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Finally, a humorous story told by Riku*, all about Riku*. Riku* lovers welcome!

*Riku is a trademark of ME and if you attepmt to take him you will be bitten on your pinky finger. And trust me, it hurts.
Er, heh. I dont know what to write for teh description, so um, just read it!
Warning: This ish-very old!
Oh, yesh. And this is a Kingdom Heart's parody! ^__________^;;
a funny KH fic i had on, so if u see shout-outs to ppl unkown to this site...their from ff.n, anyways the story is about a party i'm throwing and it's very cute..enjoy n.n
This is the Story of when Sora was a little kid of 10 years he met kairi
This is a poem I wrote about this dream I had that is re-occuring every single sollotary NIGHT! AGHHHHH! Ok...I'll tell u about my dream in it too. It's a Kingdom Hearts Dream.
Everyone knows what the Paupu does...but has anyone ever tried it? Is the Legend really just a Legend? Should Riku be feeling the way he does about Sora?
A Kingdom Hearts fan fiction. By viicious. Yay.
This is the novel version of my comic that I'm working on. Some of you may have seen the comic cover.