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I don't own Kingdom Hearts or Disney. BeyondTheBeast helped me put the fanfic together. Xoe belongs to BeyondTheBeast.
The title pretty much explains itself
Was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 like crazy and this story popped up one night.
This is what happens when you go to Selphie`s party. Plz review
This is a story that I wrote many years ago, right after I had beaten KHI. It is about Sora wandering through the woods thinking about stuff.
The most original title EVER!!! Now,you will all get to know the
real characters of KH!
The sequel to "Kingdom Hearts:The New Generation". Spoils the ending abit.More crazy friends included!!!
What do you get when you mix me,my friends,Kingdom Hearts characters and comedy? UTTER CHAIOS!!!1 Read to find out why.
ha, well, uhhh... nothing
Uh uh. Not Telling. Read and you shall find out. I DON'T own anything from Kingdom Hearts.
Yeah you heard her my First day of high school...I'm in the 9th grade just like Sora in fact this is Sora's first day reason is that we just moved here to Destiny Island from Traverse Town
Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora and more in later chps
After being rudely shot down by Kairi, Sora and Riku deceide to have a slumber party. Is it funny, or just stupid? Please tell me want ya think. (little teeny hints of yaoi)
The new Kingdom Hearts. New characters, new weapons, and new Keyblades.
This is a story about life
and it`s meaning.
Just a little thing I wrote one day. I hope to add more chapters soon. It will contain a little shonen ai later in the story, so yeah.
Due to an accident involving two of the castles biggest idiots, Vexen is left with a ruined potion.Upon testing it on Roxas, the newly made potion turns Roxas into a toddler! Now Axel is left with a big problem on his hands, looking after his three year o
sora traveled to more worlds than just disney ones learn more about his adventures here
its the same idea as the other story

destiny isle peeps find girl, special powers-- blah blha blah blah

just read the description 4 the other story for the idea
its mainly about three teens,who just gets very bored
i luv kh this much....

a story about a girl that falls from the clouds and onto destiny islands with sora, riku, and kairi. they become friends but sora and the gang soon find out whats up with her. she has super creepy powers. she can do anything. fly
when eleven teenagers relizes that there world is connected
a girl named ally & her friends will go on a journey that they'll never forget.but while the journey continues,ally's memory comes back.what really DID happen & why?
A story That I've worked on for a while. I have more to add but as for now I am working on some pics to go with it so bear with me.
Haven't you ever wondered what Kairi was going though while she was waiting for Sora and Riku to find her?? That's what this is about...~♥
this a poem i wrote in Sara's point of view it is kinda depressing
Sora thought there isn't anymore Organization members left. Boy was he wrong