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Random quote of the week: "If a tree falls in the forest and there's no on there to hear it and it lands on a mime, does anyone care?" - Gary Larson, The Far Side

Hello to whoever is reading this. I suppose you want to know a little about me, so I'll grace you with that information. The name's Karen Gunn. I have a reputation for stealing liquid soap and losing my sandals, along with other ominous deeds that have my friends keeping an eye on me. I like to think that I'm good at drawing, but I still have to exorcise my scanner before I can post anything here. What I'm mainly after is people who will do requests. If you make something for me I'll love you forever (and I mean it! Just you wait and see; on my gravestone I'll have written "I still love you INSERT YOUR NAME HERE!!"). Yeah. So seriously, make something for me!!

Here are the three people I would like pictures of (if you're being kind and drawing for me you can do just one and I'd be happy): First, there's a petite brown-haired girl. She should have a shy look about her and hair that reaches to just above her shoulders, but the rest is really up to you. I'd like her to be done in medeival-ish clothes (no dresses; more like a tunic or robes) but it's up to you. If you want to, draw her with a set of panpipes. The second person is a boy with red-brown hair. He should be tall and good-looking but rather average. You can do whatever you want with him, even involving the length of his hair because I'm still experimenting myself, although I'd also prefer him with medeival clothes. He's a magician's apprentice, so you can draw magical doohickeys too, if you so wish. Those two are also a couple so you can draw them together if you want. The third character I would like drawn is a very skinny fellow with long dark brown/black hair held back in a ponytail and a black mask. Any kind of mask will work; let your creativity run wild. He's a theif and a rather bitter but pitiful fellow, so you can express that in any way you like. (Think POTO people, lol). And yeah. There you have it.

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to requests. You can do whatever you want with the descriptions above. Make them into plushies or anthros or whatever. I actually really like variety. And remember, I'll love you forever if you draw one of them!! ^^

Anyway, I guess I've strayed from the subject. Let us now return to the wonderful and modest moi, lol. Since I'm in a listing mood, I shall now tell you what I like and don't like:

Likes: Spongebob PJs, double chocolate cheesecake, flipflops, anime/manga, new places, sappy romance novels, fireflies, colorful socks, Phantom of the Opera, my journal, the word "spiffy", wreaths, cats, video games, fantasy, weird instrumental music, roleplaying, the movie theater, volleyball, the ocean, my friends, inky pens.

Dislikes: Bottled water, flat pillows, scabs, garden gnomes, scary movies, sadness, loud people, bullies, fake fingernails, my choir teacher, tornados, algebra, grammar, lime green, Dick Cheney, cute things that attack people, demonic appliances, the words "further" and "farther", huge font, horseraddish, poorly written fanfiction.

So yeah... That's about it. Goodbye to whoever is reading this. Have a nice day (and make something for me). ^^


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christakys on June 7, 2007, 10:50:19 PM

christakys on
christakyshi!how are you?where are you from?

nyuu on January 14, 2007, 3:54:33 AM

nyuu on
nyuuHi there! I wanted to say you that you're very skilled at criticising pictures!!
And I'm looking forward to see your pics!!
And a last thing...How many time last your requests? I mean , you want X until the last day of January, or something like that...

ShadowWing on October 28, 2006, 6:32:27 AM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWingYAY!!! It's finally posted!!!!! XD
It should be up tonight or tomorrow. So yay! I hope you like it!

TTfan1 on October 22, 2006, 11:31:40 AM

TTfan1 on
TTfan1no, i dont think anyone cares. the mime can go to hell.

Wolfychan on October 8, 2006, 11:18:44 AM

Wolfychan on
Wolfychannyhaha I like your profile pic that's what I do when I can't think of anything to draw. Just blance to pencil on your uper lip and think hard. Any way the names wolfy nice to meet you.

Yumiko_Ying_Vinnie on October 8, 2006, 2:26:04 AM

Yumiko_Ying_Vinnie on
Yumiko_Ying_VinnieExcuse are you from Greece?

ShadowWing on September 24, 2006, 7:14:27 AM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWinghey, I've finished it!!! k now I'm just waiting till I can get it scanned on the good scanner because the one hooked up to the computer now really sucks and it just kills the coloration and everything. Sooo it'll be up soon. k byee.

ShadowWing on September 5, 2006, 12:49:33 PM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWingHey there. Yeah I told you it would take a while cause of me moving and all but I'm just here to tell you that it will be done soon. All I have left to do is line and color. I rather like it and I hope you do too. *^_^*
Umm I hope you don't mind but I didn't follow all the rules with the theif... for one thing he's smiling and I guess he looks more mischevious than bitter. Is that okay or would you rather I change it??? let me know soon so I can get it done before I go and get a job. lol. ttyl bye.

NaomiSohma on September 5, 2006, 9:40:05 AM

NaomiSohma on
NaomiSohmaYou should make a story or somethin so i can add you to my "favorite artists" list. I'd read it, too! ^-^

NaomiSohma on September 5, 2006, 9:32:35 AM

NaomiSohma on
NaomiSohmaHEYYY! Furuba ROCKSSS! And shigure's hilarious! ^-^

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