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Is this about a technique for reforming delinquints? It is a dubious joke about homosexuality? Nope, it's just a nice moment between Numbuh Two and his crazy new friend, Laura Limpin!
Andrew Champion is given a "free-will" project, a weeklong assignment that tests one's ability to make strong choices. Saddled with loudmouthed friends, an unattainable crush, and the geekiest girl in school as a partner, he'll walk a rocky road.
After an ordeal at the carnival, Laura Limpin becomes attached to Numbuh Two, taking him home with her. This is of course an exercise in diplomacy, given her alterego, the Big Badolescent...but is the inventor boy the one to soothe the savage beast?
Arale's innocent naiveté collapses at the jeers of several cruel men, throwing the android girl for a sudden, emotional spin. Can the friendship and love of Goku bring her back to herself before she abandons all that she once was? Goku/Arale.