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All my new poems will be posted here from now on.

Poems counting: 3

* If interested, I can translate the Dutch poems into English, but understand that I'll literally translate what it says so all intented rhymm and flow will be gone.
In a community where magic has been forbiddden for generations, a young, part-elven girl- Maliwen- see's something strange near The Forest. Maliwen seeks this strange thing- a heavenly light- for days after, until something horible happens... Her home is
Please comment I need all the help I can get! lol Tell me where I need to improve and everything! Please I hope it's ok!
I am sorry for all People who don`t speak German or better read it.
I have written this story in German =)
Ah sounds logical I am German -.-"
Well I dont know only have the Prolog what we call it in Germen^^

Also liebe Leute die Deutsch können ^
Riana an eigteen year old girl is living a difficult life as a gaurdianof the Uxingusu, an ancient race forgotten by time. two other gaurdiansIesuka and Ico both love and will stop for nothing to get her heart.but faith leads to a even harder life when th
This is the first set of Charaters for my upcomming story.
About a gurl....
The land of noob.
ahhhh jus a short poem type thingy i not a great writer but i like this :)
An Arthurian legend of epic proportions! Made for English class. hehe.
Just something I thought of writing. It is mostly inspired by adventure novels and games including Dungeons and Dragons. Tell me what you think about it. This actually looks a lot better the way I formatted it on works word. If you want that copy jus
its kind of completely
ummmm... this story is not finished, but here it is ^_^
is very pretty it's of mistery .
is very pretty it's of mistery .
is very pretty it's of mistery .
two teenagers run away from their orphanidge.. yada yada
meh was feeing for it
a half elves is on an adventure he meets a knight it and see fer yerself and find out!
In a world like our own yet dark and twisted a beatiful creature calls the Muder Doll kills the innocent and offers their blood and sould to his Master. But he began to question what he was doing, and ponder the meaning between right and wrong.

An old story found in my hard drive. Don't worry, it's still worth reading!
Ok... this story is really weird, but pretty kool. hopes ya like!!!