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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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In my Advance writing class, we had to write an "letter" to our body. I decided that I didn't really enjoy the idea of writing a real letter to my body, so I was allowed to change it to a fictional characters body, put into 1st person format. Enjoy!
HAHA!! I ROTE A NEW STORY!!!!! i probably wont be continuing the other one unless sumone wants me to, but oh well ^^ my friends sonicknuxfans, Amyfan2004, super_sonic2000, shadowrulesdaworld, speck_the_fox, Charmed_One_Scottie, and myself ^^ hope u like i
its a story about Sonic meeting a girl named Angel. Hope you like it! ^_^ please comment!!
A story about Amy and Shadow asks her to marry him, Sonic gets jealous, and you'll find out if you read my story.
It's a cross between Sonic X and Sonic SatAM. Will Sonic decide to stay in Station Square or go to Knothole?