) Hakunei is val's 1th demon side. Hakuunei is a dragon demon w/ jet black hair that touches the tip of her ankles n black night eyes. she has a cold heart n her eyes shows it. Hakunei has L-O-N-G white dragon wings and a white whippy tail. Hakunei was also a theif in the after life but i don't want 2 go in2 details ( ^_^ )0.

2.) "DS" is val's 2nd demon side. well.."DS" is more like Val's goddess side. "DS" is an Old Egyptian Goddess who is sisters w/ Sleth. "DS" has long brownish blackish hair that down 2 the bakc of her knees n green eyes that is ment 4 gazing over @ ppl. "DS" has long diff colored wings that gose from her back n on2 her writs. she is the goddess of taking/giving life. the stroy Bhind "DS" is long so i ain't telling.

3.)Ololonge is the 3rd. Ololonge is a snow dragon demon n she's a nutty demon. she has long white hair that reaches the tip od her back n blue ice eyez. Ololonge hates Bing the only dragon demon in val's body that doesn't have wings nor a tail. she's a magical dragon like how Haku looks in that Moive, Spirit Away ( i luv that moive! ),n Ololonge had met Hakunei in the past in a war once n they fought each other 2 the death but now her n Hakunei has 2 live in 1 bodys they HAVE 2 get along. How Ololonge n Hakunei each other is another story i ain't telling.

4.) Ryuran-Sama is the next demon 2 val. Ryuran-Sama is the queen on dragons in her homeland called Znon. Znon is a very magical place 4 dragons. Ryuran-Sama has long brown hair that touches her butt almost n has lihgt brown eyez. tho Ryuran-sama is the queen of dragon in znon, she doesn't have the details like Hakunei has w/ the wings n such. she's like Ololonge more. Ryuran-Sama also had a bad childhood b/ of her mother father treat her so baddly. ( if u more details scoll down 2 the end of this page n look where u can get it from )

5.) Ryu Battousai! EEP!! * runs over n hinds Bhind a couch but pops head out * Ryu Battousia is val's 4th demon n she the most scaryiest n eviliest demon in val. Ryu Battousai has long white long that sangs down 2 the ground n gray eyez. Ryu Battousai is a samrui ( don't know if i spell that right ) n not a talker. Ryu Batousai was once in a war w/ her lover but then whne she saw her lover making out w/ Ololonge, Ryu Battousai got mad n on that after noon when the battle was hearting up, she killed her lover n didn't even cried about it. Ryu Battousai is a crazy dragon demon n she'll do nEthing 2 pleace herself. there'z a lot more 2 Ryu Battousai but like i siad....i ain't a telling...

n last but not lease....

6.) Val her self but in a diff look. Val many have her demon but the 1 thing she has is a HUMAN SIDE. Val's Human side has long black hair just like Hakunei's n soft light green eyes. her name is still Val but in Val's human side she is a prietess. she is a Gaia, n watched over Miroku n all of her firends when they where little. Now val is older then dirt! OLDER THAN THIS PLANET! u could say.....she MADE this world.

ok! my hands r tried from tying! if u want more info about me or the demons or about val, plz, by-all-means E-mail me @ n hopes 2 C u guyz or ppl's l8ter!
V ( ^_^ ) V

~Amanda. M ( Val, Hakunei, Ololonge, "DS", Ryuran-Sama, Ryu Battousai. )


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