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me being fr
[REVIEW YOUR OC!] They call it the Broken Moon. Only the Chosen Ones can revive it. Can you help?
A shuffle fanfic inspired by my neko-chan. I hope she reads it. :)
As Sarah goes back to collage, Kage-Maru goes with her. With the Hagakure clan gone, Kage finds another group who can make use of his skills. But for Kage, it’s all for Sarah.
New chapter is up!Also,NONE of this belongs to me!All credit goes to Jim Davis,Bill Amend, and Zun!
The Beauty Pop gang is in for a surprise when they hear the prom is quickly approaching!
Emma is the biggest fan when it comes to hair. braiding, curling, and something she''s determined to learn, cutting. So what''ll happen when Emma tries to get lessons from the schools beloved club of boys with fantastic grooming skills, Scissors Project?
hehe i dont own 07 ghost and i got board agian
I was reading Vol 8 of ''Yami not matsui'' also known as ''Descendents of darkness'' alot was about the character Tsuzuki T.T but um reading about him inspired a liitle bit of me to write something so I hope you like it ^_^
A PHD: Phantasy Degree Oneshot: Lady Sang and Lord Lance share a few tender moments under a full moon before parting ways.
Gil has been without his master, Oz, for ten years. But what happened during that ten year course for Gilbert?
For those who are readers of Shugo Chara! Y'all should be familiar with this, except the characters names will be changed and certain charas will be altered.

P.S. If I don't add a chapter in 2 weeks it is likely my BFF has killed me for this
"The gang are celebrating Halloween and are not impressed when things aren't as scary as they should be."
This is a Shugo Chara story! I am included in it. I need to start watching the show of Shugo Chara. And by the way my name is Emily and people will be calling me Emi-chan,Emily,Emi,or Em. And there might be a few spelling mistakes,sorry!
Racer X is always there for Speed, right?

I know I've never uploaded a story...I have a account for that...And a Ficwad but it's that second one that's giving me problems...There's no Speed Racer category on Ficwad...
ok well basically these are all words i have used in my fanfiction stories if any of you folks are confused about what a japanese word is just look up the term in here and if it isnt in here ask me to post it and i will do so! ^_^ hope this helps!
About two different people likes each other...
I am Yuki Cross, a human and I dwell in a place where vampires live just below they count the beating of our rapid hearts, and stave their dark desires. I stop them from killing, but can I resist the temptation?

For My fan Firefoxfireball101
.::Higurashi no Naku Koro ni::. Shion muses on why Satoshi left, before she finds out her distinction wasn’t for Satoshi. Shion’s POV Song fic for Always and Never by Coheed and Cambria
this is a request from falconlobo
Some information off all my OC XD
Rap is a self centered frat boy for PΣT "Castle House" and a model for "L'Alta Vita."
Alma is a plain Jane college girl with no interest stupid college stuff.
However, both their situations change with a surprise encounter.
This was a request made by Falconlobo for me to do a story about Big Cheese and Polly Ester from Samurai Pizza Cats.

Hope you like it Falconlobo! ^^
This is about what could happen in the IGPX. Note: I am not good with summeries, but story should be better.
A short story I wrote for extra credit in chemistry. Mifuyu of the Supernatural Research Association gets a mole which isn't quite what it seems.