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Just a peice of bordem that i pulle dout of my brain in english I THINK... PLEASE COMMENT!!! :D thanks
Something thats flying around in my head.
this was inspired by an argument, and im not much of a writer and i wrote this while i was still in the melt down....please post your opinions about this thing
Amora's life seemed perfect and then she moved to Portland. She misses San Francisco and most of all she misses the point in time where her parents didn't fight. Her ultimate goal to survive her first year in Portland.
Chrystal goes on vacation with her friends and finds out that something isn't right, especially when she starts to see strange figures in her sleep. One night, her powers are taken away by a strange creature! Just who/what is this strange creature?
its abount a hated princess how lives with her grand parents because her mother and father died
A little oneshot I did for a writer's contest in the forums. Mizuko, the main, is on a field trip, and spots A LOT of butterflies! But what happens when the energy blast hits?!
This story is about a thirteen year old girl named Arial who has discovered a secret...
This is my third story! w00t! Anyway, this is about a girl named Yuki, she is a princess in the land of Snow. However, she is hated because she is the daughter of the cruel king. Please Enjoy!
Angelish with more detail! ^^ I reposted chapter one with even more detail and chapter two is up as well! :)
She wants to tell him.To tell him how she feels.But what happens.when he tells her first?..What happens.When he thinks she hates him, when it's the exact opposite?
Will they tell each other?Or does it stay uncertain till the day they die?
A story of a girl
Some of you have read this before... I think...... If you've been to my house........ I WORTE THIS SO READ IT NOW!!! XD
um ykea a short story i did in 7th grade for Halloween. i don't think its scary but w/e. enjoy ^^
Lorii, a spirit girl, is stuck on Earth. She longs to meet her love, and one day, he comes. However, not all tales end happily ever after..
Just a mind diary of one of my characters, Lola Felicity. I know it's not fanart, but bear with me... if you can be bothered to read it, thanks. It's fun to write...
Its a story about growing up. This is the prolouge though!!!
A girl named Mitsuki-chan lost her parents,has bad grades,and maids have to raise her. One day her animatian she makes pays off. Read please!
take a look
The little fairy is trapped. Can she get out?
This is more of a poetic short story than anything. Meh, don't think too much of it cuz I worte it quickly in a canadian tire parking lot while I waited for my dad!
A girl and her thoughts about the piont of living.
This is the story to my picture of Vampire Ankou. In this story, her name is Faen Tivris, because that is what her human father named her. Um.. it's the first chapeter in a long line of them...