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Get ready for alot of fairy tales-- Epic Five style!

Characters belong to their original owners. :)
After getting detention for getting into a fight with her long-time rival and ending up at a magic shop, Rachael becomes a Witch Apprentice for Majo Megumi. Will she be able to keep it a secret, or will a few friends join in with her?
It's based on a dream I had recently... well, three of them.
Apologies to Kewi, Janetta, Ellie, and Reimu. You weren't in this dream...
I hope you guys will be in the next one!
For 12+, just in case
When Rachael, a girl struggling with Severe Autism, meets a boy who truly understands her, her family''s lives change forever. She wants to teach her friend how to catch the stars, but how can she say it to him?
This is based on dreams/visions I had!
When young Rachael finds a Rainbow Charm in the river one day, she earns the power of a Light Sorceress.
*Based on dreams I had recently.
For 10+ for mild swearing, violence, and blood.
Rachael, a 13-year-old angel, recieves a nutcracker for Christmas, but she doesn''t know it''s from Jon!

*FINISHED! Go read it, if you wish to!
It''''s hard for Rachael, a Mudkip with Asperger Syndrome. Rae is "gone," and people begin to tease her, but she meets her new friends, Ellie and Jon, along the way!
Rated 12+