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Shadow_the_Hedgehog_4ever's Profile
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Member Info
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Big @$$ Shadow the hedgehog fan, Link fan, and Pikachu fan(obviously). I LOVE drawing, but I can't draw a scary monster to save my life... -.-;

You may nurse a pessimistic attitude towards life or just be physically tired.

You are reserved in nature and tend to suppress your feelings. You resist any kind of pressure to conform to set values.

You tend to have a fine sense of balance in dealing with money

You try to find a balance between work and leisure.

You think twice before accepting a new proposal in any endeavour.

You attain an optimum speed of doing things whereby there is least compromise on speed and quality of work.

You reveal only a part of your personality,ideas to the outside world

You are honest and frank by nature.

Any adverse comment on your work or your personality keeps bugging you for a long time.

Your goals match perfectly with your potential.Thus you avoid pitfalls in meeting your objectives.

You are completely involved in your work and will be willing to shoulder any kind of reponsibility with enthusiasm.

You may not have the necessary will power to complete your tasks.

You complete your work to your satisfaction and hope for the best. You are not bothered about satisfying others.

You have a reasonably good memory

You are always in a hurry to complete your work.

You are a gregarious person who always likes to be in the crowd.

You are always curious and inquisitive with an evergrowing thirst to learn and explore.

Your problem solving abilities are exceptional.

You are charming company in any social gathering.

You're Element is Flame. You have a strong,independant, fiery personality and youobviously don't ley other's push you around.You like being in charge and don't care whatother people think. In fact, you like to standout and be yourself. You're probably shy whenpeople first meet you but you’re a ball of energythat could explode at any given moment. Youlike to laugh and whether you admit it or not,you like to fight. You're peronality that iswild and untamable. You're beauty is physicallyfit and a little sexy and you have a verypretty face.
What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES) brought to you by Quizilla

You are Form 9, Vampire: The Undying.

"And The Vampire was all that remained onthe blood drowned creation. She attempted toregrow life from the dead. But as she wasabout to give the breath of life, she wasconsumed in the flame of The Phoenix and thecycle began again."

Some examples of the Vampire Form are Hades (Greek)and Isis (Egyptian).
The Vampire is associated with the concept ofdeath, the number 9, and the element of fire.
Her sign is the eclipsed moon.

As a member of Form 9, you are a very realisticindividual. You may be a little idealistic,but you are very grounded and down to earth.You realize that not everything lasts, but yousavor every minute of the good times. Whileyou may sometimes find yourself lonely, youhave strong ties with people that will never bebroken. Vampires are the best friends to havebecause they are sensible.
Which Mythological Form Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Industrial rock! Just like Marilyn Manson, youknow what you have to say and you just say it!I like you very much...just be careful youdon't scare me away...
What genre of rock are you? brought to you by Quizilla

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.
"You do not know the power of the DarkSide." There are two possibilities: youare a Star Wars geek, or you are unreasoninglyscary.
Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Running away? You yellow . . .
What Monty Python Character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

god you dumbass.
What swear word are you? brought to you by QuizillaYOU ARE A TRUTH GOTH / SHOW THE DUMFUX HOW IT'SREALLY DONE.
*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! ARE YOU GOTH !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!* brought to you by Quizilla

What insult do you deserve? brought to you by Quizilla

Umm, you might consider suicide maybe a total ofabout 10 times in your life. You think thatsometimes life can become too stressful and youjust wanna leave it all behind and die. Butdon't worry. It will pass in time. I hope youliked the quiz! Please Rate!!! `-)
Are you going to commit suicide? (PLEASE RATE) `-) brought to you by Quizilla

???What Kind Of Angel R You???( Anime Pics ) brought to you by Quizilla

With the wind and sky, your soul is one of a cloudgoddess.
What anime soul do you have?pics brought to you by Quizilla

Goddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strangedarkness and sadness lurk about you.
What element would you rein over? (For Girls) brought to you by Quizilla

what's your battle cry? | | merchandise!




You're totally evil. When you wake up in themorning and look in the mirror you say, 'I'mgonna be evil today!' You know you're evil andyou love it.
*How evil are you?* brought to you by Quizilla

If you die today you are POSSIBLY going toHeaven...
^_^ Beautiful Death ^_^ brought to you by Quizilla

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?
Brought to you by the good folks at

I'm Rachel Green from Friends!
Take the Friends Quiz here.
created by stomps.

Take The Test!

Take The Test!

Big- You like *ahem* big men but he's also kind andlikes small animals(frogs).You also like toeat.. ^_^
Whos your sonic guy? Finally DONE!!!! brought to you by Quizilla

congratulations. you are the "you smell likebutt" bunny. your brutally honest andalways say whats on your mind.
which happy bunny are you? brought to you by Quizilla
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Whichmeans you're rare or that you cheated :P You'rethe kind of chick that can hang out with yourboyfriend's friends and be silly. You don'tcare about presents or about going to fancyplaced. Hell, just hang out. You're just happybeing around your boyfriend.
What Kind of Girlfriend Are You? brought to you by Quizilla
Your soul is bound to the Glass Rose: TheFragile.

"My heart lies somewhere between perfectionand dust. And while my soul is a sight tobehold, I shatter at the blink of aneye."

The Glass Rose is associated with perfection,beauty, and frailty. It is governed by thegoddess Aphrodite and its sign is the LookingGlass, or Tenuous Love.

As a Glass Rose, you have a beautiful soul andnaturally attract people to you. Love comesnaturally to you, but it hardly ever lasts.Though you embody the perfect form of love,your own faults are your own undoing.
What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To? brought to you by Quizilla
You are naturally born with a gift, whether it bepoetry, writing or song. You love beauty andcreativity, and usually are highly intelligent.Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yetalso bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.
What Type of Soul Do You Have ? brought to you by Quizilla
A GAME-BOY. Youre like a tomboy without the love ofsports. Reality sucks, but as long as you haveyour electronics you feel you can cope. Timegoes unnoticed when youre locked in your roomhooked up to your Nintendo, rocking to yourfavourite collection of guitar-driven albums.
Your virtues: Intelligence, sense-of-humour,individuality.
Your flaws: Inability to cope with real life,action-freak spirit, reclusive nature.

Ever wanted your picture taken with your favouritecelebrity? Well why not fake it and fool allyour friends for fun! Go
What kind of girl are you? brought to you by Quizilla
What's your sexual appeal? brought to you by Quizilla
Which Personality Disorder Do You Have? brought to you by Quizilla
You're the sad smile,the one that regrets nearlyeverything and is constantly wondering aboutwhat could have been.You're not happy with yoursituation and usually blame yourself because ofthe bad things that have happened.Cheer up.
What Kind of Smile are You? brought to you by Quizilla
You represent... angst.
You have an extremely cynical outlook on just abouteverything. It's okay to sulk and bedepressed, but life is short, and you only getone. It's only what you make it, and only youcan make it improve.
What feeling do you represent? brought to you by Quizilla
Please rate my quiz for me thanks
What kind of person are you truly??(pics) brought to you by Quizilla
Your soul is completely naked and cold. Scared. Youare totally honest and trusting with people.You get hurt and taken advantage of easily.Right now you are feeling betrayed and maybelonely. It's ok. This will make you stronger.Pretty soon your soul will be wearing a suit ofshining armor.(rate my quiz and I'll be yourknight in shining armmor if you know what Imean.)
How naked is your soul? brought to you by Quizilla
You, my friend are a true individual. You mostlikely hate trends and are creative. By seeingthings differently, people either admire you orthink you are a bit strange. I'm guessing youare a lot like me. Perhaps a Good Charlottehater? I hope so. An inspiration to us all,continue being you! (If you like GC, I'm sorry,I am just expressing an opinion)
A Deeper Look Inside Yourself (with pics) brought to you by Quizilla
Dark magician. You love the dark because of it'sbeauty and just the life that no-one else sees.Mysterious, calm, quiet... But that doesn'tmean you're not friendly!

Please rate ^^
What kind of dark person are you? brought to you by Quizilla
You are guided by the wind. You obey your impulses.You are the kind of person that is always comngup with ideas that would be fun, yet somewhatdestructive. (Rate my test)
What force is your soul? brought to you by Quizilla
The ULTIMATE personality test brought to you by Quizilla
Your soulmate is the current love of yourlife!Congrats, i wish every-one had it thateasy(clears thraot)not talking about myselfof-course
Who's Your Soulmate?(with pics.) brought to you by Quizilla
Night Fairy
Please rate my Quiz
Which Fairy are you?(for anyone many out comes) brought to you by Quizilla
You're taffy!! You're a clever and kind person,but you tend to hold grudges. You are not bigon dishing out forgiveness.
Which kind of candy are you? brought to you by Quizilla
Congratulations! You're a black velvet!
What Drink Are You? brought to you by Quizilla
Your Inuyasha! You are a punk, you like to pickfights and hate being in school, your gradesare slipping but you don't care, you are havingto much fun to actually do anything about it!
What Inuyasha Character are you? brought to you by Quizilla
BROWN- You are crude, and love to get attention.You are kinda weird in some people's eyes.
What color are you?? brought to you by Quizilla
Fire. Impulsive. Unlike Air, you do jump before youlook. When you have something in mind, youwon't let go. You have a strong will, and willdo anything to get what you want. From time totime you can forget that other people havefeelings too, but at most, you're a happyjumping friend.
What is your element? brought to you by Quizilla
Your the perfect friend,your tight with yourfriends but not possesive.You and your bestbuds can still handle being apart though youreally enjoy each others company. No matterwhat their always there for you and your alwaysthere for them.................Please rate myquiz
Are you a good friend??? brought to you by Quizilla
Legardored is your Vampire name.
You are one hell of an insane Vampire. Anyone whomesses with you is out of their minds.
To use your new Vampire name and become a Vampire,go here:
What is your Vampire name? brought to you by Quizilla
Are U a freak? brought to you by Quizilla

You are Koopa. Unlike Wario, you ARE bad. You don'tjust put on. (plz rate)
What Nintendo Charater are You? (pics) brought to you by Quizilla

Lonliness dominates you. You can hide it well, butits there, and your friends can see it. Youconstantly feel alone, and need to do things tofill your time. Your afraid to tell peoplethis, but sooner or later it gets out in a badway, and you think you screwed up everything.And when you are in love is when you are sadthe most. (Please Vote)
What Emotion Dominates you? brought to you by Quizilla
You are a PHOENIX in your soul and yourwings make a statement. Huge and born of flame,they burn with light and power and rebirth.Ashes fall from your wingtips. You are anamazingly strong person. You survive, evenflourish in adversity and hardship. A firmbeliever in the phrase, 'Whatever doesn't killyou only makes you stronger,' you rarely fearfailure. You know that any mistake you makewill teach you more about yourself and allowyou to 'rise from the ashes' as a still greaterbeing. Because of this, you rarely make thesame mistake twice, and are not among the mostforgiving people. You're extremely powerful andwise, and are capable of fierce pride, passion,and anger. Perhaps you're this way because youwere forced to survive a rough childhood. Ormaybe you just have a strong grasp on realityand know that life is tough and the world iscruel, and it takes strength and independenceto survive it. And independence is yourstrongest point - you may care for others, andeven depend on them...but when it comes rightdown to it, the only one you need is yourself.Thus you trust your own intuition, and rely ona mind almost as brilliant as the fire of yourwings to guide you.You are eternal and becauseyou have a strong sense of who and what youare, no one can control your heart or mind, oreven really influence your thinking. A symbolof rebirth and renewal, you tend to be a veryspiritual person with a serious mind - neveracting immature and harboring a superiordisgust of those who do. Likewise, humanity'sstupidity and tendency to want others to solvetheir problems for them frustrates youendlessly. Though you can be stubborn,outspoken, and haughty, I admire you greatly.
*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~* brought to you by Quizilla

Which One of the Derranged Powerpuff girls are you? (pics) brought to you by Quizilla

You got it.
How much do you know about the TRUE goth culture? *For anyone*(pics) brought to you by Quizilla

SELENE: You are selene!Beautiful, vivacious,fierce and seductive, Selene vowed she woulddestroy Lycans after her family was murdered bythe werewolves. So ruthless is she that seleneis a member of the Death Dealers. This eliteVampire warrior class's mission is to make theLycans extinct. Ever wish you could be avampire?
Which UNDERWORLD character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

It's not that you fear death, you are just unsureabout it. You have no solid opinion of Death.To you, death is just something that you shouldtry to avoid at all costs. Safetyfirst!
Do you embrace DEATH ? brought to you by Quizilla

You are a LONER. Tho u like being with otherpeople, it's nice to have some time foryourself too. And sometimes people it's better to be alone and dowhatever you like. So yeah...go away!
Yet another personality test ^-^ (nice anime pics!) brought to you by Quizilla

Leather Boots- sleek, trendy, and popular, you arealways dressed right. You sometimes seem faketo people that don't know you. You enjoyshopping and hanging out with your manyfriends. [please vote! thank you! :)]
What Kind of Shoe Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Peace. You Truly Desire Peace. Just relaxingsomewhere calm with a light breeze against yourcheecks is our ideal of pefect. You don't liketo start fights, but instead, end them withoutusing violence.
What Do You Truly Desire? *PICS* brought to you by QuizillaYou're Element is Night. You're a loner who is verycreative but never show your work to anyone.You may smile a little but sadness orloneliness surround you and other can feel itwhen they're near you. You have a dark orunusual beauty that makes you mysterious andyou probably have a lot of secrets that you'venever told anyone. You're beauty is intrigingand unorthidox but the real thing that makesyou special is your eyes. Something in themmakes them like "Diamonds in theRough."
What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES) brought to you by Quizilla

You are a Khaos angel. You are different from allthe rest. You are a special breed of angel,prone to suffer in the world that you are innow. No matter how much you try to believe thatyour not special, you are. There is alot thatyou want to do in this world. Khaos angels arevery dramatic, we tend to have the ability tocheer people up no matter what the mood, andhold in your emotions. You should be proud,Khaos angels are very rare to find in thisworld of ours... (and yes. you are a completelydifferent type. Hence the name"Khaos" and not Chaos. quite strangehuh?)
What Different Kind of Angel are you...? ( Anime-ish pics ) brought to you by Quizilla

hand holding - you like to be in constant physicalcontact with your special someone but you don'twant to take things too quickly.
What Sign of Affection Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

'Complete Psycho' PLEASE VOTE!!!
What Type of Lunatic are You? brought to you by Quizilla

your a very hidden person in my eyes i see you hidethings away by playing video games so you canleave this world and enter another...this couldpossibly have something to do with your pastlife. unless you just like playing video games.(will you rate?)
in my eyes you are...(pics and different outcomes) brought to you by Quizilla

SUPER-SUPPORTIVE: You're an amazing friend to have!No one messes with your buds when you'rearound. Go girl! But rememeber one thing: Don'tget your feeling hurt when friends are notalways willing to make the same sacrifices!Would you please rate my quiz, my fellowchicka? You don't have to or anything ofcourse, but i'd apreciate it so much if youwould! Thanks girl!
Do YOU really STAND-UP for YOUR FRIENDS? (For da' LADIES only please!) brought to you by Quizilla

You have a fiery soul. You aren't the quickest toget angered, but when you do get angry thingscan go really wrong really fast. You aregenerally very passionate in the things you do.(Rate my test)
What force is your soul? brought to you by Quizilla

20/20: You're pretty level-headed when it comes torelationships, and you have a knack for reallyunderstanding what makes the opposite sex tick.You know that not every action has hugesignificance---and you're able to see the good,as well as the bad, in your guy. So it's OKAYto get swept away by his seemingly romanticgestures, since you don't let him off the hooktoo easy when he does something that's notsweet. Would YOU PLEASE rate my quiz? YOU don'thave to, but i'd sincerely apreciate it if YOUwould! Thanks so much!
Do YOU really know what YOUR DATE/BOYFRIEND is THINKING? For the LADIES only PLEASE! brought to you by Quizilla

Your in Love! Aphrodite has put a spell on you andyour hunny bunny and it's (hopefully) gonnalast! You two have accomplished somethinggreat and that is a Mature Love. Mature Love isdifferent from infatuation, it is characterizedby a gving, unselfish attitude. Each person isconcerned about the well-being of the other.People who have mature love for each other liketo do things that please each other. They arecommitted to finding and doing what is bestfor each other. They may give up personaldisires to bring benefit to the loved one. Youtwo have acknowledged this and are in a veryhealthy relationship. Good Luck in the future!*Please, Don't forget to vote!*
Is It Love? brought to you by Quizilla

Your Energy is Purple. You are a visionary withunmatched intuition and spiritualconsciousness. The mystical world andunexplainable forces fascinate you. Thereresides in you a true dignity and nobility, andothers see you as a worthy leader, and loyalfriend. You are often very mature, with a deepunderstanding of human nature, and you willinstinctively encourage and guide others towardtheir full potential.

You find it natural to express yourselfaesthetically and artistically, you may beinvolved in the artistic professions, areligious organization, or in activities thathave a degree of ceremony and ritual. You wouldmake a good therapist, healer, psychic, orentrepreneur.
What color is your energy? brought to you by Quizilla

Bring Me To LifeYour LyricsHow can you seeinto my eyes
like open doors.
Leading you down into my core
where I've become so numb.
Without a soul
my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back home.

(Wake me up.
Wake me up inside.
I can't wake up.
Wake me up inside.
Save me.
Call my name and save me from the dark.
Wake me up.
Bid my blood to run.
I can't wake up.
Before I come undone.
Save me.
Save me from the nothing I've become.)

Now that I know what I'm without
you can't just leave me.
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life.


Bring me to life.
I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside.
Bring me to life.

Frozen inside without your touch,
without your love, darling.
Only you are the life among the dead.

All of this sight
I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark
but you were there in front of me

I've been sleeping a 1000 years it seems.
I've got to open my eyes to everything.

Without a thought
Without a voice
Without a soul

Don't let me die here
There must be something wrong.
Bring me to life.


Bring me to life.
I've been living a lie
There's nothing inside.

Bring me to life
What Evanescence song are you? brought to you by Quizilla

You enter the door .You see the higher being andlisten to what it says to you:
I have already been waiting for you.You askyourself why, dont you? Let me explain:
You should know that I am not the highest being Iam just one of the nine servants. And I amsent to make you think about something but I amnot here to answer your questions. I can nottell you too much but I will come again. Solisten what I have to say!
I am the higher being of power. I shall build youup. I know you need to hear this:
You can do so much. But you are a bit shy , youmust get over it.Something holds you back. I amtold to say you if you want to make somethingimportant in the life you are able but you haveto overpower .
You are much more smart than you seem and peoplecant see it because you hide it.
So get over you!
Thus spoke the higher being of power and now wakeup!If you want the higher beings to come againplease rate this quiz. It will may take sometime but I have to work hard. Messages are alsowelcome!
~Visit the higher being in one of your dreams and listen what he says to you !!!WITH PICS!~ brought to you by Quizilla

You are the Secretive Mermaid. Perpetual beautythat longs for legs to walk by the side of men.You spend your time gazing at the stars andwhispering to the moon. You have little to nofreinds that breathe. Your freinds all missing.You are sweet as syryp and kind as cake. Thereare a handful of people and mermaids like you.Would you rate my quiz I will keep it a secret?
What kind of mermaid are you? (Gorgeous Pics) brought to you by Quizilla

You can be both .Changing like the wind
You change your mood very often it depends on yoursurroundings and your momental feelings.
Its like you would have two persons in yourself
You are very intensive...very happy or very sad.
You have a life but its very tortured.
Find the balance and youll feel better
.But its not bad to be like this if you are goodmooded everyone loves you .
But when you get bad mood the whole world shouldhide from you .
~Is your life a lie?-9 Results+Beautiful Pictures~ brought to you by Quizilla

The world is cruel, fate is bitter and there's noplace for you anymore. Your thoughts can oftenlead to, 'Why live when I feel like dying ?Yours is an illness of sorrow.
What's Your Disorder ? brought to you by Quizilla

Which FLCL Character Are You ? brought to you by Quizilla

What's your sexual appeal? brought to you by Quizilla

Your Heart is Black
What Color is Your Heart? brought to you by Quizilla

Conscious self Overall self Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

Enneagram Test Results Type 1 Perfectionism |||||| 29% Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||| 37% Type 3 Image Focus |||||| 30% Type 4 Hypersensitivity |||||||||| 33% Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||| 49% Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||| 45% Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||| 41% Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||| 54% Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||||| 77% Your Conscious-Surface type is 9w8 Your Unconscious-Overall type is 8w7 Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

You are Knuckles!
What Sonic character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

Which Sonic Character
are you?

Take the Sonic the Hedgehog Characters Quiz by Vara Sundaisy

What Sonic character are you? Take the quiz now!

What Sonic Character are you?Take the Quiz!

My personality is rated 30.What is yours?quiz by

G:Your Beauty lies
in Individuality. Different, amazing, and all yourown. You like be set apart
from all others and most love that you do. You aresolitary at times, but for
the most part, there is no greater compliment toyou than someone telling you
that you are different. You're most likely a bit ofa fighter and you hate it
when anyone attempts to change who you are. Youwear what you want, look how you
want and don't let anyone tell you what do to. Youcan be a little immature at
times and have trouble dealing with authority andasking others for help. You
like to do things yourself and are independentalmost to a fault. But, people
still find your individuality amazing and the factthat no matter what happens
or what anyone else anyone thinks about it, youwill not change who you are.

Some Things
That Represent You:

Dark, Fire Animal: White Tiger Color:Bold Colors, Odd
Colors Song: Just They Way I Am by AngelExpression: Smirk

Bloodstone Mythological Creature: Phoenix,Dragon Planet: Pluto
Hair Color: Unnatural Colors EyeColor:

"You laugh because I'm different. I laughbecause you're all the same."
Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::.. brought to you by Quizilla

Your element is Darkness: Self centered, strongwilled, mischievous and mysterious. Your quitedark and often times frightening, although youmay be good looking its just a costume hidingthe darkness of your heart. You detest everyonebut yourself, people are simply insects to beburned under the power of your magnifyingglass. People are somewhat drawn to yourmystery but find out to little to late howcruel you can be. But you have a passionatesoul, that is unless you already sold it.Pursuing whatever you set your mind to, youlook at life with a 'Shut up and leave mealone' attitude most often because peoplegenerally seem to annoy you. You may be theruler of darkness but you can often times begenerally lonely wishing for someone to sharein your dance of darkness so long as they knowwho is the master.
.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers- brought to you by Quizilla

B:You take the Road LessTraveled. Who
wants to go where everyone else has already goneanyway? You look for the hidden
paths, ones most don't see and don't care toventure down. You go boldly and
stand proud discontent with what's been put infront of you, determined to find
a way perfect for you even no one else will take itwith you. You live as you
want and not for others, but be careful not becomeselfish. Others may need you
and you should be there for them, especially theones close to you. You tend to
be the leader in most situations and people listenand trust you not lead them
astray. Your firm in your opinions and beliefs andunwilling to change yourself
to suit other people. By the same token, you can bestubborn to a fault, change
isn't always a bad thing you know. Everyone changesand grows, you shouldn't try
to stay exactly the same or you could be leftbehind. Then again, you may change
frequently. Some people change to fit in, you mylittle non-conformist, may
change to be set apart. It's great to be different,but it's also just as great
to have things in common with people, even if thosepeople are in that "crowd"
you seem to have a vendetta against. Don't try tobe different, just be who you
are, whoever that is and you'll be unique all onyour own. So make some time for
people, let yourself blend into the crowd everyonce in awhile, you may just
learn something about them and yourself you neverknew before.
What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X] brought to you by Quizilla


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MetaKnight56hello nice
to meet u

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rileywolfnever mind, you havn't been on here for a llllllllllloooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggggg joined when my dad was 3!

rileywolf on March 14, 2007, 11:48:18 AM

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rileywolfoooooooooooooo, i LOVE Shadow!! i see you do too! some people think he's just this dumb copy of Sonic...isn't that gay?^^

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RogueTheBat18G'day mate, hows it going?
Want to be friends?
Call me Rogue, im a writer, come and check out my work.
Catchya later.

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OrochiShadowYES, ITS ME! x]

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cal_xtremei am writin 2 u coz at 1 point u sent in a pic on the topic pokedex > original pokemon. plz chud u check my pics and comment. thanx ;)

SegaShadow on July 12, 2004, 12:33:53 PM

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SegaShadowGreat art. Me likes Shadow, DOA and Pikachu too! Thats why i like your work! Keep it up!!!



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