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The intro script to a Shed Movie idea, based off events that happened in The Shed Chroincles, which I have not finished writing.
Anyway it takes place 10 years later.
This will probably become another story later.
Just a spoof on the Eragon Commercials. Not to be taken seriously, and, oh yes, please comment.
My first story I've finished(but not yet typed up). I'm coming up with typing the rest as I type this.
le film 'the phantom of the opera" m'as amené à créer une histoire qui raconterait ce qui se passe apres le désastre de l'opéra.

sorry guys this story is in french... it tells of what might have happenned to the phantom after the disaster...
Jack has come back to port Royal, hoping to inlist the help of Will as he searches for treasure. (not actual movie sumary)