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I am one of those people, that makes a great friend, on the last year of school, even though the person had been there since kindergarden. I am one of those people who look at old yearbooks, and laugh at how much our peers have changed with a friend on the phone. I am one of those people, who have friends, and no life, but I love my life anyways.
Hilson lives on! check out me new profile pic! made it myself! :D
Just found out my little cousin has the 'Swine Flu' and since me and my mother babysat him a while back, we might be getting it also. We have been seeing symptoms. Hope we get better, and it's not fatal.
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amyrosrules223 on July 29, 2009, 5:39:52 AM

amyrosrules223 on
amyrosrules223i kno

amyrosrules223 on July 29, 2009, 5:15:18 AM

amyrosrules223 on
amyrosrules223you must put the entire group

xxXShadowWolfXxx on July 27, 2009, 3:09:52 PM

xxXShadowWolfXxx on
xxXShadowWolfXxxnp!!! =D

xxXShadowWolfXxx on July 27, 2009, 3:00:11 PM

xxXShadowWolfXxx on
xxXShadowWolfXxxGood luck!

xxXShadowWolfXxx on July 27, 2009, 2:22:02 PM

xxXShadowWolfXxx on
xxXShadowWolfXxxSure you can! I wouldn't say that it's late, cause I haven't thought of a due date. Well good luck on your pic!

Emo_Girls1o1 on July 27, 2009, 1:06:27 AM

Emo_Girls1o1 on
Emo_Girls1o1Oh yeah... I''m actually TonyatheFox.. don''t tell ANYONE!!!

xxXShadowWolfXxx on July 27, 2009, 2:59:30 PM

xxXShadowWolfXxx on

tennesseekidcooper5 on July 26, 2009, 3:39:21 PM

tennesseekidcooper5 on
tennesseekidcooper5yay! i won! i finally won!!

wait, what am i talking about? i didnt win anything, i just finished my Kutner dare story. AH WELL, WHO CARES???

here it is: (oh yeah, some parts will be at present time, but most of the story will be Kutner's dream)

A Dare Gone Wrong

It was Friday 12, in the middle of January. Six twelve-year-old boys and about two girls the same age were cooped up in a tree house that night, playing Truth or Dare. It was Mason’s turn to ask somebody ‘Truth or dare?’ He spun the Root beer bottle as hard as he could while making it spin in place. The bottle kept spinning until it started slowing and eventually stopped and pointed at a young Lawrence Kutner. Everyone’s heads cocked over to the sci-fi obsessed kid, who was quietly reading a book and not even paying attention to the game. Someone cleared his throat, attempting to catch Lawrence’s attention.

“Uh, Lawrence?” Mason questioned, catching the other kid’s attention. He peeked over his book.


“Truth or dare?”

Lawrence suddenly realized the bottle was pointing at him. “Oh, dare,” he answered. He went back to reading his book, waiting for the dare. Mason pondered for a few moments, trying to think of a good dare. He was a bully like kid with an evil mind, and he really didn’t care for anybody but himself – especially the kids who were different than others. And Lawrence seemed to fit the bill. He finally thought of something that he could enjoy watching.

“I dare you to jump off the bridge in the park and into the water without a life jacket.” Everyone gasped in shock at the unexpected dare.

“Dude, that’s just cold, even for you,” Said Tony, one of the other boys. “I’d never be able to do that.”

“I’m not sure there’s one person in this room whose parents wouldn’t kill them if they found out their kid jumped off a bridge,” Kaitlyn acknowledged. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

“I’ll do it.”

Everyone cocked their heads over to Lawrence once again. “What?” someone asked in shock.

“I’ll do it. I’ll do it tomorrow,” Lawrence repeated. Everyone started murmuring to each other about how this wasn’t a good idea. Mason agreed to let him do it tomorrow instead of tonight. They finished their game, and headed back home.

House wrote down the new symptom their patient had just witnessed. Three of the doctors thought for a moment, and Foreman eventually spoke up.

“Hependic syndrome,” He suggested. “Can explain the rashes, bloody vomit, even the respiratory failure.” House just flicked his marker around. “House, are you even paying attention?”

House shook his head. “No, I find it much more interesting to watch Sleeping Beauty over there flail,” he answered in sarcasm. Everyone turned their heads over to Kutner, who was sleeping. “I’m guessing Oliver Twist missed his afternoon nap yesterday, so he’s trying to catch a few Z’s while we’re trying to save a dying patient.”

“You want me to wake him up?”

“Naa, he could use a few extra clinic hours.”

Lawrence groggily woke up, and got out of bed. It was 5:50 AM, a time in which he never woke up at. But it was necessary to keep his parents unaware that he was gone. He got dressed, grabbed a quick breakfast, and left to do his dare.

He wasn’t exactly sure why he took the dare. He had always been a dare person growing up. He took every dare that he was given, and didn’t back down. Though, this dare was different. It was life threatening. Jumping into a freezing, flooded out river with chunks of ice in it wasn’t your average and typical dare. But Lawrence took it anyways. And now, he couldn’t back down – Not that he intended to back down.

He finally reached his destination. Mason, and some of the other kids were already waiting at the bridge. Lawrence slipped under the construction tape that kept people from going over the bridge. He trailed though the water that went up to his knees, and got up onto the bridge.

Mason smirked. “Wow, you actually showed up,” he mocked. “A brave but stupid suggestion.”

“I’m not one to turn down a dare,” Lawrence informed. “Plus you’d probably come to my house, and drag my out here if I didn’t come.”

Mason laughed. “Lets get this over with. My mom’ll kill me if I’m not in my bed by seven.” Lawrence nodded, and got up onto the side of the bridge. He started to regret his choice as he looked down at the icy, overflowed river. He slightly wondered if he could talk himself out of the dare, but shook the thought out of his head. There wasn’t any backing down now. He turned over to Mason.

“You… are gonna help me out after I jump, right?” Lawrence asked, a little hit of worry in his eyes.

“Yeah, sure, whatever.”

Lawrence turned back to the water. He gulped silently, and thought once more about turning back, but shook it from his head. He inched farther off the side, and finally jumped off.

He surfaced and caught his breath, looking up to the other kids for what would happen next. He noticed he was slowly moved backwards by the current, so he swam a little bit upriver to keep from drifting away.

“What do I do know?” Lawrence shouted to Mason.

“We’re gonna go get some rope,” Mason answered. “We’ll be back in thirty minutes or so.” He signaled the other kids to follow him, and they started trailing out of the park. Lawrence realized they were ditching him. He scoffed.

“It doesn’t take thirty minutes to find rope! Get me out of here!” He yelled after them. Mason just ignored his desperate pleas, and kept walking. A few of the kids looked back at him, and reluctantly followed Mason.

The current was getting slightly stronger, and Lawrence was getting tired of keeping himself at one place. He let the current drag him backwards, and he channeled his energy to keeping himself above the surface. And it was hard to do that, seeing that the river was overflowed and it had chunks of ice in it.

He called for help a couple times, but there wasn’t anybody walking in the park at the early hour. The current and ice chunks were constantly pushing him underwater. Lawrence tried calling for help once more, hoping someone would spot him and help him out. Fortunately, an early riser walking in the park spotted him, and reached a large branch out to him just as Lawrence was pushed under once again. He swam over to it, and grabbed the branch. The man pulled him onto shore, and checked to see if he was breathing. He sputtered some water out of his mouth and coughed. Once he regained full consciousness, the man spoke up.

“You ok?” He asked, concern in his eyes. Lawrence meekly nodded.


The man helped him up. “Let’s get you home.”

It turned out the man who had saved him was a police officer off duty. After getting Lawrence a towel to dry off with, he followed him home to tell his parents what had happened. He knocked on the door. Lawrence’s adoptive mother, Julia, opened the door, a surprised look on her face when she saw her son drenched, shivering, and wrapped in a towel. Lawrence lowered his head, in fear that he would be in big trouble for making such a stupid decision.

“Hi Mom,” he quivered.

“Can we come in?” The police officer asked.

Julia nodded. “Yeah.” She moved out of the way, and let them in. She led them to the table, where Julia’s husband, Richard, was sitting, drinking coffee. He, too, stared in shock and confusion when he saw Lawrence wrapped in a towel. The police officer took a seat, and looked at Richard and Julia straight in the eye.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kutner, are you aware that your son is attempting suicide?” He asked. Everyone at the table gasped, eyes wide open in shock. Lawrence scoffed, and looked at the police officer accusingly, like he had just blamed him for something he didn’t do.

“What? no! That wasn’t suicide!” he informed. The police officer’s eyebrows rose.

“You jumped off a bridge! How is that not suicide?”

“Because,” Lawrence sighed. “It was just a dare…” He saw his parents look accusingly at him from the corner of his eye. He sighed and lowered his head. “...That I probably shouldn’t of taken…”

“Kutner? Kutner, wake up!”

Thirteen shook Kutner lightly until he finally woke up. He groggily opened his eyes. “Wha… what happened?” he asked.

“You were asleep the whole day!” Thirteen explained. “You’re lucky Cuddy didn’t catch you sleeping, or you’d probably have a whole week-full of clinic duty!” Kutner yawned and nodded.

“What time is it?”

“8:36. I’m going home.” Thirteen grabbed her bag, and started to walk out the door.

“Hey,” Kutner started. “You wanna come over for a while? Maybe have a drink or two?” Thirteen smiled.

“Sure, why not?”


Kutner got up from his seat, and joined Thirteen. They walked down to the lobby. “So, what were you dreaming about anyway?” Thirteen asked. “You were flailing, and your breathing stopped every couple seconds. It kinda freaked me out.” Kutner smiled.

“It was just something from my childhood,” he assured her. “Wanna hear the story?”

“Yeah, sure.”

The End…

wow. i really need to get a life. i mean seriously, something's wrong with me.

IT FELT SO WEIRD AND WRONG CALLING HIM "LAWRENCE" ALL THE TIME!!!!! *starts saying "Kutner" multiple times* oi...

and yeah, i had to put some Kudley at the end of the story. what's a good story without a little romance?

grr. i STILL got Heartless in my head. grr!

soo... yeah. tell me if u like the story, and tell me if i made any mistakes (other than putting too much drama in it!).

Kudley out.

p.s. i left a story out on ur laptop. read it if u haven't already deleted the page. its a really good story! in fact, the best Kudley story i've read yet! soo... yeah... bye!

Emo_Girls1o1 on July 26, 2009, 1:08:05 PM

Emo_Girls1o1 on
Emo_Girls1o1Hello... did you remember?

amyrosrules223 on July 26, 2009, 12:21:04 PM

amyrosrules223 on

tennesseekidcooper5 on July 23, 2009, 1:25:46 AM

tennesseekidcooper5 on



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