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sesshomarufanx5's Profile
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Member Info
Well I am 13 I am an assasin along wit my other 2 friends Alyssia and Alex. We were created by a dark energy source yay evil. Well I am a wiccan I just love there religeon wiccans are so free spirted. Like here is a saying "We do not own earth we are a part of it. During my time here you will see lots of anime drawings. I have just started drawing a few days ago. I will start by drawing legend of zelda final fantasy that kind of stuff then I will start to freestyle. Talk later just email me if u want to know more about me.


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sesshomaru200000 on November 22, 2005, 4:19:58 AM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Guess what! Im sick again. This time momo gave it to me. Like I said before, everything hates me. Thast why I couldn't play yesterday. Why don't you want to join JROTC? The only thing I don't like about it is the uniforms we have to wear every wed. Its way better than P.E. Teach gives us all the answers. He did the same thing for our exam! Talk about easy. And we don't even do any work! All we do is chill, talk, and mess around in class. Think about it......

Im getting tired of my hair color again.......... Maybe it should be purple next.... Na jk!

sesshomaru200000 on September 7, 2005, 12:11:33 PM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000HAHA!!! You dont have internet!!! but I do! and I have my cable back up! ^.^ (but damn tv still is NOT working. It really hates me...)
I am so going to kill you for giving me your freaking head cold!!!!!!! GRRRR!! I hurt all over and the snot is backing up into my head! Better hope I don't get my hands on a knife! You gave ur mom the head cold too. Oh and hahaha again b/c kaylynn got posion ivy!! haha!! ^.^ but I think she gave it to me... darn! everything hates me.
Alredy we have been out of school for what... about 2 weeks now! Damn hurricane! I really want to go to school. *gasp* that something new... Oh and I heard from tori and she said that she was alright and that her brother (our wing comander for ROTC) was shot at while he was fighting a fire in New Orleans! Stupid @$$ people! trying to kill the ppl that are trying to help them! Shame shame shame. (I felt like my aunt lu woman. the "happy one" as you call her....) *cries* I miss my level 40 something Nerco!!! poor fluffy_sesshy!! Now i have to start all over again with a new Nerco!!!!! And we were in hell! god damnit! everything freaking hates me! *sniffles* TT.TT
wellss.... see ya later! bye butt muncher! (btw: what to know what i just noticed? I leave the longest comments ever.. weird coming from a gril that doesnt talk much... =^.^=)

SesshyInu123 on August 7, 2005, 3:49:07 PM

SesshyInu123 on
SesshyInu123Ok, I shall also welcome you to FAC! So, I take it you like the Final Fantasy games? My faves are FF7(even though the graphics suck),FF9, and FF10! Hope to see some pics from you soon!

Darkmasterbabe on July 25, 2005, 5:46:01 PM

Darkmasterbabe on
DarkmasterbabeHello Yoko.

sesshomaru200000 on July 14, 2005, 2:56:46 PM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000You just have to see this new picture I drew on the computer.
*evil laugh*
It has me and kikyo and kagome in it....... As soon as you can, take a lookie!!!! ^.^

sesshomaru200000 on July 9, 2005, 4:47:35 AM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000lol. Yeah I hope.
It was like hell there. There was sooo many bugs..... ewwwww..

But hey I climed some trees and I got to play with fire... oo fire...
well anyway I need to call tori and finish reading my mail. See ya later!
ps: Hope you are coming with us tonight.

sesshomaru200000 on July 6, 2005, 12:39:36 PM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Yay!! tomorrow kaylynn and I and tori might sleep over at your hosue!!! ^^ I feel happy but first, we have to clean tori's room. *sigh* That is going to take a while... Just be glad that I can clean fast. Think I got that from my mom? As long as that doll doesn't kill us, I'll be ok.... ~.^ lol! You need to find out the name of that song. You know the one that has 'Oh come and dance, my baby. Lets dance till we go crazy.' and stuff like that. You need to find out all the names of the songs that you put on that CD. Damn. Look out of your window. Shell is lighting up the place again. Like last night.. I was freaking scared sh*tless last night. With the alarms and stuff. Remember I jumber into the closet..... Ok now I need to stop leaveing you stupid long message on here, hun? Wellllllll see you later!! *cough*tomorrow*cough*

sesshomaru200000 on July 5, 2005, 5:02:23 AM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Thx bloop for telling everyone that I look like yuna. (but my eyes don't)

Remember when I looked like the girl off of harry potter.

quess what. I fell a sleep last night before 12!! YAY!! (btw I didn't feel anything but kaylynn did....)

I had to wake up 8 in the morning today. I had to get my eyes checked. We got home at 10 and I went back to sleep and got up a 1.

Gosh tomorrow is going to be all crazy. With that tropical dreperssion or whatever that thing is. I would how strong the wind is going to be..... *evil laugh*

Well talks to ye later!!

sesshomaru200000 on July 4, 2005, 11:26:59 AM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Hewwo bl..... bloop!! (dont ask) Thankies soooooo much for the comment on my piccy! *huggies* I need to fix her face tho..... kinda looks weird if you ask me.

Oh I saw that house your nanna was talking about the caught on fire last night. I liked that house too. Its right next to this girl I hate..... Anyways... Oh thx for helping with the SDb av. I am still trying to get it... *sigh* Why did they have to make it more than 1,000 items? I bet you I spen about 200,000 neopoints on that thing alredy.
Well anyway, I am going to try and draw some more real people. I would tell ya what I day but that might take up the whole page. i think... Well anyway see you later on the net.
bu bye!

dremanontoppp on May 17, 2005, 7:21:16 PM

dremanontoppp on

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