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Chapter 6 - Cardiac Arrest

This story is about Sasuke, and Shiori, my oc. So if anyone even reads this, honestly tell me what you think! Give me some feedback! If you don't like canon/oc pairings that's fine, but don't flame.
Criticism is WELCOME! I can take it! Trust me!

Chapter 6 - Cardiac Arrest

Chapter 6 - Cardiac Arrest
The two, Sasuke and Shiori, fell into a routine easily. During the days they would mostly train together, but in the evenings Sasuke would find Shiori outside, always somewhere high up; in a tree, on a boulder, or a hill. The location varied with each hideout. Whenever he discovered her new hiding place, she never noticed his presence at first. This amused him very much.
Sometimes Shiori never whispered a word to him, and he was content to relax by her side. But more often, Shiori would talk about any number of things. Despite her cold and aloof exterior, she loved to talk. She even observed it herself at one point: "I don't know why, but there are suddenly so many things I want to say. I feel like a huge burden's being taken off me when I tell you what I’m thinking. Weird, isn't it?'
"You sure are."
"Hey! Geez...I think it's time for us to practice anyways. I'll race you!" She said, eager.
Sasuke was faster on his feet, but he let her win. She smiled gleefully.
She held open the door for him to the room they used for practice. They had moved to a different room recently, it had many obstacles and poles scattered around unevenly. It was also twice as large. "After you, Sasuke-san." she said it in a friendly manner, but politely at the same time. It bothered him, how he never called him by his own name.
He wanted her to, but he was worried she would be angry with him after this. More so, that she'd stop talking, and he'd be alone with his own mind, his own thoughts. Yesterday she had beaten him in all three practices. But instead of anticipation to prove himself, he was almost afraid of what he was about to do. He remembered the day he had asked Kabuto her weakness.
"Of course she does" He said it in a way that questioned his IQ.
"And that would be?"
Kabuto smiled, "Surely it isn't that hard to figure out Sasuke-kun. Have you ever noticed how she sits? She keeps her head up like a princess, but slouches.
Sasuke shook his head at him. She was invincible, he had enough experience by now to evade her attacks, but it was still hard, and he could never get anything through her defense. "She has a weak heart. Sasuke-kun, it's as fragile as glass. Her family tree doesn't branch out much, and Orochimaru-sama may have made it worse with his experiments. It's pretty easy to take her down when you know that much." His voice was sounded cheery. “Have you thought about using lightning?”
“Why would you tell me this? I thought you liked Shiori-san”
“Oh? You thought that? Well, she entertains me at the least.”
Sasuke shivered at the chill he felt envelope him, and she noticed. "Are you cold?" There was a line between her eyebrows.
"I'm, fine." Shiori walked to the extreme edge of the room as he moved towards the door.
She stood at the ready and he began to charge forward as she aimed her glass towards him. He swiftly dodged and kept going, but she caught him in his blind spot. Sasuke went flying. Today was the day he would win, He told himself. Today he would beat her at her own game, whatever the consequences. Were there any at all? They were impossible to imagine in this situation, where every second counted as the adrenaline streaked through his veins.
He rushed forward again, determined. Amazingly, he dodged the first two barrages, however the third grazed him, as did the next. But that wouldn't stop him. Just twenty more feet, fifteen more feet, ten more, five.
Sasuke focused his all chakra into his index and middle fingers-a spark ignited at their tips. He aimed directly for her heart. His Sharingan could see it thumping, as it took blood in and out of itself.
"Chidori!" He watched her eyes widen before the flash of light. He could almost hear her heartbeat. B-BUMP.
After the light faded, it seemed abnormally dark in comparison. Ominous. It fit the scenery as Shiori's knees buckled and she coughed into her hand. Sasuke saw the blood dripping from her hand and mouth to the floor. He was seeing red. She collapsed and gave out a weak laugh as she struggled to look up at him. "Sa...suke...san?" her eyes closed slowly. Sasuke could see the blood seeping through her shirt. The blue that matched her eyes, being tainted by a vile red. She really was fragile.
"K-kabuto!" he yelled as he ran down the hall toward the apothecary where he prayed he would be. "Kabuto! Help, Shiori is-" Kabuto flew past him as he spoke frantically, cutting him off. Sasuke stared as he saw him rush down the hall towards their own version of an ICU, with Shiori in his arms.
Sasuke couldn't bring himself to follow.
Again, another chapter that didn't turn out quite how I wanted. lolohwell : )


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nextguardian on January 28, 2011, 8:25:25 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianVery nice; good job sustaining the drama here. I also really liked the use of the loan word. Good choice :)