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ten years after Kaili and her friends defeated the Cyclonians.Kaili married Ryou and had a daughter.Now,a new Cyclonian threat is arising,and she must become-Mew Grape!
All my friends who have ocs in the original story,you need to create their kids.
Basicly its a love story about an oc(you) and Kisshu
This is finally my mew Mew story, so, read if you want, if ya like, tell me! ^U^
Not including Nyanko new mews!
mew mews are awesome but now it''s time for my story!By the way I changed Nyanko''s normal name because it used to be Nyanko to Mew Nyanko I thought it was to obvious her normal name is now Istuki(pronouced It-soo-key)
This is a new Mew group but instead of Tokyo the live in New York City, USA.
yes i'm a mew mew my japanese name is tenschie and english is megan and so ya this my story so there's some twists and turns so ya hope you like it
...why don't you just read the first freakin' chapter. It's about Quinn, and Nee-ko, and the fact that Kish is insane, and that smart @$$ Pai, and Brat Taruto...anywho. Slight romance and violence.
Yes I know..another New Mew Story.. A few years after the first Mew project four new aliens have come to take over the place of the ones that failed. Kuroichigo is just a girl trying to get through school and make it in life. but now it all going to chang
This is the Story Of Me And My Friends Mew Mews. This is About Nee-ko And How She Became A Mew.