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Summery inside, trust me this story is pretty good.
this is my second story in a trilogy of amazingness. i hope u all like
Another poem (i like writing them)
dosent' make a lot of sence even to me
tell me what you think
A Gladiator must find his place in the heart of a fair maiden... of course he was slay a horde of relentless foes first.
The Result of Day dreaming too much.
Okay so Kae and I were bored the other day so we started thinkinh up what it would be like to be thrown into a bunch of different worlds and such that lead me to start day dreaming and so is where this new story came.
A random and comic sequal to the popular fairytale "Cinderella".
A trial of love between two best friend mermen, a feisty mermaid, and a faerie.
A Fallen Angel finds himself lonely and learns the hardships and cruelty and joys of love.

((If you've any questions, concerns, or ideas, please, feel free to comment them.))
A bit of history before reading the real story. The time line is from '1000 years ago' up to '7 years ago'.

The real story begins at '2 years ago'.
Just a poem I wrote.... i know it sux but whatever...
This is just something I thought I'd work on when I'm not drawing. Even so, I'd still like your opinion and critisism. Also, this story will involve different anime, videogames, and even a few books.
Its about a boy who gets a demon sealed inside him plus his clan gets killed before his very own eyes. the boy devotes his life to find and kill whos responsible for the murder of his clan.
Song of the Tigers is about a group of people who are trying to save their world by a man named Takeo. It's about TIGERS all different types of them. Hope you enjoy and please comment.
Based off of a RPG my friends and I used to play. It's mostly about cats and how cats and dogs are worst enemies. But I hope you enjoy it. Please Comment.

this is just the start of my story, idk if I'll finish it. Leave a comment if you like it, plz and thank you.
i dont really know how to describe it... just check it out please
When 4 "elementals" end up finding each other, they take on Linge and his army
This is a story that i made and its not done but u have to wait and see the ending!!!!!!!
This is the second time I've attempted writing this story. But I finally managed it with some of my already existing characters!! (Apart from Mouse and Roofio and some other characters who're completely new. >.> )

Everything (c) me (Amy)
Follow Levi and his friend Kaz as they Quest to find the Ravens that were rumoured to have died long ago.
A story I had to write for school.

i hope you like it.
its not finished yet so if you have any ideas they are welcome
this is a story of four sides, the north, east, south, and west all fighting each other for power. it is a story of true love, pure innocents,bitter rivalry, and bitter hatred. It is still a work in progress.
This is about a girl who finds out shes an angel, and that her wolf is actually a werewolf! Then a vampire gang moves in what next!! Read the prologue and you'll find out more about it!!
well, Im writing a book and this is the prolgue,its about a young princess named Aurora who hates being a princess so she runs away.oh and she's an elf.hope you like it.