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An eye blink is faster than the human mind can comprehend and yet,
out his window)
if something happens within that brief time when he isn’t watching, isn’t attentive to the world around him, what will come of it?
...Yes, the prose is terrible, and though it rhymes once in a blue moon, it is not the best. However, I must say this:

The kids in my normal English class are stupid beyond all reason. Last week, we covered BRAINSTORMING. BRAINSTORMING, for god's sake. It took a lot of reserve not to kill myself right then and there. I can take ignorance as long as ignorance tries to learn, but when ignorance is ignorant and refuses to do anything, I get angry. And veeery frustrated.

But: there is a bright side. I finally got my schedule straightened out to GT (in all technicality it's Honors--they just put GT on the title to make the kids feel special) English, and my class only has ten people, so it's awl gud. Huzzah.

Well, ladies and gentlemen: enjoy "The Land of Idiots". I think it will ring true to our lives.
I based this off a fantastic finish yesterday at the cross country meet...I didn't place very high (hey, I never do), but it was probably the best finish I ever have had. Period.

You know the drill: Read and critique.
Hehe. This is a poem I wrote after playing Fugitive w/ my friends. It surprised a couple of people