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ok well this is a song that me and my girl MoMo started on the bus this morning but i liked it so i decided to finish it...the genre is Country
just a couple poems i was forced to write for LA...take a look PLEAZZZZZ.....their stupid but be nice
umm welll i dont kno if ever happened to anyone but my boifriend moved away like 4months ago and he was the only guy i can honestly say i fell in love with and i dont care old i am i kno wat love is,and now i just cant get over him
okey this is a story idea ive had for a really long time
its about...welll read the prolog its not much but its a pretty good way to see how i write and how the story goes
um,,i suck at description thingys so just let me kno what you think
bios and descriptions of some of my OCs
This isnt really about one persone its more like about every guy ive ever dated(which isnt a whole lot)