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Yaoi_Queen's Profile

Yaoi_Queen's Profile
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Username Yaoi_Queen Gender Female
Date Joined Location Greensboro,North Carolina
Last Updated Occupation Artist Biatch!!
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Member Info
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Welcome to my profile. The name's San. Get it? Got it? Good. My username is Yaoi_Queen so I guess I'm know as the Queen of Yaoi but I like to think otherwise. My new username is Moonlite_Dreamer it's just you can't see it but that's the name! I'm a female so don't let the name San fool you, and no I'm not into looking for anyone because I already have some one so don't ask!!


My Baby:
Rey Mysterio.I swear to God this man is fracking hot as hell! I'm pretty much protective of him but hey, that's what a girl's gotta do for her boo. Most people don't find him as good looking as I do but I mean hey SCREW THEM. After Chavo screwed Rey over I'm not sure whether to be pissed at him because I still love Chavie (my nickname for him)

Kakashi Hatake. fracking hotest sensei ever!! My boo

What I like:

What I hate:
doges that have nothing to do but talk behind other people's back. People that talk about me or Rey. People who don't know what the frack they're talking about. Getting up early.People who fracking copy me, I hate that shoot!!

If I ask for a request it will most likely always have something dealing with me and Rey Mysterio or ANIME.

Anything you want, I can do or atleast give a try. It depends on if I'm familiar with the request or if I can draw what you ask me to draw. Anything dealing with "screwing" Rey Mysterio (if your a WWE FAN) I WILL NOT DO SO DON'T ASK! I am an INTERMEDIATE artist so if what you request is something I CANNOT do then you can always ask me to do something else. =]



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Reina_Mysteria on August 3, 2006, 11:37:35 PM

Reina_Mysteria on
Reina_MysteriaYeah right thats why u put up like a pussy "Dont comment me back" little fracker ur scared of fracking getting told its funny as shoot 4 real lol so why dont u go choke on a dick. Im 4 real ur blaming me for shoot about Sharie when u dont even know whats going on stop bein a retard

Clay on August 3, 2006, 11:47:53 AM

Clay on
ClayHello YQ. Your pic is done, but my scanner is fracked up. I'm getting it fixed, I should have it back and up before this weekend. :[

reinas_number_1_fan on August 3, 2006, 11:41:42 AM

reinas_number_1_fan on
reinas_number_1_fani know i am i even told reina dat and i said 2 her i said "Ging why dont u guys b friends it is my bad im srry" and she told me dis "Nah trust me i would have by now.I just dont like the kinda person that i see she is right now 4 real i mean anyone who acts like dat aint a dog a like ya know" so yeah i started it and reina could have forgiven you said sorrey shoot like dat but she didnt want to nigg!

Reina_Mysteria on August 3, 2006, 11:37:34 AM

Reina_Mysteria on
Reina_Mysteriadog please i can and will comment back i do what ever i fracking want ot dog you DONT know whats going on and im not gonna frackin go threw everything n shoot and yes i know what happens i looke on comments not only on my friends profile n pix but there friends too so i know more shoot that you dog so dont tell me dat shoot me jamie n Sharie were soooo good friends and nice and shoot as soon as u came along it all went down hill and yeah u can say it aint my faul and shoot but it is think about it dog

Meisaroku on August 3, 2006, 11:06:36 AM

Meisaroku on
MeisarokuOh yeah
my dad doesnt know my nickname Amy.
I should of told you my real name..
forgive me.
its Sharie.
And I'll call you and Reina later.

Meisaroku on August 3, 2006, 10:18:49 AM

Meisaroku on
MeisarokuSan, this thing is never gonna end.
i have to.
call me.

Reina_Mysteria on August 3, 2006, 9:58:38 AM

Reina_Mysteria on
Reina_Mysteriaalright if thats what ur saying im not gonna argue im not telling you what she is really doing + i know sharie u dont so u have no idea what's going on i know stuff u dont

Reina_Mysteria on August 3, 2006, 9:55:01 AM

Reina_Mysteria on
Reina_MysteriaOh wow sory it was "can we be friends?" or maybe "Forgive me"? I have lost track but i have laughed my @$$ off each time and i dont think Sharie would like u arguin with me like that now would she? See again u have the mind of a 4 year old. So dont be saying blah blah blah shoot like dat b/c idc lol its simple Im not twlling you whats REALLY going on and + if what u said on myspace was true about the Her sayn i was stupoid n shoot why should i care? Its ur fault not mine

Chris says "U mean the mind of a 1 year old! LOL"

Reina_Mysteria on August 3, 2006, 9:46:38 AM

Reina_Mysteria on
Reina_MysteriaI know that i have eyes i can read lol i think everything threw and i know thing unlike you youre as stupid as you are ugly.If this was REALLY happening trust me i would be off da charts mad but its NOT =] ther's a hint maybe u can figure it out eh?

Reina_Mysteria on August 3, 2006, 9:39:17 AM

Reina_Mysteria on
Reina_MysteriaYou dont think like me and you dont know things i know and i know i shouldnt say sorry even if she is "leaving" I t old you I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT and im not gonna say sorry so this is what the 3rd time u have said sorry and gotten a no from me? I thought ppl learned from there mistakes god lol



Fanart For Meisaroku's Fanfic

Fanart For Meisaroku's Fanfic

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