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Flint our main character gets a virus causing him to turn foxy. Encountering exotic people and things on his journey through "Legoraka" Flint must find a way to cure himself and the twisted reality he finds himself in.
even demons die
Wacky and crazy story! A cross between My fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Mario!
Two friends end up traveling to a land and during which One dies and another becomes a fox(person)
A Humor story in world filled with death and hatred. Flambor and Ivy have the greatest adventure!
This is a poem about night and... yeah night. It is really prety so please raed and comment. PLEASE
this is a story abuot a mutant that comes to this dimension(a dimension is a world that exist beside our world)
Think im going to rewrite this yo someday when i got time, add a few things ya know.
i wrote this poem after we did some sonnets from shakespear. it might seem a little old school, but in fact i like it and would be glad if some of you would give me SOME IDEAS ABOUT A TITLE
p.s.: thee (in the last line) is old english for you
Under the sea live a human like creature, they have never seen us we have never seen them. Now one has the curage to see whats there past his home, but he finds some of his kind don't want to find out, and will stop at nuthing to stop him.
A short rambling on my created species, the Kittybirgs. (unfinished and unrevised)
ever thought of becoming evil? this is the story of how I, Lucretia Foxe, took that path... enjoy
In a world where magic and mystery rule, 6 young kids awaken an acient power. Friend becomes foe and there's no one you can trust.
A old story that I dug up recently. Still doesn't have a title. Oh well. Vampires, pheonixes, and stuff...Oh, my!
a poem about a quiz i'll see what i mean
A collection of poems about mythical creatures i wrote when i was bored...
This is an old story, that i'm having issues trying to finish.
All hope is failing in the land of Laktra. Haioc the dreaded dragon has cast fear over the land. When all fails the leader of the King's knights seeks help from a soceress,and i simple peasant seeks freedom from the dragon's lair. They say don't run
After getting captured by the devious leader of the knights of Langarra Crystal daughter of Lord Helki gets turned into a mere slave. Getting taken out of Hather the land she had loved was the least of her problems. In fact that was just the beginnin
This is dedicated to Hobbes and Zim ^^
This is a story I have been working on for a while now
This is a story i wrote like, last year or something. Its a fantasy story.
a story of a girl cakiyoko and freya a drogoness and Kiyoko's adventure to learn about her past
so funny
This story focuses on the White Angel, Spirit the Hedgehog.
Hope is a normal girl adopted by the keeper of the forest...or so she thought. When Hope finds out her true origin, that of an Elf she sets out to find herself in the world that is slowly falling into the darkness. When she meet up with a mysterious