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Chapter 1 - Is Your School Insane?

Another funny list! You never how insane your school can be...

Chapter 1 - Is Your School Insane?

Chapter 1 - Is Your School Insane?
I just had to makethis list. This year my school is seriously insane (okay, well mostly)!
The teachers show you movies that they know every line of and they repeat the dialogue from memory as the movie plays. The teachers also show you musicals that they know all the songs to and they sing every song as it plays. The teachers force you the sing and dance to songs relating to the topic you are currently studying. The teachers hit people on the head for fun. (very lightly, though) The teachers start talking to each other and when you start laughing at their conversation, they hit you on the head and get really mad. Then, they will keep repeating all the things that they say really loudly. When everyone else does horribly on an assignment, they yell at all of you and then become calm as they rant about the one person who passed/did well. Then, they read the whole thing while everyone stares back at the person who wrote it with envy. The teachers force you to eat/drink disgusting foods relating to the topic you are currently studying. The teachers give you all the notes in the most monotonous voice ever. Then, they expect you to remember all of it or at least stay awake. Their projects are either far from creative or way too thought out. The guidelines give you a migraine by the time you finish them. You sit at your desk for hours trying to think of ways not to make them mad at you. They give three or more projects at a time and expect you to finish all of it while all the other teachers are doing the same. All the homework that they give you requires you to fry your brains to mush every night. It takes at least four hours to finish your homework every night. They emphasize one educational subject (at my school, it’s math). They take away your free period for a period of doing idiotic worksheets on that particular subject. They emphasize one subject in society (in my case, it’s bullying and harassment). They have at least three assemblies on the subject each year and the guidance counselor makes at least two PowerPoint presentations on the subject matter. The principal says the weirdest things and thinks they’re funny. You’d better laugh at it or else your in trouble. (Just make sure it’s supposed to be joke) Weekends are your only escape from the insane asylum they call school. They stick all the idiots into the AP classes, just because they want them to challenge themselves. It’s pretty obvious they just want to look better to others…[/list] 
Now for the big question: Isyour school insane? If you answered yes to:
0-6: Be thankful! I wish Iwent to your school… Say thanks for what you have because you never if next yearwill be different…
7-11: Your teachers andschool is partly insane. Better not drive them over the edge, huh?
12-18: We are comrades!Finally, another school is (almost) as insane as mine! (Yeah, all these thingsI said come straight from experience. Pretty bad, huh?) Pray for next year,hopefully it’ll be better…


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DemonessDarkFlame on September 8, 2007, 1:48:20 PM

DemonessDarkFlame on
DemonessDarkFlameOMG, that's funny, andsooo true, only it's english in my school, and sex at the assemblies.... ^^ and my principal constantly yells *who's house is this?!" and expects us to answer "our house, wild cat's house" at every prep rally...... ^^ E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G!!

BrokenMoonScar on January 26, 2007, 7:38:40 AM

BrokenMoonScar on
BrokenMoonScarOnly like three of them did not apply.HA! I will E-mail this to my teacher that does most of these!

mushu262 on September 27, 2006, 2:25:49 AM

mushu262 on
mushu262My school got 6

Knuxs_1_fan on June 29, 2006, 9:11:36 AM

Knuxs_1_fan on
Knuxs_1_fanwe r comrades omg its so annoying when the talk about the same thing over and over again grr this wuz funny *Favs*

prettykitty101 on May 12, 2006, 7:20:54 AM

prettykitty101 on
prettykitty101I only said yes to 2.

bloodyd on April 9, 2006, 10:20:31 AM

bloodyd on
bloodydthis is all so true lol

Kupo on April 3, 2006, 6:31:03 AM

Kupo on
KupoMy school is partly insane! Yay I think... That's just like how I got on the other one. Speaking of stupid school stuff, a few years ago I went to a school with a really strict dress code and if you didn't bring a belt or something to school they'd make you look for one to borrow from the lost and found. Anyways great job w/ this one too! It was pretty funny. Especially the thing about the principal ^^

ermangel on February 6, 2006, 11:29:44 PM

ermangel on
ermangelGood god, i'm not alone.

brent on February 5, 2006, 9:27:46 PM

brent on
brenti wanna go to your school..... its better than mine..... got all except for #3

FFXgirl on January 15, 2006, 3:04:57 AM

FFXgirl on
FFXgirlI'm so happy!!!!!!! My school only has #13 it takes me at leat 4 hours to do my homework every night. I feel bad for you!!!