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This is a Torn and Ashelin story. Ashelin tells Torn she is cheating on him and dumps him the meanest way possible. Can he ever win back the love of the person he truly cares about?
Colven Peaks is getting a bit fed up with Jak, having nearly running over his dog and wrecking his hometown, a hate burns him and starts a desire to become a member of the KG. It’s only until the real villain is found, and he is in need of Jak’s help
Jak meets a prisoner on run form the crimson guards.
What happens when Jak gets killed? The worst day of Daxter's life. Warning: Sad.
the complete story of Jak 2!! this is ideal for jak fans, or people who don't have the game, but want to know about it.

not finished yet............
ok well Cyclone isnt in this one but it has some interesting parts.
Cyclone is a horse....Lycan's in this YEY....I hate Jak.....I like serenity
The story of John(Jak's brother)finding his bro, but geting into trouble along the way
Medium language and violence. Based on the Jak II world.
A story about Jak and Daxter as they go through time.