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Came up with this at 5am this morning, hence why it's a tad on the crap side. *twitch*
I like to write in first person, can you tell? XD
P.S: Sorry about any errors.  ^^;

All characters, locations etc (c) me (Amy)
Okay. I said I was starting a new story and I am. wOoT! Yeah....
Anyway, its a story about a group of fantasy creatures(most of them are at least) that are given the task of saving their country of Fentil.
Young guy and a young girl discover what the "green mark" is and what the weird things are going on in and old, dark school.
This is basically a whole bunch of random stories put together in one to make a book, but i never really got into making the stories, but here's what i have so far 
Thrown into a strange new world, will a normal girl be able to find her way home with the help of those she meets along her journey?

Original Story by Me, Draco. All characters are copyright to me.
I wrote this as my short story English Literature 1st attempt. I don't like it but my teacher said it was better than the other one (Sunshine). I still got an A though :D
Well this is ma story about three kids go into the portal and back in time to when King Henry 8th was on the throne and soon before they know it there in big trouble
A story about a normal thief girl, the town she lives in, and the monster that will destroy them all.
Shikumi and Nezumi are student's in the brewing accademy until they met alil certain somebody
The universe is at war but who can stop the certain devistation, no-one can do anything. Until the lives of six girls collide; each one from different heritage. Could these six help save the universe or be the key in its destrction.
wrote this one ages ago, please tell me what you think
See coverpage for full description.

Note: chapitres aren't all from the beginning, nor are they in order. So if it doesn't 'flow', that's why. In fact, I would be surprised if it did.
This story is about 2 siblings who must protect their world from a demonic dragon and revive the warrior who can defeat him. This is just the concept version. I feel that it could be better so, please comments and suggestions are most welcome.
Umm ... see the coverpage for full description, here. This thing wouldn't let me type it all ...
just read it
late night, pepsi, pixie sticks, written by me and my cousin
a girl [[Ciro]] and her brother[[Watatashi]] have lost there parents and are now living the cinderella story of a life time.It takes place in Japan and is now exsceeding 20 pages it's far from over with. :) includes [[spirits,demonds,fairies,]]
Saelene was just a normal girl. She went to school, had a good childhood, and became the most feared Undead Hunter of all time.

But what happens when the unimaginable happens?

She becomes what she has so passionatly hunted for all these years...
Okay. This is a random story. It's about a werewolf and a vampire. Werewolves and vampires are enemy races. Eina (werewolf) and Nixre (vampire) become friends. That's why it's called "Forbidden Friendship".
Spanish story i wrote for a midterm, kinda complicated, and input is very much appreciated (i want to know if i got the terms, vocab and grammar right)
this is a story based on my OC my friends OC is in here too "the government is crazy and lily is forst into the resistance by her friend but when she ends up in the government herself she sees that thhere is more then meats the eye ."
A story i started in 2006 and god knows when i'll finish it, i write it on microsoft word then type it on on here hope you like, please comment!
Amy xoxoxo
This is my mythical story i started it in 2006 god knows when i'll finish it cause i keep going back and editing lol anyhow please comment!...
I have had this dream like, twice and it makes a good story..... I havent seen the ending though cause I keep waking up at the end.....
A girl finds another world unlike our own... And that's all I wanna tell you. ^^