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Tombot's Profile

Tombot's Profile
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Username Tombot Gender Male
Date Joined Location England somwhere
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Member Info
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am who I am as people say
I decide what I want to draw today
I am not alive nor am I dead
I just happen to live inside my head
I do my art to please the young
And tose whose brains are in iron lung
My mind spews forth brand new ideas,
So dont give me evil leers
I do my art drawings in paint a bit
But dont try to call it a pile of sh*t
If you deside to steal the lot
Then face the wrath of lord TOMBOT!!!!

(I wrote this when I first joined the site, blarg, it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth)

p.s. Dont look at my profile picture

1. Full name: Thomas Edward savage
2. Nicknames: Tombot, lord tombot, the lark lord thomas 'versuvius' Botter-lord of the zog and all that are zog.
3. Eyes: yes
4. Height: sieg hiel
5. Hair: chest, legs, mustache, half goatee, chin
6. Siblings: my brother simon and a sheep
7. Do you like to sing in the shower: well I certanly don't want to sing ON the shower, I keep falling off
8. Do you like to sing on tha toilet: same problem, with same results
9. Birthday: 21'st december
10. Star sign: I was bieng born, I had no time to look at the sky.
11. Address: kilsby, rugby, near daventry northampton
12. Gender: male (the facial hair might have given you a clue
13. Righty or Lefty: both
14. What do you want in a relationship: another person, sheep, originality
15. Do you have a crush: *splat*
16. Marital status: I can't do japanese self defence techniques
(a) Who are you dating: a sheep (for fun and leasure nothing else I swear)
(b) Do you like the person you are dating: who could hate a sheep? who?
(c) Best thing about the person your dating: It's A SHEEP??? do you want me to make a list?
(d) What made you want to go out with the date: please observe the above reasons
17. Do you have a car: nope
18. Would you eva commit a crime: Yes, I'm dating a sheep
19. What is your sexual status: male, still the same, though I may be turning into a woman somehow, I'll keep you posted

20. Favourite song: (is this the way to) amarillo

21. Favourite band: rubber band
22. The number of candles on your last birthday cake: two (one was the number one the one next to it was the number six)
23. Favourite actor: robin williams
24: Favourite actress: robin williams in drag
25. Favourite football team: any that have died in vast numbers
26. Favourite playa: I'm a playa, so me
27. Favourite food: anything I feel like
28. Favourite number: 42
29. Favourite cartoon: megas xlr, dangermouse, yu-gi-oh, mucha lucha, the jakie chan adventures...
30. Favourite disney character: any that have died in vast pain
31. Favourtie color: blue (black is not a color silly)
32. Favourite clothes: my leather jacket
33. Favourite body spray: my own sweat
34. Do you plan on having children one day: sure, I like children, but I could not eat a whole one
35. Do you want to get married: to a sheep? yes, would have to be a zog attack sheep otherwise I might get funny looks
36. How old do you want to be wen u get married: when I have seen and done it all
37. How old do you want to be when you have your first child: well I would like to have some salad first
38. Would you have kids before gettin married: I'd rather watch my figure first
39. Favourite alcoholic drink: I am teetotal

40. Music or tv: mtv?

41. Lads or lasses as best mates: if by mate in its scientific term= meaning sexual partner, lasses
42. What school do you go to: davaentry william parker
43. Have you eva taken drugs: asprin to relieve headaches, then there was this time I had a stomach ulser
44. Whats a major turn on for you: milkshakes, sheep, originality, gibs
45. How far would you go on a first date: past the front steps onward towards the designated destination (field of sheep)
46. Which word best describes you: zog
47. Which people do you trust the most: sheep...erm...thats it
48. Who is always right in the end: *cough*
49. What do you think of soul mates: I prefer jazz
50. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf / gf: 'if' bieng the descriptive term
51. When was the last time you cried: right now, typing this
52. Love or lust: what if you lust for love?
53. Are you happy with your life: yes *somthing bad happens* no *somthing good happens* yes
54. Whats something you cant live without?: sheep, without of whiuch life is meaningless
55. Have you eva gon skinny dipping: in the bath
56. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: if by that you mean a sheep full up with food, yes
57. Do you have any piercings: in my brain
58. What do you want from life: form the zog to destroy all unoriginality and unballencing forces
59. Do you believe in god: no, zog has destroyed all proof of god and has taken his 'work' into our own hands, In zog we trust
60. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: a big field of soft lambs
61. Whats the first thing you notice bout boys: the burbery cap (zog I hate townies)
62. What makes you happy: ovine creatures
63. Do you wear contacts or glasses: who said that?
64. Do you like scary movies or funny movies better: depends what it is
65. Hugs or kisses: shut up
66. What song makes you happy the most: is this the way to amarillo? each night I spend hugging my pillow, dreaming dreams of amarillo, and sweet maria waits for me!
67. If you died tomoro hoo wud u giv evryfin 2: I would be dead and lack the ability to give anything to anyone
68. Have you ever been in love: I have seen it from a distance once
69. Do you believe in santa: yes
70. When was the last time you talked to your other half: half of what?
71. Do you have any pets: a fluffy fluffy bun rab called fudge and a mad attack cat called daisy
72. Are you an alcoholic: no, and I laugh at all who are
73. Who sent this to me: you did, ages ago
74. What do you think of this person: she is a person who exists
75. Do you want ure friends 2 rite bk: WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK?
76. Biggest blonde u no: can we have sluts that dye the hair blonde instead?
77. Your best friend: I do not rank my friends above others
78. Funniest person you know: me, in the mirror, every morning
79. Happiest person you know: not me in the mirror in the morning
80. Strangest person you know: me again
81. The person with the best personality: me
82. Favourite day of the week: the day before the day after yesterday
84. Favourite sport: badminton -omz me too!!!
85. Favourite non alcoholic drink: milkshake
86. Favourite fast food restaurant: kfc
87. What do you do when your often bored: draw things and laugh at people in fac that are rubbish
88. Favourite tv show: have no real idea
89. What is ya sexual fantasy: I have a BE fetish and assauld women with an industrial air pump 0_o
90. What is your favourite school subject: art
91. What is your favourite swear word: w.t.j.f. are you talking about?
92. What was your biggest lie: my bed, I WAS ASLEEP FOR TEN HOURS, biggest lie I ever had
93. Would you help your enemy: jump off a tall building? sure
94. Whats your favourite animal: duh...buh...fuh...guh...sheep?
95. Do you have any phobias: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
96. What is your fav musical instrument: the kazoo
97. Favourite board game: scrabble
98. Google or Yahoo: google, YAHOO CAN GO F*CK ITSELF!!!
99. Do you masterbuate: why do you blurry non focused blobs always ask me that?
100. Would you lick a toilet seat for 500 quid? my arse
101. Coke or pepsi: I don't want to get colon cancer thank you
102. Country or city: country
103. What is your greatest fear:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!?!?!?!???!?!??!!?!?
104. Funniest movie: kung pow :enter the fist
105: Sadest movie: goodbye mister chips -I cried myself to sleep after I saw it
106: silk or lace: lace, otherwise my shoes keep falling off
107: bath or shower: i normaly throw a large bucket of Ice cold water over my head
108: fave movie: robots

my pictures start off bad and get better, I'm learning you see, you might see me in the future doing things with animation. WHO KNOWS?

Apparantly there is another person on this site has a name very similair to mine, 'Tombo'

who knew?


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jarethslover on April 28, 2008, 6:27:33 AM

jarethslover on

that1guy on November 13, 2007, 9:45:40 AM

that1guy on
that1guyhow do you post pivots?

Tombot on November 14, 2007, 1:30:37 AM

Tombot on
TombotThere is a save option to make them a GIF, once you select this you just choose some options and your done.

I am refering to the window where you choose the location and name of the save if you are confused.

Ulrich101692 on August 30, 2007, 3:55:59 AM

Ulrich101692 on
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Tombot on August 30, 2007, 8:46:47 PM

Tombot on
TombotI've been on FAC since 1999! I've submitted over 100 pictures for zog's sake!

Tombot on August 27, 2007, 1:20:13 AM

Tombot on
TombotOut of the most recent ten comments I have only two are shown.

My html a-splode.

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