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MCRchick25's Profile
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Username MCRchick25 Gender Female
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i'm so happy... i have finally found my soul mate, my true love. his name is Chris, and i'm so in love with him and i would do ANYTHING for him. MISTY+CHRIS=LOSERS FOR LIFE!!! :)

pic: Us <33333
name: misty.
status: taken!
nicknames: memo or mistmo and panda and pyro and slash and twitch[that's my fave] and pyro panda and, the best one, [[drumroll, please!]] "Mr. Sparkly Tickle Panda Bear the Homicidal Insomniac Psychotic Pyromanic Freak With A Butter Knife, A Lighter, and Mr. Glitters(And I'm Not Afraid To Use Them!)" <-- that's what happens when me and livi get bored at 2:00 in the morning. her nickname is "Sherlock the Alchoholic Spider Monkey Nature Girl With AIDS On A Stick That Owns A Penguin Named Mr. Snowman That Goes BOING!" yeah we're retards but we're totally awesome retards! ^_~
age: 14. but apparently i look and act much older. i have been mistaken for a 17 year old before.
height: 5'0...with shoes... =(
i dont go for labels so dont label me. but ive always been called gothmo.
orientation: bi
a little[okay a lot] more about me: over the past 13 years i have learned many lessons, made many mistakes, and learned how to be a better person. i haven't been to many places, or traveled anywhere special. but the places i have been to are different from where i am now. ive seen how different people are in different places, and ive seen how the environment around you effects your mood, and your overall outlook on life. of course people are going to judge me, but i couldn't care less because if i worry about what other people think, i'll try to make myself what they want me to be, and not be who i accually AM. i don't try to impress people. i have friends that care and a family that loves me. i know what i want to pursue in life and my passions. i don't care for drama or anything that has no point. my education is one of my main priorities. i'll be a freshman next year and i look forward to it, and all the years that lie ahead. i want to achieve as much as i can with the opportunities that present themselves. i want to develop a better relationship with my parents and the people around me. life passes you by and you don't realize how much each word you say influences your relationships with the people around you. every lie you say, every story you've told, every joke you've made, has had some effect on you. i have friends, and i know who the true ones are. they have things to talk about, and are always there when i need them. wherever we go, we ALWAYS have fun, even if it means acting like retards and telling people we have a penis and AIDS(luv ya Livi!) I am 13 years old, I am a caring, random, emotional, and sensitive girl. i'm easy to talk to and i consider that a good thing. please don't label me, because real people don't need labels. i am me, nothing more nothing less. love, laugh, and learn - as often as possible. if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room. love is giving someone the power to destroy you completely, and trusting them not to. i love love, and i fall in love very easily. if that makes me vulnerable, so be it. to guys, love is only a chapter, but to girls, love is the whole damn book. i wish so desperately that i could let him go, tell myself that he's just another face in the crowd, but i can't and it's destroying me. i want to be his best hello and his hardest goodbye. i want to be his ecstacy. i want to be the only hand he holds. i would do anything to be his everything. i want to be the girl that makes him smile that *amazing* smile. i love when he looks at me, because i know that, even if for half a nanosecond, i have crossed his mind. once upon a time, something happened to me; it was the sweetest thing there could ever be; a fantasy, a dream come true; it was the day i met him. i'll stop loving him the day pigs fly.before i met him, i never knew what it was like to smile for no apparent reason. i love him, he is my everything and more. Don't try to change me.
take my quiz plzzz

random icons i like:::
woot i made those XD
some pix i drew:

-My Chemical Romance
-Fall Out Boy
-The Used
-System Of A Down
-The Gorillaz
-Hawthorne Heights
-Rage Against The Machine
-Green Day
-From First To Last
-did i mention black?
-writing poetry
-more vampires
-pink haters
-My friends
-and a few more assorted things of which my brain is not remembering at the moment...

-country music
-shades mountain christian school
-pop music
-statue records cuz they screwed my dads band over
-flaming buttholes
-Hilary Duff
-high school musical
-muchmuchmuch more that i cant remember at the moment... ask later...

meh friends on FAC:
-gerard_frankie_lvr (*****************************)
-burnout1992 (***)
-anime-girl-007 (***)
-Anonymus User (**)
-Catwhohas14tails (*)
-toolisgoodforyoursoul (**)
-SingTheSorrow (*************)

heres how the *'s work:
-*=ehh friend
-**=pretty good friend
-***=great friend
any more than that and youre the awesomest person ever
sorry if i misspelled anyones name X.X

enemies on FAC:

if you would like to be added to either list or removed from the friends list and put on the enemies list please let me know. And if u ask extra nicely, i MIGHT consider taking u off the enemies list, but u have to be rly nice to (re)gain my friendship and be put on the friends list. if you pay attention to how many ppl r on each list, you'll c that im accually a very nice person, i make many more friends than i do enemies. Just don't piss me off, k? K.

ok i now have a poll on what to name my south park character in my gallery!!!! just comment on what u like best or request another name!!!! 1st to 6 votes wins!
-Bling Daddy
-Plahooey Tootenheimer
-Borris McEggmuffinpants
ok vote away ppls!

AND DONT FORGET: I DO REQUESTS!!!! AND ART TRADES!!!!! I HAVE WAY TO MUCH FREE TIME PPL PLEEEEEEZ ASK FOR A REQUEST! i cant guarentee it will be perfect but i will do my best k? k!


Take the quiz:
Who's Your Simple Plan Lover
You're a prankster and very fun loving. You're wild and crazy and love to be with friends. Your friends are the most important thing. Dave is your lover boy adn you guys are crazy especially together. He treats you like and princess and you spoil him back. Playing with his hair and you guys have lots of fun on the town. whether its a gd concert or watching a movie, your night always ends fun :)
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What's Inner Element (anime pix)
you're really depressed. you're sad all the time and apparently been thru a lot of tough crap in your life. but you're a very loyal friend and will help your friends with all their problems, and you can usually use personal experience. but your sadness often brings ur friends down too, you might wanna work on that.
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What Type of Teen Are You?
Sad Imperfect Teen
You are the sad imperfect teen. you are...well depressed and everything you do needs to be thought over how will this affect me? you ask yourself. you are afraid of getting too close to others because you could get hurt. Love is not a good option for you, because you dont want heartbreak (then again...who does???) but each day you ask yourself for reasons that you wake up every morning and see none. well you need to start making life worthwile and get to know people, stop sitting in solitary confinement and get a job, go somewhere you can meet people, and get happier...
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Are you a skeleton, zombie, vampire, demon or dark angel? (pics aren't really working)
You are a vampire! kick @$$! You love pain and blood!!!! You reign terror at night and retreat to your coffin at day. Of course you kill other people and drink the blodd. Fear is struck into the people you make conntact with (witch doesnt happen very often) You happen to think that zombies and skeletons are gay and lame.. well compared to you thats no question! you are awesome and should be proud. But you need to learn to like day.
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What song are you? ***PICS***
Blv. of Broken Dreams
YOU are Blv. of Broken Dreams. Sad and depressed, GOTH! oh well, THIS SONG ROCKS!
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What Song Will They Play At Your Funeral? ((PIX!!))
My Way by Frank Sinatra
You've always done everything your way regardless of consequences. People love and respect you because you're talented and probably beautiful (atleast you know you are). People also hate you for these reasons too. But the turn out for your funeral is enormous because you were a larger than life personality, and no one can imagine the world without you. In other words, you are the shoot.
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Who's your rock star husband?
Gerard Way
You and Gerard would have a deep spiritual conection...unless you lied-but oh well. Anyways, to be Gerard's soul mate you must obviously be sensative. Plus, Gerard is SEXXXXXXY
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Which Screamo/Emo singer are you? (PICS)
Bert McCraken
you are so friggin cool. You know how to sing and scream from the heart. If i knew you I would love you!
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What is your band? (KICK @$$ PICS!)
My chemical romance
IF I KNEW YOU I WOULD LOVE YOU!!! you are very very VERY out going and would do any dare. You love to SCREAM and be loud! GO YOU! :D
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What My Chemical Romance Band Member Are YOU!
Mikey Way
Brother of the Hot one. Hello There
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thats not a very good pic =[

Take the quiz:
What AFI member are you? Or are you just a fan?
Jade Puget
You're up to being Jade Puget! Melodies and guitar solos are you're thing. Great music writing, keeping a melodic hardcore feel to all of the songs. You are a big part of shaping AFI's sound!
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but that is! =]

Your EMO Test (How Emo Are You?)
--&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Purity Test Results&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;--
You answered "yes" to 42 of 50 questions, with a total value of 45 points out of 53, making you 15.1% HAPPINESS pure; that is, you are 15.1% pure in the EMO domain (you have 84.9% EMO in you).
According to the scoring guide, your EMO experience level is: DEPRESSED!
DRUSILLAYou are Drusilla, a vampire to be feared. You are beautiful, but cruel, sadistic, psychotic, and slightly psychic.

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[url=;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;a...]Quizilla[/url] | Join | Make a Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Avoidant This is characterised by intense social anxiety. you have an extreme fear of social situations as you are afraid of critisism, disaproval and rejection from others. You are reluctant to take personal risks incase they prove to be embarassing, this can lead you to exagerate these risks out of proportion to escape them. You also do not tend to get close to others due to a fear of being disliked by them. Despite this you dream of and desire relationships but are unwilling to get involved with others as you are fearful of being hurt or humilliated. You feel inadequete to other people and view yourself as socially inept or personaly unappealing.

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Your power is: The ability to breathe under water
Explanation: When swimming, you don't need to get up and take a new fresh breath since you take in oxygen from the water. This allows you to stay in the water as much as you'd like. In good purposes it can save drowning victims. In evil purposes it can help you drag down a person to the depths and have them drowned. This power helps you escape the world, if even for a bit, since you have grown to despise it so much.
You have been a beaten dreamer with aspirations crushed. Now you try to control your hopes because you don't want to get hurt again. You feel there is no hope for you in the future and have no real goals. But unlike the Controller of Time you do still feel, even if it's mostly negative emotions. You have few friends, if any, and feel you are unable to speak about your troubles. And unlike the Transformer, you don't feel happiness nowadays. All seems to be filled despair whereever you go and you are bitter becaue the world has failed you. It didn't turn out the way you wanted it too and you feel betrayed. It is also likely the feeling of betrayal comes from past relationships where you were left alone in the end.
Negative aspects: Since you are highly depressed and not letting out your emotions properly there is a possibility for cutting, to let the emotions out. Also, if the feeling of despair grows to strong you might consider taking your life.

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You are the death angel. You just want to be left alone and you hate most of humanity. You have a hard time getting along eith others but you are loyal to any friends you do have.

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Dark Angel of RevengeClick Here to Become a Vampire[/url]

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Fire fairy.... you little pyro you...... *hands you some matches*Click Here to Become a Vampire[/url]

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Depressed and Lonely. you like to be by yourself mostly, you feel like you have no place in the world, and probably wonder what in seven hells you are still doing here. You enjoy the dark, and hate people. But You're satans right hand angel and always get the job done.

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How Metal Are You? ::pics::
You're the best of your breed.
You're my favorite. In fact, I love you. You have a great, widely-ranged taste in music but metal in your favorite. You're Unearth's advocate and you go to shows as often as possible. You probably love the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, As I Lay Dying, Demonhunter, and Remembering Never. Your life revolves around music. Are you in a band? It wouldn't surprise me because of your raw love for music. You kick @$$.
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Take the quiz:
What are your personal Lyrics?
Your lyric is from Numb by Linkin Park:- Ive become so numb~I can't feel you there~Become so tired~So much more aware~I'm becoming this~All i want to do~Is be more like me~And be less like you...-: People don't understand you and you are iscolated because of it. But it isn't your fault. Maybe they are all freaks and you are the only normal one...
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me as a chibi doll!
ashley(gerard_frankie_lvr) chibi!
Josh(PrinceOfPunk13) chibi!
Emily(EmoGirl) chibi!
Blair(Bean) Chibi!
If you want one just ask =]

ILY all <3<3


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sisaTao on January 30, 2008, 11:28:47 AM

sisaTao on

I'm leaving this acount, and made a new one.
Since your one of my fans(I'm on your faves list), could you refave me on my new acount?
You can also delete my old acount off your faves if u want.^^
Its here:

kitoxkiwi on December 10, 2007, 3:53:57 AM

kitoxkiwi on

kitoxkiwi on December 1, 2007, 3:50:54 AM

kitoxkiwi on
kitoxkiwihi O:

heartagram66 on August 10, 2007, 11:06:07 AM

heartagram66 on
heartagram66no, i meant as a tektek know, like the ones on your profile...

heartagram66 on August 10, 2007, 10:29:24 AM

heartagram66 on not to comfortable with giving out pictures of myself, so heres a description

long brown hair with bangs
arm warmers or bracelets
black tees
torn jeans
stuff with skulls on it
emo glasses

heartagram66 on August 10, 2007, 2:18:57 AM

heartagram66 on
heartagram66heyloo...could you make me as a chibi doll please?

lonelywolfchick on August 3, 2007, 2:36:22 PM

lonelywolfchick on
lonelywolfchickI'm really sorry I'm taking so long for your request, I'll have it done really soon!

Budsled on June 17, 2007, 3:06:57 PM

Budsled on
Budsledhi hows life. Glad ure happy with wesley lol

boys in my school are dumb right now lol cant wait till summer so i can meet guys lol

so wen does skool end for u



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