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Areya's Profile
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Username Areya Gender Female
Date Joined Location Omaha, Nebraska (Although I find myself wishing it were some place else...)
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Below is my blog because i havent quite figured out how to get a seperate block for it yet (itll be in itallics. Anyway, I'm Alyssa and I draw.. often but am still workng on improving! ;)
Likes: People, music, drawing, writing, reading, skating, stuffed animals, pie, My dog-Toby, dancing, runnig, working out, any kind of physical activity, nature, photography, finding the beauty in things, school, learning, drama, acting, directing, poetry, literature, lemons, strawberries, watermelons, the moon, stars, rain, thunderstorms, making out, making out IN the rain, anything in the rain, swimming, the ocean, bubbles, magic, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Beauty and The Beast, Disney Calssic movies, The Lion King, Simba, Beast, Belle, Timon & Pumba, flavored water, water, tropical fishies (theyre prreeeeetty!) Mexico, Germany, The Hartz Mountains, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, archeology, geology, biology, chemistry, physics, zooology, Felines, Kanines, Wolves, Tigers, leopards, panthers, jaguars, cheetas, foxes, desert cats, ocelots, flowers, Hawks, owls, falcons, ravens, humming birds, honey, Whinnie the Pooh, Eyore, Tigger, carrots, butterflies (not moths), peanutbutter, raspberries, long eyelashes, eyeliner, makeup, shiny things, sharp things, knives, blades, swords, fire, candles, inscence, mint, beaches, stayin up late, sun rises, sunsets, full moon, the color silver, silver, ruby, emerald, jade, bamboo, Japan(ese culture), muscles, eyes, colors, hearts, Lucky Charms, leprichauns, fairies, wings, youth, life, Snowflakes, bonfires, crisp fall breezes, writing poetry, quotes, conversations with friends, pandas, dreaming, doing, chocolate ice cream, finishing incredibly difficult math problems, grammar, winning, philosophy, singing at the top of my lungs, arguing, entertainment rounds, laughing, swing sets, flying above the clouds, hot chocolate, confusing people, driving really fast, staring through sunroofs, wearing suits, lightning, performing, speaking, lip reading, being loved, loving people, clouds, light, love, laughter, happiness, koala bears, rainbows, water, ninjas, pirates, treasure, art, mud, vampires, fruit, puddles, haunted hospitols, haunted anything, hauntings, ghosts, Angels, God, Jesus,sparky, electric chairs, being unique, wood, masks, feathers, tails, kitty ears, antenas, smartness (knowlegde), kisses, hugs, blacklights, highlighters, strobelights, thecno music, raves, parties, partying, meeting new people, elves, ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology... and you!
So you can find at other sites such as: SilverAreya beeps4 Areya
and some oters... okay

July.11.06 Tuesday
Wee've got another character coming, her name is Ami (Amia)she's a witch! And her sister, Mia (Miame ((Pronounced Meeahmay)) Also Mi Mi, the yougest sister of the three.

OKAY new ones coming as well!! Weve gooot lessee Saier (pronoucned sayer), umm Payne, and maybe another... well see... oh and Nurse Petosin... OH! and i am also living a seperate but (not so) equil life at you can find me at
come visit me!!!

ATTENTION!!!!! COMING SOON: I am making a few new characters and they are on their way! Some of their names are Absinth, Laudanum, Osti, and Pera.

...OK W/E Im back and Im a whole lotta nuttin! Well not this anyway! Im SOO into ROCK, OZZY!!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!! and MOST OF ALL VIN DIESEL!!!!!! IIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (New obbsession) and im >not< over Orlando Bloom all his posters are >now back up on my walls!

Well I dont have much to say for now but i may be able to do requests some other time cause Im so goddamned busy!Um I mostly draw Anime type stuff but I cant do realistic Humans and stuff and for that I hate myself but thats ok... Ok I am utterly obbsessed with my beloved Oralndo Bloom (I wish... well I envy KateB. but congrats *sniff sniff*) Lord of The Rings, Anime, Fantasy and a ton of other things


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kit16 on August 2, 2010, 7:26:15 AM

kit16 on
kit16random hello^^

TheifLord on February 18, 2010, 5:56:42 AM

TheifLord on
TheifLordhi i'm mynci

lighttails1067 on September 23, 2006, 1:58:41 AM

lighttails1067 on
your back,yatta
wat do you want to tslk about?

lighttails1067 on August 9, 2006, 7:18:43 AM

lighttails1067 on
lighttails1067read my icon its on my profile,tell me if its mean or not,i got this from my[big]sister.

lighttails1067 on August 5, 2006, 12:00:20 PM

lighttails1067 on
lighttails1067on my kh2 story,10 chapters are on it,please read them
lighttails1067/ally ^-^

lighttails1067 on August 2, 2006, 3:13:48 AM

lighttails1067 on
lighttails1067thanks but that was yesterday

lighttails1067 on August 1, 2006, 2:59:02 AM

lighttails1067 on
lighttails1067hi areya,guess wat today is my birthday!!!i'm mow 14 years-old

lighttails1067 on July 26, 2006, 11:51:29 AM

lighttails1067 on
lighttails1067hi how are you today
i'm gonna sing the doom song now:doom doom doom doom doom doom doom,doom doom do do DOOM!!!!!,doom do doomy doomy doom doom doom doomy doomy doomy doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom do do doom the end,i want to be a mongoose can i be a mongoose dog?
sorry about that,i'm in a weird way,a guidiy,chipiy,thingy doom!!



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Pera Of the OsteoPerosis Twins

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