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...Yes, the prose is terrible, and though it rhymes once in a blue moon, it is not the best. However, I must say this:

The kids in my normal English class are stupid beyond all reason. Last week, we covered BRAINSTORMING. BRAINSTORMING, for god's sake. It took a lot of reserve not to kill myself right then and there. I can take ignorance as long as ignorance tries to learn, but when ignorance is ignorant and refuses to do anything, I get angry. And veeery frustrated.

But: there is a bright side. I finally got my schedule straightened out to GT (in all technicality it's Honors--they just put GT on the title to make the kids feel special) English, and my class only has ten people, so it's awl gud. Huzzah.

Well, ladies and gentlemen: enjoy "The Land of Idiots". I think it will ring true to our lives.
No matter how hard they're trying near the end, the X-Laws will always be idiots! CONTAINS MAJOR X-LAW BASHERY! Also contains some minor lime.