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Chapter 1 - Intro to Insanity

A hilarious fake chatroom featuring characters from Full Metal Alchemist!

Chapter 1 - Intro to Insanity

Chapter 1 - Intro to Insanity
Welcome to the Chatroom of Craziness.

FieryHottieGuy has entered the room.

FieryHottieGuy: Hey is anyone in here?

*Tumbleweed rolls by.*

IamNotAPipsquak has entered the room.

CuteMechanicGirlie has entered the room.

CuteMechanicGirlie: Hey, who are you?

IamNotAPipsquak: I'm Edward, who are you?

FieryHottieGuy: What is a squak?

CuteMechanicGirlie: Your name is What Is A Squak?

FieryHottieGuy:No, Edward's screen name!

IamNotAPipsquak: Oh shut up!

FieryHottieGuy: Oh shut up!

IamNotAPipsquak: Stop it!

FieryHottieGuy: Stop it!

KnightInShiningArmor has entered the room.

KnightInShiningArmor: Hello.

IamNotAPipsquak: SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!!!!

FieryHottieGuy: SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!!!!

KnightInShiningArmor: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *sob*

CuteMechanicGirlie: O_O

IamNotAPipsquak: O_O

FieryHottieGuy: O_O

PrincessAlicia has entered the room.

PrincessAlicia: O_O

2Hot2Handle has entered the room.

HottyBlondyGal has entered the room.

2Hot2Handle: Chatroom typing has been a skill in the Armstrong family for generations!!!!!!

HottyBlondyGal: -_-, Are you in here Brigadeer General Sir?

FieryHottieGuy: Hawkeye!?

IamNotAPipsquak: O_o, They both have delusions of being hot.

KnightInShiningArmor: O_O

PrincessAlicia: O_O

2Hot2Handle: O_O

CuteMechanicGirlie: O_O

FieryHottieGuy: Why you little!!!!!!!!!

HottyBlondyGal: *cracks knuckles* Oh Edward! *sweet smile*

IamNotAPipsquak: O_O AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FieryHottieGuy: *blasts Edward with super fiery hot skills and gorgeous body*

IamNotAPipsquak: You can't hurt me through a computer you ugly old loser.

FieryHottieGuy: *eye twitches* *hyperventilates*

HottyBlondyGal: Hey, your not Roy Mustang!

FieryHottieGuy: Excuse me?

HottyBlondyGal: I'm Roy Mustang you imposter!

PrincessAlicia: Roy is a hot blonde? Does that mean since he said that he's homosexual?

KnightInShiningArmor: What's a homosexual?

PrincessAlicia: O_O



2Hot2Handle: O_O

CuteMechanicGirlie: O_O

HottyBlondyGal: O_O I'AM NOT A HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!!

PrincessAlicia: *snickers*

HottyBlondyGal: Sorry, that was Roy, he is here with me.

IamNotAPipsquak: You to are together?!

HottyBlondyGal: Yes, I just said that.

IamNotAPipsquak: Well, since Roy is homosexual, I guess that means Roy is a girl, or Hawkeye is a boy.

HottyBlondyGal: YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!!!!!!!

2Hot2Handle: If Roy is there with you who is FieryHottieGuy?

FieryHottieGuy: I'm Roy Mustang!

HottyBlondyGal: No your not I'am!

KnightInShiningArmor: WHAT IS A HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!! *finds it in dictionary* A person attracted sexually to those of the same gender. Oh well see whats so wrong about.....OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! *squeals*

FieryHottieGuy: Excuse me, there is nothing wrong with being gay.

HottyBlondyGal: Did Alphonse Elric just squeal?

2Hot2Handle: *squeals* I can too, squealing has been a skill in the Armstrong family for generations.

IamNotAPipSquak: You have problems.

FieryHottieGuy: As if you don't you adorable little runt.


CuteMechanicGirlie: Yo mama jokes! YAY!!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Yo mama so ugly the ugly stick she was beaten with broke.

2Hot2Handle: Yo mama jokes have been a skill in the Armstrong family for generations, in fact, Yo mama is a respectable clean young woman with an honest job.

IamAPipSquak: Why are we making fun of each other's mothers?

PrincessAlicia: Yo mother is from your brother's other lover.

FieryHottieGal: Awww I think the tin can is crying.

KnightInShiningArmor: Leave me alone meanie!!!!

TornadoFreak has entered the room.

TornadoFreak: I'm missing my tin can!

FieryHottieGal: Your tin can, like a tin can like.......


*All stare out the computer screen at people reading*

CuteMechanicGirlie: What's a computer?

All: O_o Dono.

TornadoFreak: La la la la, we're off to see the wizard the wonderful Wizard of OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All: *pull out bazooka's and fire*

TornadoFreak has left the room.

ChatManager: Hello, TornadoFreak's connection has been lost, if you wish to contact her, stab yourself suckers because she deader than a girl who just took advantage of her boyfriend.

ChatManager leaves without having ever come.

PrincessAlicia: O_O



2Hot2Handle: O_O

CuteMechanicGirlie: O_O

KnightInShiningArmor: O_O

HottyBlondyGal: O_O

PrincessAlicia: Well, on the subject of crude and horrible judgemental jokes, who hates preppies and blondes?

2Hot2Handle: What is a preppy?

CuteMechanicGirlie: What's wrong with blondes?

FieryHottieGal: Other than their faces you mean.

PrincessAlicia: Blondes are dumb.

CuteMechanicGirlie: Blondes aren't dumb! *starts choking*

KnightInShiningArmor: What's wrong Winry?

CuteMechanicGirlie: *slow breath* Phew, I totally like forgot how to breathe.

(A note to all people, please take no offense to this, I don't mean any offense to any gender, race, sexuality, or genre of person, thank you!)

IamNotAPipSquak: I have it!

PrincessAlicia: Have what?

FieryHottieGuy: He never had it.

IamNotAPipSquak: FieryHottieGuy is Envy!

PrincessAlicia: Oh gee, nice job, you blew our cover, now he knows your Envy and I'm Greed.

PrincessAlicia: O_O



2Hot2Handle: O_O

CuteMechanicGirlie: O_O

KnightInShiningArmor: O_O

HottyBlondyGal: O_O

CuteMechanicGirlie: You are supposed to be dead! Princess Alicia, I thought you were Maes Hughs.

FieryHottieGuy: Nah, just thinks he's hot, wait a second, Hughs is dead you stupid little weirdo, and so are we, we are in HFIL! (For those of you that don't know it's a world from DragonBall Z that refers basically to Hell, it stands for Home For Infinite Losers.)

CuteMechanicGirlie: I'am not fat!

HottyBlondyGal: O_o Righto then, we'll MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I shall leave for now but I shall be back to claim this world! Muwahaha I do brides, just so you know for when I take over the world.

2Hot2Handle: You do brides?

HottyBlondyGal: No, why would I?

IamNotAPipSquak: Hah, Envy is hey wait, is envy a boy or girl?

PrincessAlicia: O_O



2Hot2Handle: O_O

CuteMechanicGirlie: O_O

KnightInShiningArmor: O_O

HottyBlondyGal: O_O

FieryHottieGuy: Oh I see it said brides, what I meant was bribes.

IamNotAPipSquak: Oh, we know what you meant. *snickers*

FieryHottieGuy: Grrrr, Greed, let's go!

FieryHottieGuy has left the chatroom

PrincessAlicia has left the chatroom.

HottyBlondyGal: We have to go, we have important business.

IamNotAPipsquak: We know what kind of business you have.

HottyBlondyGal: *annoyance marks*

HottyBlondyGal has left the room.

2Hot2Handle: I must go to farewell.

2Hot2Handle has left the room.

CuteMechanicGirlie: Hey I wanna be popular!

CuteMechanicGirlie has left the room.

IamNotAPipsquak: Hey, why are Hawkeye and Mustang here? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

IamNotAPipsquak has left the room.

KnightInShiningArmor: *sob* Everyone left me. Brother!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

KnightInShiningArmor has left the room.

StalkerPsycho has entered the room.

StalkerPsycho: *clears throat*


StalkerPsycho gets bazooka shot.

StalkerPsycho has left the room.

FanFic Writer: *Hears knock at door.* * All fanfic people are outside* *gets tackled and mauled and attacked*

FanFicWriter: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Rabid Midgets are attacking me!!!!!!!!

Edward: MIDGET!?


O_O -_- ^_^ Watch Kirby Dance.

<(^^)> (>^^>) (<^^<) <(^^<) <(^^>) (<^^)> (>^^)> ^(^^)^ <(^^)>


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Playstationfreak on April 21, 2007, 1:59:59 PM

Playstationfreak on
PlaystationfreakHehe, Armstrong was funny. . . . 2hot2handle -cracks up-

I love the yo momma jokes too. . . . hahahahaha!

This was great X3

Saru_no_Cheesecake on April 14, 2007, 12:12:03 PM

Saru_no_Cheesecake on
Saru_no_CheesecakeChatroom typing has been a skill in the Armstrong family for generations!!!!!!

Avatar on January 1, 2007, 8:54:26 AM

Avatar on
AvatarO_OI don't exactly know what to say.But still,one word:hilarious!

YaioAnime on May 28, 2006, 2:04:58 AM

YaioAnime on
YaioAnimeI love it make more soon please ( Big Chibi Eyes) Please

Cowboy-Take-Me-Away on May 5, 2006, 11:43:41 PM

Cowboy-Take-Me-Away on
Cowboy-Take-Me-AwayOMG! Why iaren't the other characters in this? Oh well...

sk_fma_lover on April 27, 2006, 7:40:44 AM

sk_fma_lover on
sk_fma_loverThat was sooooooood funny!

kikyo1267 on April 12, 2006, 3:18:58 AM

kikyo1267 on
kikyo1267wite more

bluemoon_alchemist on February 25, 2006, 5:35:09 PM

bluemoon_alchemist on
bluemoon_alchemistthats flippin funny dude! i couldnt stop laughing at that part when armstrong is all like "squealing has been a skill passed down the"whatever and stuff.....! GO KIRBY!!!!! *eats pixy stix* WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Blazing_SheFool on February 9, 2006, 3:42:32 AM

Blazing_SheFool on
Blazing_SheFoolI LIKE KIRBY DANCE! You get faved just for that.