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an epic story where good v.s. evil our heroes now having children they have a new generation of shaman. from the future 2047..we now go back in time to the year 2006 please enjoy!
a place where i will send poems of what i feel and um other stuff :\ PLEASE COMMENT ON THEM!!!
a poem i did awhile ago...few days actually only because i felt sad i hate it when my heart falls in love >.>; hope you all like. tell me what you think ^^ and sorry if i couldnt find it in the right category >.>;
a friendship between a boy and a girl...takeshi and gabby. true feelings for each other. will they get to be together or will sadness just corrupt them to darkness? read and find out
Its Christmas Vacation for the shamans and theyre all going to a big trip doing so they all get ready for the big day knowing they might seek adventure or just lay back and have fun if u must know then read ^_-_^