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I wrote this as a fantasy story in 6th grade, and found it and decided to rewrite it...
cause the lack of title theres going to be a lack of summary but anyways... Human animals, of all sorts, live in a School what more can i say meh
Thanks for the FAC members putting up with my retarted questions just to be in this story!
Chris was just minding his own business playing in the woods when a wormhole sends him flying into the world of FAC.....
A funny story about cast members. The original story is The Gates Between Two Worlds, by me. Which I will probably put up after I write this one. =)
This is a story plot that popped into my head one day, and I'm writing it. If I continue to post it here, the violence rating will go up... As will probably the sexual content. >D
You know the drift... ^_-
Again another poem. ^_^
I would like it verry much if you would message... ^_-
Another poem... ^_^
It's a poem
This is a story about a girl who hated how she looks and finds somethiong special while understanding the importance of being comfortable in the skin you are in.
Myo's father died before her memory allowed her to capture a solid image of him. Myo will find herself in him while wrapped up in violence, love, and piles of homework, completing the past he left behind.
this i had to write for English class. i know I'm posting it a little after Halloween but any way moving on i actually was asking my self what was gonna happen next as i was writing it! it is a total or 11 pages long typed. so hope u enjoy!!
this is a story I wrote for creative writing tell me what you think.
fun little story im working on! please enjoy and comment! :)
Nolan is a simple boy. He is a peasant. He has grown up with nothing special about him and had dreamed of becoming a knight. One day he gets his chance...
Based on William Shakespeare's Play
This is one of my slowest works to date, and I figured I'd put it up here. It's an original story with original characters.
Main character is "Alexander", an elf rogue.

I hope you enjoy this!
Our hero sets off on a journey that reaveals somethign from his forgotten Past.
1 night, a mother gave birth to 3 baby girls.The first one was named Loriccilla, the second was named Aquailia, and the third was named Nicallia. Their mother had no idea of the power that was inside of them. 
Mini Prologe:
The names Kay Takeharo I'm fourteen years old and your about to join me on a wild ride of my Jouny to a world called Sona. I won't tell you much. Got to run.
A magic short story about love I wrote last year for a contest!!! plz read it and give me your opinion!!
Just some really funny stuff that I thought up of with my characters in it ^^.
This is the story about a young Angel who will break the most sacred rule of them all: she'll fall in love.