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kurama_lover101's Profile
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Username kurama_lover101 Gender Female
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Member Info
HI PEOLPLES!!! I love Kurama, as you can see. My favorite colors are black, red, and silver. My favorite animes are yu yu hakusho, inu-yasha, trigun, shaman king, ranma 1/2, demon diary, saiyuki, and many others that i cant remember right now.

Your half- angel. Not exactly human, but not quiteangel, you walk on earth freely. Half-Angelshave no wings, but tend to show some signs.Some ways to notice these are that the girlnever menstrates, she cannot bleed, and hertouch seems to give of a glow. No one reallyknows how half-angels are born. Some say thatwhen a child is born, one of the angels blessesher with her gifts. Others say that they arecursed creatures, because half-angels cannotdie, while their familly and friends aroundthem do. Hlaf-Angels are very beautiful andKind, and have the power to speak to animals,but at the same time, sad that they are thisway. Some Half-Angels love being human. Beingable to see, smell, hear, taste,and feel areall miracles to them. They crave to be morehuman-all the time.

What Kind of ANGEL are you? (For Girls only) This Quiz has amazingly Beautiful Pictures! brought to you by Quizilla

You are a green dragon. YOu dwell in the forest andyou love peace. You don't often bother yourselfwith human affairs but you love to help whenneeded.
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Water Goddess. You like peace and serenity and areusually content with life.
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You're Element is Light. You are friendly, happy,social, bubbly, and can brighten up any one'sday. You are very kind and a real people personbecause you have several friends (or atleastshould). You're cheery nature makes you lovableand your stunning looks are sweet and standout.
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Your summer! You are happy and social, you lovebeing in with the crowd, and typically havelots of friends. Your friends love being aroundyou, your smile lights up a room, and makeseverything better! And to top it all off, da'boys love ya'! ^_~
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You have a Calm Soul! Being calm and cool is whatyou do best. You collected thoughts and alwayspositive attitude make you very bright andlogical. When theres a problem, you know how toapproach it, and solve it. Your friends rely onyou on their problems, and your shoulder fortheir crying. You are peaceful, and enjoynature and freedom. You rarely get angry andhardly scream, which makes you good with kids.You seem to be in tune with the world and ifanything goes wrong, you always bounce back.
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You are AMBIGUOUS KURAMA! We don't exactly knowwhere to place you, on account of you being sodamn ambiguous about everything. You showtenderness towards Hiei, and drop a minimalamount of hints that leaves the fans salivatingfor more. You say you "can't fight Karasuin 'this' condition," leaving the fansconfused as to what you mean. Do you reallywish to know his touch? And sometimes, likewhen your hair blows in the breeze, you look sofeminine it makes some fans want to cry. No onereally knows what you are, you damn enigma.Make up your mind!
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Snake!!Your strong and ready for battle.You standup for yourself when you have to but get scaredoften.
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your asshole.
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Awwww, you like the adorable, little monkey (notlitleral monkey) with tons of energy! He'scool! so you're lucky. Don't forget to rate andmessage
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nyie_kora on August 2, 2005, 1:12:03 PM

nyie_kora on
nyie_koraI KNOW THEY ROCK thanxs a lot for the comment!!!

punkrocker on July 17, 2005, 2:10:11 PM

punkrocker on

Karesu on June 9, 2005, 10:33:43 AM

Karesu on
Karesu*In the end Sanzo kills Hiei, but he comes back to life*
Karesu: I have finally gotten my prioritys strait! Sanzo I love you!
Itachi: Hey wait a sec!
Karesu: .... Not again... *Sigh*

kurama_lover101 on November 30, 2004, 12:01:53 PM

kurama_lover101 on
kurama_lover101Chihiro: Oh this is going to be good.
Kurama: What is?
Chihiro: Karesu is cheating on Sanzo with Hiei, and Sanzo just called Hiei a midget.
Kurama: Hmm, sounds interesting. *sits down*
Chihiro: I hope. *sits down with Kurama*

Karesu on November 30, 2004, 11:46:44 AM

Karesu on
KaresuSanzo: Yah so your cheating on me with a midgit?
Karesu: Hey wait just a sec...
Hiei:*comes from no-ware* MIDGET?!?

kurama_lover101 on November 30, 2004, 11:44:00 AM

kurama_lover101 on
kurama_lover101Chihiro: *raises eyebrow* So your cheating on Sanzo?

Karesu on November 29, 2004, 2:52:49 PM

Karesu on
KaresuKaresu: humph! Hey I saw your wicked cool animation of you and Kurama! Hey could you possibly ask them to make one of me and Hiei?(if at all possible!) PWEASE!

jameson9101322 on October 20, 2004, 10:20:17 AM

jameson9101322 on
jameson9101322Hithere... your request is awaiting approval. I dont see why it wouldn't be approved... but it should be up by tommorrow I'd guess. Maybe later tonight. Keep an eye out for it ^_^

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