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We need YOU to be the next recruit!
We are currently producing a FAN MADE Sailor Moon Video Game. To learn More go here!
An SM fic with all original characters...
Join Kairi, Aqua, Trinity, Pai and Kioko on an all-new adventure where Kairi meets new guys, new friends, and a few new enimies!
About my OC Pai/Sailor Meow in the 30th Century
Prologue to mny story, i haven't been on here in forever!
but anyways, enjoy :D
When trouble hits tokyo, Kairi figures out that she is a senshi of the stars! Even with Kairi's guts, does she have what it takes to be a senshi?
French project, no reasoning, just M. Casey
Sailor Meow's adventures on Earth, as Pai. Emphasis on her friendship with Trinity(Sailor Sun), Aqua(Sailor Aquarius), Sally(Sailor Solace), Kairi(Sailor Star) and any other OC that wants to be included (just comment me).
This is a sweet story i'll try to add a chapter a day so if I don't just bear with me>
DISCONTINUED Leave me here then. You'll don't need me and once you relieze what tradity ya'll caused. I wont be here. Ever. You said leave and never come back. So I want. Until I find the truth.
what te title says. i got some 0f these from a website others i made up myswelf
Its about the new male sailor scouts! The Sailor/Planet Warriors.
We all see Hika as a Hyper little kid with a powerful gem. But there's more to her than meets the eye.

Who is her mother? Why was she killed? Why is she daughter of Saturn and Uranus, but uses the power of stars? All this and more inside.
A quiz for Sailor Moon fans about Sailor Moon. It is based on the series including the PGSM series. Some of the Question are really hard but some are quite easy. I will be uploading 21 questions in each different page/ chapter.
A New power draws new enemies and allies. Along with a new and old Sailor Scouts. Can the scouts handle this or will the world be coverd in forever darkness?
Serena's thoughts towards the end of the episode "A Crystal Clear Destiny".
Serena and Darien celebrating Christmas. Enjoy!
I got this stuff from different sources, and damned if each one said a different birthstone. I didn't feel like looking them all up, so make do.
A year after Usagi's marriage. Darkened visions of the future haunt her dreams as a new enemy begins their attack on Earth. Now she wonders if Crystal Tokyo will ever come to pass?
Usagi and Mamoru are happly married and they are awaiting the future. They thought that their fighting days would now end, but they were wrong. Two new senshi appear along with a new enemy.