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Here's all that lies in his past.
a story about the final hours of the earth. Wow
I had to do a modern story of ROmeo and Juilet well, I went all out on this. I might redo it and make it longer if people like it. Well its Capulets are Vampires and Mantiques are Werewolves...So yeah enjoy! ^^
I wrote this in about an hour any additions or corrections welcome!!!
This is a very short part of a recurring dream I had a few years ago. I wanted to write the entire thing down, but I never got around to it. =(
Serenity was an ordinary 11th grader, untill she became anything but ordinary....
A story I made up with no link to any movie or show but i'll put it under Constantine if there's that genre
This it is my first Fanfic that I did, I enchant so much Final Fantasy that happened this history to me that in fact was for aid of Fanfic in FFmaniacs (not if you will know the page), and even can that happens to me just a little bit and I feel tha
The epic story of Hero and his quest to define true power.
Please i would love some feedback on this =)
this is a story ive been writing forever, and it has all the stories of the ancient elements and how they were all destroyed and how they have now came back to recent times to get revenge on the one who killed them.
Just a collection of my poems and songs. They're dark, spooky, angst-ridden, but people like them. They're not all that way, so just rifle through them and see what you can find.
this is just a lil poem i wrote for HorusGoddess.