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Riku is a drug addict. Sora and Kairi are in love. Gross stuff, too. If you ever want the second chapter, ther is a five-comment minimum.
Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald, and Trunks all set out on an incredibly stupid journey filled with slapstick, romance, action, suspense,and slapstick.
don't ask just read plez?
After Sam spent two years in Kingdom hearts she finnilt meets up with Sora
chapter 1 riku went through woods to play ball he saw sora there then the monsters come started to fight then came kairi she beat them up . then she look at them called them chickens .now you can go play ball boys . then they did when they got done.
Mike is a boy who grew up on Destiny Island living life without care. What happens when he is called upon by the Keyblade to become the next Kayblade Master!?
The story of the origin of a young girl who holds more power than she could ever believe.
Ansem invents a solar-powered muffin scraper, and chaos ensues! I removed it from for various reasons, but now it returns for your viewing pleasure!
Sora, Riku, and Kairi, are now continuing with their lives after Kingdom Hearts happenings okay, but they keep each other in mind from time to time.
Life with the Keyblade Master is anything but boring. A series of one shots over life with Sora and his friends.
FAC;s first Make Your Own Character fic!The Heartless have reappeared 100 years after KH and KH2. The Keyblade needs a new master. Will it choose you? Which side are you on?
sora loves Abby (me) and Abby loves him but what happens when she sees the picture sora drew in the secret place will she still love him? FIND OUT! pairings: SoraxMe RikuxKaiku JackxAshley a little of SelphiexTidus and WakkaxLulu FOR KAIKUU AND SALLY
Poem I wrote based on a crossover fic I'm currently writing
Sora and Kairi are being separated...
kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Characters dreams... I would know... I think... (The Final fantasy Characters from KH)
Kairi asks sora for his shoe size...

i need help HELP
Sora always cared about the people closest to him, when they disapeared he didn't know what to do. Being sucked into so many strangers lives was getting confusing. (this is my first FANfic! whoot!)
It's after the first day and Sora, Riku, and Kairi are chatting. But can they get their lines right?
Sora and Kairi *try* to do their scene, but it comes out completely wrong. Plz r&r. More coming soon.
Basically the KH crew trying to do a scene and they kinda screwed up...
Just a random story me n Sandy ( aka LittleSoraDude ) are making up...
A crummy little list of why fan girls bug me.WARNING:IF YOU ARE A SENSITIVE FANGIRL DON"T READ THIS!!!!!If you are I still don't care!(MY other name is Rikus_little_sister)(hahahahaha)
A story of extreme insanity! Complete with dancing coconuts, alien cows, and raining ducks that go moo!
Note: The first chapter isn't working for some reason. Don't worry, I'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible. ^^
This is what I think should/could be an ending! Small spoiler but barely!