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It started out as a suicide story, and turned into something about life and death, that may change the lives of people who read it. It's fairly short, but worth it, please tell me if it helps you, or influences you.
Poetry of the Lord of Heaven, and King of Hell.  Reaching into the beauty and darkness of both portions of faith. 
A Day of Tsuzuki Torment
After taking one of Watari's potions, Tsuzuki becomes A PUPPY, and when Watari creates an antidote that fails, WHAT WILL HE BE NEXT!?
Cowboys, bandits, saloons, and gunfights. Poetry about the humor and brash of the West.
Passion is the flame by which a love is burned. Poetry dedicated to both dark and loving passion, the longing of the heart.
The soul is a chamber of creation. Poetry dedicated to the darker, more twisted side of the soul.
Love, the sweetest pleasure of the heart. Poetry dedicated to the soul and beauty of love.
Love, the thorny irony, the bittersweet thorn and petal. Poetry of the darker, and more poetic side of love.
Years of wars and soldiers, sorrow and repreive. Poetry of battle, soldiers, and life in the world of war.
Heaven, Hell, Demons, Angels, forces of light and dark. Poetry of the purity and wickedness of the afterlife.
Poems dedicated to darkness, thought, and solemnity. The Darkness of Thy Heart.
Poems relating to fantasy, whimsy, and myth. Some dark, some affectionate, either way, I enjoy them.