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Don't hate me b/c Im random! Some couldn't see it Last time I wrote something so yeah! If you ask me.. I'll write it again!
Roxas: RANDOM Time!
Sora: Yay! Do I get a part?
Roxas: Umm... no
Few minutes later...
Riku: So why are we doing th
This is what happens when i get bored - -o!
this is the dark memories and memories of the heart rewrite something went wrong with both so I'm rewriting it in this story
Have you ever wondered why Sora and Riku don't have parents? Or whotheir parents are, for that matter? Here's my retarded little oneshot that explains it!

This is my first Kingdom Hearts story, where a girl named Kari runs into Sora and the others during a fight and Sora asks her to join them on their quest. All that matters are the dangers that lay ahead. Along with some slight hear
Some VERY random and crazy things Sora and the gang get up to in their spare time..
Sakka's been put onto a world she has no relation with, but is somebody triggering her emotions?
Its a story baised on KH I thought up.
This is the true ending of Kingdom Hearts. Hope you enjoy it!
This story is about a girl, who gets many choices up in her mind, certainly when she has to pick between darkness and light and that is hard when she has two loves, one in the light and one in the darkness.
Making all of those popular songs funny, KH related.
Leon is a college graduate, he is a wealthy man. He owns his own company. Cloud is a high school graduate who attended college for a year than dropped out. He’s looking for a job but hardly qualifies according to the receptionist, enter Leon. Yaoi, f
This is a one-shot in Riku's POV about his feelings for Sora. Please R&R and let me know what you think! Yaoi!
It's with a Michele Branch 'Everywhere'
Just some helpful tips on how to kill Sora(all Sora fans I mean no offence)
Akira and his brother, Kai, live with their drunk dad on a dry planet. Akira plans a runaway one night, and as always, Kai follows. They're sucked into Traverse Town and are separated. Akira discovers a hidden power he's had ever since he was born
just a Humor stroy about ruining all the Kingdom heart cast lives. while me and my freinds make a profit. read if your looking for a good laugh.
This is something I wrote to tell the world of the conqusidences we share to Kingdom Hearts. Please read!!!
This is a story I thought of while I was at camp. I think this one of my best stories. Anyway, this story is of how Sora comes to start living with me until he can fix the Gummi ship. Will he he be able to leave in the end though?
Takes place after Chain of Memories. Sora and his friends appear in a new castle with a new villain from The Organization.
Just suppose...just suppose that there was a final intervention that may have changed the destinies of the key bearers.
Sora's life could not be happier.He has his two best friends, but he starts having dreams! Scary ones at that!!! What is the meaning of these dreams? To tell of the future? To be a warning of what is to come? And why is Riku always the one centered a
Ken thinks he knows the world he lives in. But when he meets a stranger who saves his life, he begins to think that things are not as they seem...
The story’s revealed from the characters perspectives -- as diary entries.
Yaoi insinuations, nothing more.
Meant to be humorous... ^_^
Lorrie is a spirt and has some power connected to how a world should be destroyed or kept alive but who should unlock this power: Sora or Ansem. Sorry it's short.