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just a short kids story I made for a class. Tin and Tan are two boys trying to become swordsmen and are advancing fast,but thire seems to be something missing.
this is gonnar!
V1k: I am doing this on my bro's profile B-cause I want him to write A story. First chapter is mine to get him started!
A short story that has been on my mind for a while. I really would appreciate your comments, good or bad so please, if you decide to read this, share your thoughts with me afterward. :)
Kai's an innocent bystander...sort of >.< Darian's a gang leader...and a pretty boy...Rannon likes little boys *cough* And girly men...this won't end well *sigh*
WARNING: Severe boredness when combined with an electronic type-writer may have one produce words that combine to form a story of rambling proportions!!!

This story is about a man who goes back in time to a small village that is about to be over taken by the Black Plague that hit Europe in the mid-thirteen-hundreds.
He meets his 'distant relatives' and keeps his family alive.
please read it, and comment
Well...i created a story last year called "Black Feather" its more like a manga but anyways..theres a vampire in it (one of the main characters) named Andrew and i'm making a story on HOW he became a yea...NOTE: this story takes place a V
this is a poem and a message from an anon. character of mine who lost his best friend. Though my best friend is still alive (and I would not have it any other way!) this poem is just as much from my heart as his.
A cursed man POV as he sees what he can't have.