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Bleeding_Eyes_Black_Soul's Profile

Bleeding_Eyes_Black_Soul's Profile
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Username Bleeding_Eyes_Black_Soul Gender Female
Date Joined Location The Dark Realm
Last Updated Occupation Dark priestess
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Member Info
I'll tell u sumthin... I suck at makin any entrance to nuthin.. I say sumthin and screw it up later... so fer now... this is information that people may want to know... enjoy...

Name- Brittany (Hate it forever, name of an annoying pop star preps will not shut up about...)
Age- 13... What a great number eh...

Favorite colours.... Black, Dark purple, Blood red.(Mmm... Blood...)
Likes- Vampires (I am one... I wish) Blood, Gore, Violence, Horror movies, Phycological thrillers, Wicca (Earth religion) Darkness, Metal music (Death metal included)Jak and Daxter all three games (Jak Fanatic)
Dislikes- Preps, Pink, Pop music, Country music and every other annoying type of music. HILLARY DUFF (She must die) Boy bands (Kill em all) Britney Spears (Yep.. Spear eh... I'll take one of those and STAB HER IN HER SCREWED UP ARSE!!) Peeps who dunno how to leave me alone and stop telling me gow I should dress and what I should like... Stupid people.. get it through ur heads I'm not gunna change cause u want me to I'M NOT HERE TO PLEASE U PEOPLE, U DUN LIKE IT, BITE MY SHINEY METAL ARSE, U THINK I DRESS THIS WAY TO LOOK KOOL, IT'S CAUSE I'M COMFERTABLE IN IT AND IF SUM OF U DUN SHUT UP SEE HOW FAST SOME JAWS AND NOSES'LL BE BROKEN INTO TINEY PIECES!!- Yeah... That felt good.. I'm one of those people u don't wanna piss off... er u'll get burned... Annoying pathetic, preps.. they all must die.. O.O
Yeh... Uhm.. onwards?
Bands and singers- Cannibal Corpse,Cradle Of Filth, Metallica, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Six Feet Under, Damage Plan, Fear Factory, and Type O Negative.

Fave songs- Cannibal Corpse- Born in a casket, I Will Kill you, Hammer smashed Face, Sanded faceless, Mummified in Barbed Wire.
Lacuna Coil- Angel's punishment, Swamped, Ghost woman and the hunter.
Cradle of Filth- Born in a burial Gown, Hallowed Be Thy Name
Metallica- All of the Black album songs.
The Gathering- Monsters
Nighwish- Wish I Had an Angel, Rain
Damage Plan- Pride, Explode, Crawl.
Rob Zombie- Dragula, Living Dead Girl, Demon Speeding, Feel so Numb.
Six Feet Under- Americka the Brutal
Fear Factory- Obsolete, New Breed.
Type O Negative- I don't wanna be me.

Hates Half the fracking Population Of the fracking World.... The Earth shall blow up some day.. hopefully very soon... WE as human beings have destroyed it.. Enjoy the earth while it lasts... I See Dead People...


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Deadly_Lycan on May 19, 2005, 8:57:59 AM

Deadly_Lycan on
Deadly_Lycanhey dark sista,hows it goin? geez im such a f***kin loser, anywas.....yea updated my story. ha, its so friggin dramatic. well maybe, i dunno i guess im just delusional......

JewelTheHedgehog on April 28, 2005, 4:33:23 AM

JewelTheHedgehog on
JewelTheHedgehoghey wutz up...? i liked ur pic..and i think that u should do some more. ^^

Deadly_Lycan on April 11, 2005, 1:09:26 PM

Deadly_Lycan on
Deadly_LycanYES!! I got 2 more chapters of my new Jak/Halo fanfic, its getting good!

DeathPixie on April 9, 2005, 2:20:40 AM

DeathPixie on
DeathPixieyes,lets kill Hilary Duff-4 the little prep poser she is....BWAHHAHAHAHA!

DeathPixie on April 8, 2005, 12:27:56 PM

DeathPixie on
DeathPixieHello.....friend*creepy smile*Of course we can be friends...Im crazy too*brings out axe from behind back*....oh yes,very crazy.....CRAZY TO KILL!MWAHAHAHAHAHA!*attacks pink teddy bear and hacks it up into little peices*MWAHAHAHAHA!
*ahem*NEways,whats up buddy?

crazy_goth_fish on April 6, 2005, 8:29:29 PM

crazy_goth_fish on
crazy_goth_fishhey!!! i know who you are.....i were darkdesire right? how come you got a new account??? and how are you? i haven't spoke to you in ages!!!! so what's been happening in the psychotic world of brittany??? talk soon? bye bye xxx

DeathPixie on April 2, 2005, 2:57:12 AM

DeathPixie on
DeathPixieHey!Yah I'll be ur friend,u seem cool enuff*lol*XDDD

DylanSanders959 on March 30, 2005, 2:51:32 AM

DylanSanders959 on
DylanSanders959hya ! wow i agree kill britney spears ! , i don't like her, i more prfer greenday !good ,can't wait 2 see more of ya pics ! *u will put more on right ?* , see ya budd !

Deadly_Lycan on March 29, 2005, 8:02:45 AM

Deadly_Lycan on
Deadly_Lycanheeeey hehe u fooleded me!kick @$$ name, yeeeea im gettin tired of my old account 2, they just get too old and boring! cya later

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