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The tale of a young Prince, come to Hogwarts in order to fulfill his destiny. He finds his destiny in not one, but two 'Princesses'! But he has a dark secret, and it could just tear them all apart.
Harry Potter gose under the sea to find spongebob but he is having a hard time to find spongebob so he ask partick for help
Harry Potter has run away. He's running away from his friends,and the war. He has been in hiding for a year now, and has tried to forget his past, but it refuses to let him go. Now Harry is forced to return to England to face victory or certain death.
It started as a joke, then, six months later, turned into a full blown prank. With only Snape left in charge, how will Harry, Ron, and Hermione survive this one?
This is a story about Harry Potter and the Dementors.
Another new year for Harry in Hogwarts, but Where is Ron?
My Harry Potter Story. People I know are in it, but not with their real names, apart from kara potter, who does have her real name. Seiji and sophie are in as last night soph was insisting that she might not be seiji
"C'mon, kiddo," James whispered. "It's time to come home." Oneshot. Songfic. COMPLETE.
This tells you all about how really hard i have it. to live with taunting and teasing is something that really irks me. Enjoy!
In the early 16th century, there lived a Cinderella with a twist. His stepmother thrust Young Harry into slavery when his father died. Ten years later, he meets Princess Hermione, and their lives changed forever. Based upon Ever After the movie. H/Hr