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MRZ's Profile
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Username MRZ Gender Male
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Last Updated Occupation Art Director,art critic,music critic,food critic
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Member Info
Hello my name is MRZ i am extreamly competitive,sarcastic,smart,and among other things this is all any one really needs to know.I enjoy Artemis Fowl,exercising,sports,drawing,being a truthful critic,and using my pschology skills on people and much..much more. Im fine with any type of comments I am always ready for an argument about anything be prepared though I have been able to change a persons mind and feelings towards anything very quickly. I also very much enjoy all music except country,I recommend jesper kyd who did the Hitman soundtracks,also tommy tallarico who did advent rising are great if you repect that kind of music which actually took skill unlike alot of the crap out there. I would post my art but no scanner equals no piture posting when i do get my scanner I will be glad to put some pitures up. If I ever mispell something dont correct me im lazy when it comes to typing comments and I type very fast and dont correct i dont consider comments an english paper. XBOX LIVE NAME MASTER ZADIH if you send a friend request send me a comment first
Have a good one and I am 15 years old and if you judge me by my age your making a mistake i know alot of older teens and even some adults that im able to outtalk with either smarts or just quick commenting and I have a very extensive vocabulary. If i am ever mean towards you or your pitures please understand i am only trying to help i never post a bad comment to someone who can draw better than me. I dont do request but I do give them out to people willing to be challenged.


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Lone_wolfix14 on July 26, 2006, 1:32:42 PM

Lone_wolfix14 on
Lone_wolfix14hey MRZ!!! its been a loooong time since i last commented, so... whats up? find alot of peplz to critique? i've finally been able to put up some stuff so i was hoping that u would tell me what u think of them... ^_^; mi stuff is still crud though so i wouldn't blaim u if u had alot of stuff to say about them
so neway, i take it that u still don't have a scanner, huh? u could just use a digital camera if u had one of them... but if u don't there's always christmas!! ^_^u very bad attempt at some humor... sorry if i offended ya... so, i guess i'll comment ya later if ya comment... thanks in advance if ya do!!!

ShadowWing on June 20, 2006, 5:06:30 AM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWinghey MRZ it's been a while. How've you been?

Jenniberry on September 28, 2005, 11:51:46 AM

Jenniberry on
Jenniberryalright, thank you forthe response. Please make sure that comment is erased from her profile, and ensure that your password remains confidential in the future.

Jenniberry on September 27, 2005, 10:23:53 AM

Jenniberry on
Jenniberrythe comment you left here: IS COMPLETELY unacceptable for this site - vulgar comments are prohibited. Malicious Flaming is not only rude, but it's against our site rules.
You need to remove that comment, and please watch your language if you wish to keep your account here.

ShadowWing on September 6, 2005, 3:56:11 PM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWingI see you read my profile as well. ^_^ Yeah, I reread that and realized I'd left a few errors and things, then felt a little like a hypocrite so I fixed it. lol.
No, I wasn't implying that you were guilty of malapropism. I was just saying that I find it funny when people do that. Sorry for the confusion.
Also, I'm not in college quite yet. ^.^ I'm a senior in high school taking some college level classes.

ShadowWing on September 4, 2005, 5:06:37 AM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWingYes, I do have a taste for proper english usage and vocabulary. Thankyou for noticing. ^_^ I find that most people who try to pretend that they also have a taste for it, to be guilty of malapropism; an act that I believe to be asinine and laughable.
Anyway, you may believe that your comment towards seth was in all manners correct, but it was still rude, and seth has the right to defend herself. Really though, it all boils down to the issue of tact.

Noob_Artist on August 30, 2005, 12:03:57 PM

Noob_Artist on
Noob_Artisto i know wat u meant bout the requests n' given em to other ppl to try..that part's clear.. wat i don't get though is y u don't jes put up a picture of NEthing.. it don't matter wat it is.. i posted every thing i've ever drawn no matter HOW long it took..they range from 3 hours to 45 hours.. i got a lot of em between 7 n' 14 though.. n' yea photoshop..i don't use it..which is y Jak took 15 hours to draw.. jes put up ne picture u draw so i can c it man.. oh yea, i'm 19...

Noob_Artist on August 30, 2005, 8:15:12 AM

Noob_Artist on
Noob_Artistso u say u don't do requests..but do u draw at all? i've been waitin for EVER to see some of ur work slim!

ShadowWing on August 28, 2005, 6:52:27 AM

ShadowWing on
ShadowWingHey, thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it.
Reading through all this stuff I must say child, you really need to learn the difference between constructive criticism and an immature flame. I say this because you'll get yourself kicked off FAC if this continues. I know you said nothing at all rude to me, but if you are going to criticize someone then be tactful, and if it all really was your friend Chris, then you probably should never have let this person know your password. He (my appologies if Chris is a she) has done nothing but make you look like a contradictory impudent fool who's asininity and lack of tolerance borders on the imbicilic.
Once again, I thank you for the comment and express that I mean no offense with what I have said.

Star_ocean_gurl on August 26, 2005, 9:29:57 AM

Star_ocean_gurl on
Star_ocean_gurlerm thnx for the commentz? lol anyways no i love rpg games really so i don't think thats boreing u cud say im boring because i do nothing but sit on the comp, play games ect and all annnyways buh bai (i spelled em like that on purpose)

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