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HimeJashin713's Profile

HimeJashin713's Profile
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Username HimeJashin713 Gender Female
Date Joined Location Bryce Mental Institution
Last Updated Occupation Psychopathic Pharmaphobic Assassin
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Member Info
Pshaw, doges! I am here and there is nothing you can do about it! *cackles insanely* I'm not insane, really! *does not let you look at her current location nor occupation* I DO ART REQUESTS AND TRADES. Thought you would like to know...*runs away from the people with the pretty white jackets and needles to play with sharp objects*


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HimeJashin713 on June 2, 2004, 8:36:27 AM

HimeJashin713 on
HimeJashin713Yar, you do that, Bekka-roo! *is high on sugar* Not veddy ASAP, eh? Mmmmmyep...whatever. Heeeeyyyyyyyy...I just a'membered somethin'...*stares blankly at the computer screen* *drools a bit* Uhhhhhhmmmmmmm...oh yeah! *light turns on...somewhere* You gots ta draws meh a piccy-olie as payback fer dat Azusa hotness! *nods* Yes, Azusa's SHECKSI! Deal wit' it, mah peoples...but I likies da Shinogu-brother-personage and the Ryoki-master-personage muy better, fer some fah-REAKY reason. Oooootays...meeza gots ta go read some yaoi now, a'cause I can...*runs off with a pair of scissors in her hands*

DarkSquirrel on May 31, 2004, 12:52:45 PM

DarkSquirrel on
DarkSquirrelhey nikol i'm going to be coming over in 20 minuets. if that is ok, with you? write back asap

HimeJashin713 on April 28, 2004, 2:29:26 PM

HimeJashin713 on
HimeJashin713Why do I tell people my weight? Because I CAN. And hey...your scary little green, multi-eyed midget...IS (almost) COMLETE!!! But his head still scares me...*sobs* hafta gimme MY request FIRST, because I have given you your last TWO before you have given me MINE. I lIkE RAndoM CAPItalS. Woo-doggy, that was FUN! *discos like the supremely retarded kitty she be* OH! OH MY GOSH! I recorded Inuyasha last night, and...and...IT WAS THE EPISODE WITH SESSHOUMARU AND RIN AND JAKEN AND GOSHINKI'S HEAD!!! OMG! Freakin' A, I hate acronyms...whatever. BUT SESSHOUMARU WAS TALKIN' ALL SHECKSAY AND LOOKIN' ALL SHECKSAY AND...AND...JUST BEIN' SHECKSAY ALL AROUND! AND HE BELONGS TO ME! Well...vice versa...but...I dunnot care, for YOU cannot have him. NOT ANY ONE OF YOU. EVER. *glares* Mmmyep...I gots ta go do something linolium. I like da linolium, which I have spelt incorrectly for my lack of intelligence. Okee dokee then...I will shut up now. Meh.

neko-hanyou_666 on April 27, 2004, 5:06:50 PM

neko-hanyou_666 on
neko-hanyou_666w-wha happened to the pic? it's just a head....HA HA!! *shakes head* I iz not done with your pic of You and the Sesshoumaru...BUT!! I shall be done soon....NOW!! DRAW HIS frackING HEAD OR I'LL ERASE THE WHOLE THING!!...(your pic) actually have a story saved? I should'm watching the Ozbornes right now...WOO!! Did you know that Jack is friends with the Olsen twins? I did. The Cat on the AM/PM commercials scares the crap outta me...and Eminem is a rapper...yes...Why did you tell people your weight? You don't exactly know these people....then again...thaz you...not me....whatever....I have so many drawings that I need to make, and yet I am waaaay too lazy to do them. PLUS, iz true, I have too much fracking trouble with the size requirements on this here site. I AM an idiot, but that isn't the point. A person talked to me on MSN-IM today. Just because chickens aren't blue doesn't mean yogurt explodes when you sprinkle mountains on fish. I thought you didn't like Sano anymore. OH well. Riku from Kingdom Hearts, right? A'cause Rikku is from Final Fantasy. YES I DO take poptarts. Bizarre is a person. And he is fat. Joe says hi. How come you change your profile so often? Just wondering. Probably cause you have A.D.D add.....and 2+2-a piece of pie= frogs. CHAK-AAAAAAAA!!! "Don't let the monkeys from space eat your red balloons...Don't let the bubblegum lick your house...Don't let the chickens from Utah take your spleen...and most importantly, keep it by your nostril while you suck eggs."....................

HimeJashin713 on April 6, 2004, 5:46:40 PM

HimeJashin713 on
HimeJashin713GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Do you see that freaked up chunk of a picture up there!? Do you know how freakin' MAD I am now?! This is all thanks to my sister's stupid computer...WAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! *cries and beats the computer with a whisk*

HimeJashin713 on March 12, 2004, 5:18:52 AM

HimeJashin713 on
HimeJashin713Yes, I have BROWN hair, not blonde! The natural highlights make it look that way, though...what picture do you want, you psycho deranged lunatic!? I dunno what you speakin' 'bout...but yeshhhhh...Rancor is MY muse, not Bekka's, because she has Xander, and I have Xi and rancor. That is so interesting, is it not? I think so...I had a pop-tart today, so I am no longer starving to death. Oh! *gasps and flops out of chair* You are sitting next to me! How freakin' weird! I shall now pester you...*pulls out a knife and grins evilly* Deleriously enthralling killing spree, here I come...*hops off, laughing like the psychotic, freak-kitty she is*

neko-hanyou_666 on March 12, 2004, 5:11:28 AM

neko-hanyou_666 on
neko-hanyou_666oookay then, well, I must say you are a very big loser....WAHAHHAHAH!!!...waiiiit, I thought Rancor was Bekka's muse.....OH well. jeez, a little selfish there, huh? I do requests for you, and you don't pay ME back...feh...BY the way...Where's MY picture, huh? HUH? You're always pesterding the crap outta me to draw your stuuupid Xi, but I have yet to see miiiine...whatever...I don't really care....umm...YES!! I shall put up your pictures which are soo wayyy better than mine on, because you don't know when to keep your big fracking mouth shut to stay UNGROUNDED...umm...yes...Did your hair just suddenly change from blonde to brown...hmm?? Well, you'll always be a blonde...on the inside. ANYWAYS.....yeah...I have nothing else to say because you are sititng next to me and distracting the hell outta me....I'll e-mail you later...I guess....BYE!!

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