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Chapter 7 - Unstable Stability

Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)

Chapter 7 - Unstable Stability

Chapter 7 - Unstable Stability

Gerards Way

Chapter Seven: Unstable Stability

The heavy, incredibly long silence in the hotel hallway seemed to have put Ray, Bob, and Frankie into a stunned trance. None of the men moved, or made a notion to do so. All were staring through the clear emergency door at where the ambulance was last seen before it sped off. The ambulance that held Mikey. Michael James Way. The vehicle that streamed down the road like a tear running down a cheek, carrying a being that neednt be in it.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity crammed into several minutes, the silence was broken;

Damn poison. Bob growled, his brow furrowing and his hands balling into fists.

Frankie lifted his head to look at Bob and Ray, a pleading look in his eyes. Mikey& he said quietly, as if it were a whimper.

Ray silently walked out the emergency exit door and toward MCRs rather small van, slipping into the driver`s seat.

Frankie`s eyes followed Ray, and soon his body did and he found himself in the passenger seat and heard another car door close behind him and knew it was Bob. His eyes stared blankly at the passing trees and buildings as Ray started the car for the hospital.


Bar Busboys Point Of View

I just finished sweeping the main floor of the bar when two men stumbled out of the bathroom. One was leaning on the other with a sickening, green tinge to his complexion while the other was obviously whispering words of comfort. Neither of them was sanitary, judging by how their hair was so greasy it was plastered to their faces which had stubble on the lower part. The comforting one helped the other onto a stool at the bar and then took a seat himself. The first one began talking to the bar tender as if he were telling a story, and I casually walked behind them to `sweep`.

&wall at the park, and he just passed out. I laid him down so the blood could get to his head and he woke up, looking miserable. So I brought him here for a drink or two, thinking it would cheer him up. Obviously, it made him much more miserable; so much that he had to throw up. So I~

It must`ve been the alcohol that made him hurl, the bar tender pointed out and I heard the other man make a scoffing sound.

Look at Gee!! It wasn`t the alcohol! This guy`s nothing but miserable!

I`m just making a suggestion that you should stop giving the guy alcohol, before he gets poisoning and dies. Oh, and same for you.

Don`t tell me what to do! the man roared, banging his fist on the bar, toppling over some shot glasses.

I sighed as I swept up a glass that had fallen to the floor and shattered, knowing that the man would later regret yelling to the bar tender.

Sir, I advise you to take this other man and get him some rest, then find out if that ambulance was carrying anyone important to him. If so, take him to see that person and take it from there.

What did I just tell y~ooooh. I grinned as the man realized who he was talking to. I heard the squeak of the stools and the shuffling of feet as the two men bid their way, finishing with the clank of the door.

I stopped my sweeping and looked up at the bar tender, Quinn Allman, as he tipped up his top hat with a smirk on his face. I, Brandon Steineckert, smirked also as we both said at the same time while looking at the fading figures of the two men;

Go get `em, Gee.


Frankie, Ray, and Bob all sat in the hospital waiting room, twiddling their thumbs nervously. They all jumped when a deep voice suddenly sounded from behind them;

Mr. Mikey Way is ready for visitors now. the doctor informed, walking around the bench and standing in front of the three men.

H-How is he? Frankie asked, he voice a little hoarse.

The doctor seemed to consider his answer for a moment, and then replied quietly, Stable.

Frankie seemed to shudder at the answer and the veins in the back of his hands became visible. No one could blame him; `stable` only meant that no sudden change in Mikey`s condition could happen. He could be in a bad state, without getting any worse. Or, he could be in a considerable `good` state without getting better or worse suddenly. ((Don`t worry, I didn`t understand those last few sentences either.))

...Would you like to see him now? the doctor asked, interrupting the unstable thoughts of the three men.

Yeah, that`d be nice. Bob said in an even tone, standing up. Frankie and Ray followed suit, but said nothing as the doctor lead them to the elevator, up to the 3rd floor, and down the hallway to room 391.

He`s in here with a nurse to watch his condition, the doctor spoke, knocking lightly then opening the door slowly, indicating for Ray, Bob, and Frankie to enter.

A/n: I just love leaving cliffhangers for y`all.


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MCRchick25write more plz!!!!!!! this is an awesome story! im about to put one of mine up but its rly long for only 4 or 5 chappies lmao i think i might add more though... i rly do need some more on it lmao sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great story *faves*

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