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FAC Residential

A mixture of all my school residentials smushed in2 1 to create masive fun n caos wooooot!!!!



Chapter 1 - Schoool
Submitted: March 15, 2006 • Updated: March 15, 2006
Word count: 974 • Size: 5k • Comments: 2 • views: 131

Chapter 2 - coach
Submitted: April 11, 2006 • Updated: April 11, 2006
Word count: 1647 • Size: 8k • Comments: 7 • views: 162

Chapter 3 - Night Horror
Submitted: April 14, 2006 • Updated: April 14, 2006
Word count: 1748 • Size: 8k • Comments: 3 • views: 152


Comments (12)

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Living_Dead_Girl on April 14, 2006, 8:21:03 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on (Chapter: 3)
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... this was defidently the best ch so far ^^ LOL! That's so funny! I agree that there are too many Laura's. My sister is Laura too. I also think that there are too many Katelin's and Katelynn's. It doesn't matter how you spell it, it is the same!! There are also too amny Amber's and Brittani's and Brittany's and every other way you spell that name, but I shouldn't get into all that. I hope there were no bees there..... I am affreaid of bees as much as Croc is affraid of spiders. There was one in the house earlier today.... after half an hour of screaming, running, and staring in terror, I finally managed to get the damn thing out of a window. Why didn't I kill it? What if I missed? What if it came after me? T.T I think I would rip my head off.... I wish I knew the scientific name for it, but I'm just gonna say that it's beephobia.

crocdragon89 on April 14, 2006, 2:10:24 AM

crocdragon89 on (Chapter: 3)
crocdragon89i agree! best chapter! i like the other ones too but this one's the best out of all of them!^___^

xbox_gamer on April 13, 2006, 9:58:27 PM

xbox_gamer on (Chapter: 3)
xbox_gamerkl story best chapter yet!


aqua_kitty on April 13, 2006, 6:09:06 AM

aqua_kitty on (Chapter: 2)
aqua_kittyCOOL! the story rocks so far sword_dragon! ^____^ i cant wait for chappy 3! *jumps up and down* you should draw some scenes from the fic and post em on your section! twud be cool! ^^ anyhoo, PWEASE write more! i can't wait!!


aqua_kitty on April 13, 2006, 6:05:32 AM

aqua_kitty on (Chapter: 1)
aqua_kittyWHEE! its so awesome so far!! please keep writing coz it rocks!!! lots of people hehe! ^_^ anyhoo, im off to read the second chappy, keep up the good work!!!!!!!! =3

xbox_gamer on April 12, 2006, 4:50:16 AM

xbox_gamer on (Chapter: 2)
xbox_gamerKL! love ur storys and yep me and aj argue on halo 2 lol can't wait for chapter3 ^_^


Firefly-Dragon on April 12, 2006, 3:15:11 AM

Firefly-Dragon on (Chapter: 2)
Firefly-Dragonyou cant just stop laura weres the rest so far its brilliant but now im in suspence so hurry along with that other chapter
Big Danny (Alli)

NEVERBENORMAL on April 11, 2006, 9:59:45 AM

NEVERBENORMAL on (Chapter: 2)
NEVERBENORMALvery interestinhg! lol im just like most of you! i am a sugar DEMON!!! im always bouncing off the walls just ask my friends ^^

this is cool...

DestractedLove on April 11, 2006, 3:56:44 AM

DestractedLove on (Chapter: 2)
DestractedLoveWoooo! Girl I love it!
Can't wait for the next chapter...keep it up! Mwuah! Love yas! xXx

crocdragon89 on April 11, 2006, 3:31:46 AM

crocdragon89 on (Chapter: 2)
crocdragon89insaness! yes yes very good. very good indeed! keep up the good work!