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OKAY WELL..............i dont my story................PLEASE..................if you read it ill give you a cookie...............and ita about umm dreamers >_< Boring but yeaaahhh
i was killed in war and my dead body was fused with a demon fox in order 2 bring me back 2 life....a pic of me is in my gallery.

friends-Kaj(if u wants 2 be), Vikki
enemies-all who hate demons
personality music-im not ok(MCR)
If you went through my gallery, you seen a pic titled 'Ayama Fuu'; this story is about her.
One day a girl walks by a weird broken down house and she starts getting curious about it.
This a introduction for a comic I'm planning on working on with another artist. It's in poem form and kinda sets the story (which is under alot of work as of now) into motion.
ok, this was a short story i had to write in English and i got graded F (the highest you can get where I am in the world) and i thought i should put it up here for you guys to read! so! read it and tell me what you think!
This is a tribute to John Miltons book: Paradise Lost, and written to the tune of Black Sabbath's N.I.B.

This is a story i started a long time ago and just found it laying around my room! find out what its about you have to read the intro...Enjoy!
A very sad story. Four teens must find the power that is sleeping in said of them. To save all they love.
It started as a schoolassigment but it turned out to a real story.
This is a story about a dragon who has to save the world with a human, another dragon, and a bird.......... enough said.
this is the sequel to my earlier story, 'FairyMaids of the Elements'.
it goes by the ORIGINAL ending NOT the ALTERNATE ending. this will not be continued for a while cos im out of ideas.
well it has some naruto suff in it...........its kinda confusing only my friends really know what its about

the only thing i do own in this story is probably 4 characters^^
when ever i draw ar wright i am proble bored haha

this is how sora should of been so every one would not call him GAY! witch he is haha take that sora!!!! lol
Simon bears witness to the rise of General Wilburn D'Armo.
Read and you will find out only saying that cuz im not the best one to ask about my stories
4 girls who are half Fairies, half Mermaid. they go in search of their dad, and they fight monsters.
Life of a man as he tells it. :)
um I don't know if I will be continuing this, but probably... I don't think its very good but my bff allie (darkjakangel01) says it is. ... its about a guy named Jeff Stowers... thats all I have to say about it... me sux @ summaries.

This story is about a young man whos harritage causes him to loose hios humanity. He is now one of the lions.

this story is connected with "The Kiss Of Eden"
When Hiro is told that the love of his life is pregnant he is overjoyed. Now he and Dameon must survive the nine months until the baby is born! Chaos breaks loose... can they take it?
This story desriptates of a crew in the Caribbean.
They are nothing but girls and anything they want,like a ships tresure or gold.

If you wanta be in this story tell meh on my profile,and you can join.
this is basically a story i made up on my own. some of the charecters are my little sisters that she wanted me to include. i hope you like it peoples.
The 7 gaurdians of the world, each with there own power: Fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, and quintessance. This is There story.