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hmm.... well i draw... my own style of lombaxes from the ratchet and clank video game series... i loves teh ratchie but sasha has him so i made up my own lombax character whos also ratchets twin brother in the stories i figure that be the only way to get some of my art on this site...
i also love johnny the homicidal maniac...foamy the squirrel cartoons... PILLZ...the weasels from the movie who framed roger rabbit... the song beast of blood by malice mizer...the movie and cd Pink Floyd The Wall...pinks so cute...^^
when i start school again ill be a sophomore...i got no clue how to spell that...shows ive been paying attention...the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show...lets TIMEWARP!!! the cartoon Family Guy...American Dads okay...the book and movie Jurassic Park...The Lion King..of course the ratchet and clank games...the Jak and Daxter games...Donkey Konga...Dance Dance Revolution...the occasional yaoi...^^... i still play and draw pokemon from time to time... yeah im a big girl... french fries... sea food...ritz chips...cheetos twisted...and im not chubby from eating this diet...i got a high metabolism i im a premature born girl... i LOVE pepsi!! its like my energy... I NEED IT like johnny needs blood for the wall...oh yeah almost forgot! i love reading manga and watching anime! as foamy would say "today is a day for anime!" he did say that too...although i havent had it in awhile i do love pocky sticks...and practicing drawing manga humans...tricky...lombaxes are easier i think... im also into UFOS and other paranormal stuff... hmmm...what else... i like to write fanfics...even though im new to it...and...oh yeah! the texas chainsaw massacre one and two! the origional first one... the one where the hitchiker is a guy...a rather cute jittery guy...chop top rules...NAMLAND!!! NAPALM!! FIRE IN THE HOLE!! and House of 1000 corpses...otis is sexy and captain spaulding is great comic relief...the only clown i like in my life.... belive it or not otis and chop top are really the same guy...Bill Mosely... rawr!most of the stuff i like is due to my friend tori... everybody calls me her little twin or copycat... i think she made my life better to tell you the truth... i think thats it... hmmmm.... ill get back to you

my latest obsession is the German band, Rammstein. meaning ramming stone. ^^ so expect a few drawings of my jackel character Cliverd Hojo. most of his character is based on the lead singers voice. Till Lindemann. forgive me on spelling. or as most people on the internet call him "sex on two legs" id prefer to use his name though. hehe. Cliverd himself is a male jackel with white fur and silver lining just to make him look pretty. hes a bisexual too so he does have his femme moments. example, walking around with his hand on his hip and stuff like that. His nationality is in fact German. he is german but speaks fluent American. if he gets pissed though he starts cussing in german. hes a psycho too. rapes both men and women for pleasure. but has two mates. one boy and one girl. and if you call him a fag he will KILL you. he despises that words existence. even though what he does is wrong he gets alot of fangirls. what can you expect hes a pretty boy. i draw him more often then ever because i got a few new DVDS and CDS of Rammstein. their videos are amazing. sure they speak german but im learning rather quickly what they mean surprisingly. thats all thats new for me now anyway. i go draw now year later and im reading this....nothings really changed. *laughs*


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lunacyfreak on December 7, 2005, 11:49:36 PM

lunacyfreak on
lunacyfreak@ Wolflife: Nicht alle, die Rammstein hören, sind auch Deutsch! :D Auch unsere amerikanischen Freunde hören die ollen Ostberliner!! XD

@ chibilombax: It's rare to find a Rammstein fan in the USA... O__o 'cause I saw not many of such persons XP
It's kind of interesting to draw pics for each song of a band (maybe I'll do that with "Samsas TRaum", but they have over 100 songs -.-" difficult...) but sometimes you depict something wrong...
But doesn't matter! ;P keep it on!

Greetz luna

Haritikae on November 17, 2005, 2:58:30 AM

Haritikae on
Haritikaelol my silverwing pics were based from the shows but I loooooooove the books! specially Firewing

Wolflife on October 26, 2005, 4:07:09 AM

Wolflife on
WolflifeYeah, ein Rammstein-fan.. geil ^^
... mybe.. a german rammstein-fan ... *zwinker*

lunacyfreak on September 13, 2005, 7:30:21 AM

lunacyfreak on
lunacyfreakO.o A huge Rammstein fan, eh?
^^ My fav band too! Plz continue your "mission" I want to help you! You've made some mistakes... but I could help to erase them...

Jakxter on August 1, 2005, 6:55:19 PM

Jakxter on
JakxterReplying to your comment on my Dark Ratchet pic, yes, I am the same Jakxter as the one on DA. This place used to be my home for artage, but after hearing all the possitive comments about DA over here, I decided I would move on. And by the way, I'm not a guy, I'm a gal. Don't stereotype my username just 'cos it sounds boyish. You never know when you may be wrong, okay.

chibilombax on May 4, 2005, 8:12:42 AM

chibilombax on
chibilombaxhey lombax queen! i figured you be here too...

LombaxQueen on May 4, 2005, 12:37:01 AM

LombaxQueen on
LombaxQueenhi there Chibilombax, its me lombaxqueen from DA, nice that your here. have fun here.

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