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AnimeQueen_2005's Profile
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Member Info
okay heres my bio:
surname:tyson. and NO i am not relatited to mc tyson
b-day:augest 23rd
starsign:leo. okay sometimes in mags it says im a virgo, but i do not act like one. i f you look in a leo's description i act just like it ahem i am bossy,dramatic,loyal and therefore creative so there!
hobbies:drawing,singing,drawing,dancing,drawing,hanging out with mates,drawing,partying,drawing,woking,watching TV and of course DRAWING.
okay from here it is going to look like sexy_bishi_queens profile i just wanted to get that out.
people i hate:princess zelda:i mean come on the girl is extremly fragile! in Oot she runs sooooooo SLOW she runs like a stiff. and she is WEAK! without magic i wonder how she would! plz dont hate me. it's just my opinon. she's better than the next person i metion....
TERRA! urgh i HATE HER! i don't like her she's a two face dog! no wonder she's called terra. she brings terror to all of the teen titans. and poor poor BB. he's heart was broken. that sad sad dog.
another person i dont like is that proffesor in the lakeside lab in Oot he is SCARY! i swear down. i had nightmares about him i was 6 by then. coz i was born in 1992 and zelda Oot was realsed in 1998. weee!
anime/manga people i like:link. sorry but he is HOT!(not saying i fancy him though)twinrova. also known as koume and kotake:JOKERS! i love them. espcially when the make twinrova. and link looks surprised and then twinrova winks at him. ha. but i like it the most when they argue and go to heaven."no! i am only 400 years old." then the other says"i am 380 yrs old" then koume says"no ur not your the same age as me..." it goes on and on. and then when they proper go up in the sky, kotake says so stupidly "i will haunt you!"malon and saria and nabooru:you gotta love them.and i think link should be with malon or nabooru. saria was my all TIME fav.ganondorf: hm. i just think he's cool. my bro adores him. in Oot. once i had to keep attack that lighting ball back at him for freakin 15 times! i swear!
chii from chobits: shes so cute,a little bit of an air head but cute!
inyusha(is that how you spell it?) I LOVE THEM ALL! ( all the good guys that is.)
haru glory and ellie and musica and plue from rave master: you gotta love them. it's about time haru and ellie kissed.(have they? i haven't been up to date with it) and i like shin chan,he's funny sometimes you think he needs some displine but he's funny. i espeacially like it when he goes "you can't fake it, you gotta get naked!" to he's head master and the famous BARE-BUTT-BOOGEY! LUV IT!and i like love hina. go shinobu! WELL THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE PEOPLE I LIKE. lets move on.
music i like:urban music and dido. when i'm in a temper she really can calm ppl down.
music from zelda i like:minuet of forest and seranade of water and bolero of fire ESPEACIALLY! and saria's song as well, nocturne of shadow,requiem of sprit.and most out of majora's mask. and i like the the windmill song in Oot!
best friend in here: isnt_BB_soooo_cute! luv her carol anne. she was the one who introduces me here.
okay that is all from me i think i wopuld probabley bore and now but not least, my fav quote in life is "life's just a box of chocolate, you never know wat ur gonna get!" and this is MY made up teen titan character! ^^
real name:julia
powers:fire! all over fire! fire balls,flamethrowers,fire torenadoes everything FIRE!
mother:killed herself.
father:unknown where abouts he is
friends:crystal and diamond.
personality:cocky,loyal,loud,fierce,generous,kind,rude,and most of all FUN!like me in a way!
hair:short.up to her shoulders and have flicks at the end and are highlighted in red. main body of hair is black.
education:75% not a complete brainac.she sometimed asks crystal for help.
costume:anything really. usaully its crystal who designs it for her.(like cardcaptors sakura and madison!^^) usaully she would where a strapless top and a denims but quite fitting really. and boots.
fighting style:caporia. she was raised up in brazil after all! ^^ after what happened with her mother and father(tell you about that later!) she is now trying to study samurai. and is trying to master it like crystal. she even calls crystal and that is only sometimes. sensai
history: din used to live in a apartment in new york. it was quite big 4 bedroom. and she lived with her mother and father. but one day her father ran off. looking at hes child he noticed strange forces about her. he knew hes wife was a powerful elemental goddess who lived on earth to protect and harmonise with others. but he could take no more. he started to have strange dreams and saw dark figuers around he's daughter. telling him to leave. so thats wat he did. he packed hes things and ran away at 3 am. din was heartbroken. she was only 4. her mother wasnt doing any better. she told din to go back and stay away from her. din got mad. she clenched her fists. and a small flame struck out. dins mother saw. and a tear began to roll down her cheek. "its time,it time for my daughter to raise up and become one with me before it is too late..." dins mum crawled over to little din. and picked up little dins finger and raised it to touch hers, din screamed a wave of fire went through her. she fell down for the pain was too much for her to take. dins mum quickley picked her up and dropped her on another persons doorstep. it was an brazilian woman. who would be moving away soon. "my work here is done" dins mum lit a little flame on her finger which turned to an icy blue and struck it through her heart. she made no noise but slient tears rolled down her cheeks and she turned into ashes on the floor. and as they say ashes to ashes, and a icy wind swept over, dust to dust.
sad history or what? well anyways din was having a wierd dream. she dreamt she was in a place. a warm place. cozy and warm. red rugs everywhere.and large red draping,curtains and a blazing fire. fire... an old man was next to this fire. and din walked over to him. well toddle to him. and he turned around and touched dins head. a small scar appered. it was a tiniest of a flame. din got scared. the flame glew warmily. it felt like her mum hugging her. it felt soft and warm like her arms. the man rose up and looked at din, and said"you will now be the new elemental goddess of fire. your name shall be known as din and to mortals julia. do you understand young one?" din nodded. and and closed her eyes. and she felt dizzy. and then opened her eyes. " oh shes awake! thank goodness!" ... and yeah yeah yeah. so din wakes up. learns to do caporia and goes to london meets two girls diamond and crytal and they have adventurous. whtever! it was turning into a story! my hand is aching so yeah. theres more to the history but i cant be bothered so antway ciao for now peeps!


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sprite7 on July 13, 2006, 3:32:44 PM

sprite7 on

rainbow101 on September 28, 2005, 1:31:36 AM

rainbow101 on
rainbow101Hello you have nice drawings

minimannm on September 16, 2005, 3:00:26 AM

minimannm on
minimannmhey thanks for the comment it really works well, im gonna post my new pic coloured like that, thanks again,

AnimeQueen_2005 on September 3, 2005, 4:42:53 AM

AnimeQueen_2005 on
AnimeQueen_2005oh whatever! i was a little busy at that time! u know i wouldnt blank u! ;)

AnimeQueen_2005 on September 2, 2005, 12:53:10 AM

AnimeQueen_2005 on
AnimeQueen_2005im not a blanker! waaaaaaaaa!i just saw u now!

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