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Mojofooka's Profile
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I decided to change my profile because I'm trying not to be negative this year... =P
(Someone is actually reading this? I'm appauled! XD Did I spell appauled wrong? ><)

Okay, here's the only three things you probably need to know about me without too much detail. The rest is junk about me for anyone who is bored and has nothing to do.
1)I started drawing Manga/Anime style about a year and a half ago, so my drawings still suc- I MEAN... STILL NEED SOME WORK!
2)I submit very, very rarely, so you won't see much art from me. However, I am unable to submit to FAC, so if you are interested in seeing my art (you are?!), you have to visit my DeviantArt Page. I do comment here still though ^_^ And I may be able to add in a fanfiction are two, but I am still unsure if anyone bothers to read them (yes, I know there are comments, but still... I don't know... lol I'M INSECURE! *sobs*)
3)I have a DeviantArt account, although I still use this account as well. I'm starting to have problems with this site though (how come there's this huge wave of pop-ups?!). My DeviantArt account goes under the same name as this one... Mojofooka! If you want to visit it (or do you?), it's at

Now the junk for those who are bored and want to know more about me...
(Someone is reading THIS?! I'M EVEN MORE APPAULED!!)

For those of you who are wondering, I only comment because my drawing will likely make someone cry, go into a state of shock, or have a heart attack (three guesses why...). I am considering submitting something anyhow to appease my friends' urging to let others see my work. However, just to prepare everyone...
1) I don't have a natural talent for drawing well (my entire family is not too good) ; my ability to draw is something I put lots of work into... Some days are wors-BETTER than others... MUCH better than others sometimes...(and for anyone who is curious, Art was my worst subject along with gym. Naturally, I quit art once I entered junior high and took drama instead, which was not much of a better turn either. My drama mark even worse than my gym mark, but it's fun, so I stuck to it. However, I still draw because now it's not worth MARKS anymore, so I won't fail a class. By the way, my art mark reflected my drawing ability very accurately.)
2) I am very slow at drawing; it usually takes me between and hour to three hours to finish a picture or portrait of one person. If I'm doing a comic strip, it normally takes me about half an hour per panel, if not longer. Therefore, my submissions will either be old pictures (which are most likely terrible) or any recent ones will take ages to come in (and thus become old pictures before they are finally submitted).
3) I do not own a properly working scanner (the one in my house is a second hand one from my cousin's office because they no longer wanted it... with good reason), so it will either come in by a digital camera picture, and thus making the picture screwy, or I will somehow magically manage to use the scanner at school without anyone seeing me scan in weird anime style pictures (basically impossible). In other words, either my pictures will look further messed up by a digital camera or they will hardly come in at all.

I am still in the process of writing my Ragnarok Story, and unfortunately, my computer burned out a while ago (my mother opened the heating vent near my computer which I purposely shut off, so the computer overheated and died) so I have to redo a very large section of my story (I backed it up a long time ago, so now I have to re-write the part that died with the computer). Sorry for anyone who was looking forward to it (if there were any people... oh wait, that's being negative... I mean, there must have been LOTS of people looking forward to it... right.).

I'm starting to use Fanart Central less now because there has been a sudden wave of pop-ups in this site that attacked my computer... it really lags my laptop when it has to block a pop-up once every two seconds O_o (seriously, this laptop isn't the greatest thing on earth o_O) If you still are interested in seeing what weird things I'm doing (You are?!), you can check up on me in DeviantArt. I'll still be here though... don't worry! (You worried? Amazing! XD)

Now here's a list of the games I play...
1) Ragnarok Online (I play on the server called Rebirth RO; it's third in the top 100 servers! w00t! It's not overcrowded, and it's midrate, which is 100x100x20 for us, and it also has a lowrate server, but I'm unsure of those rates... I think 5x5x2...)
2)Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken (Blazing Sword in English, but I think that it sounds cooler in Japanese =P Well, most things sound cooler in languages I can't comprehend)
3)Super Smash Brothers Melee (I specialize with Roy, but I can also use Kirby, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Yoshi... and peoples, I finally learned how good Jigglypuff can be >=)
4)Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (I play the boy version because I got it before the girl version came out)
5)The Legend of Zelda series (I have only played the Majora's Mask, the Wind Waker, the Four Swords, and the Orcarina of Time... I never finished the Orcarina of Time because it was my cousins' game, not mine)
6)Mario Kart (I have Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64 and I also have Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for the Gamecube, not DS... I don't have a DS, but I don't really care... SO THERE! Hey, that rhymed. Cool. I failed poetry last year though =O)
7)Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (I don't like the bird race... the Yukes were a bit scary >_<)
8)Finaly Fantasy: Tactics Advanced (It's like Fire Emblem in that they are both turn based games based on tactics... I'm fairly good at both, even withOUT walkthroughs HA! Not that I use walkthroughs much anyways =P)
9)POKEMON GOLD!! Don't laugh at me! But I lost the cartridge a while back... T_T
I don't actually play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance or Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, but I my brother plays FE:SS and my friend plays FE:PoR, so I know enough about them to get the jokes made... I play on starting both once I finish FE: Rekka no Ken. Also, I don't play the main Final Fantasy Series (FF 1 - FF XII), but once again, I know enough about FF 7, FF 8, FF X and FF X-2 to get jokes. The same goes for Kingdom Hearts I and II.

And now a list of anime/manga that I watch/read:
1)Inuyasha (I watch this)
2)Full Metal Alchemist (I watch this)
3)Bleach (I watch this)
4)Gundam SEED (I watched and read this under the heavy persuasion of my brother, but I did not read/watch that other one...Gundam Wing? Well, whatevah =P)
5)Gundam- 08th MS team (I actually loved this one)
6)Pretear (I watched this and read some of the manga... it's so different in the manga! I like the characters better in the anime... english voice actors suck XD The original Japanese voice actors were so much better! But I love this series!)
7)Tsubasa: Resovior Chronicles (I read this, I don't watch it because I think the characters look a little odd in the anime, and they changed it waaay too much for the anime... in my opinion. HURRY UP AND FINISH TRANSLATING, SHIPPING AND PRINTING!! lol I love this series... this is my favorite manga)
8)D.N. Angel (I read this, but I've only read the first book so far)
9)Tokyo: Boys and Girls (I read this, but I didn't really like this series...)
10)Zodiac P.I. (Private Investigator) (I read this series because my friend gave me all the books... I thought it was pretty good.)
11)Chobits (I read this... I thought it was a little perverted, but Chi was cute, I think the charcters are fairly interesting, and the plot is okay, so I liked it)
12)Mahoromatic (I read this and I found this perverted as well, but it was really funny, so it was okay)
13)Steel Angel Kurumi (I watched a little bit of this, not that much... the charcters are awesome! However, the English voice actors are terrible... This series is really funny though)
14)Ragnarok the Animation (I played the game before I found this anime... it was fairly good... oh, and I don't know too much of what happened because I watched it in Japanese with no English subtitles T_T I kinda understand because my other friends watched the whole thing in English and told me a little bit)
15)GundamSEED Destiny (Well, it came out in English and it was playing on YTV, so I started watching it.)
I don't watch Gravitation or Fullmoon Wo Sagashoote but I know a little bit about Gravitation and Fullmoon Wo Sagashoote, so I get some of the jokes... XD

And now, a third pointless list of movies I've watched...
1)Howl's Moving Castle (my favorite movie)
2)Mononoke Hime/ Princess Mononoke (also my favorite movie... XD)
3)Laputa/Castle in the Sky (Castle in the Sky is the direct Enlgish translation, but it sounds pretty lame in English... XD)
4)Whisper of the Heart
5)All the Inuyasha Movies (I found those kinda cheesy and lame... but still a little funny. Yeah, I like humour)
6)A lot of the Disney movies (Surprising as it is... Hercules was my favorite from Disney XD Don't laugh at me... Did you even know that Disney did a version of Hercules =O? Terrible, I tell you... it wasn't a very big hit... T_T)
7)She's the Man (Not a Japanese animation, but I couldn't really fall asleep with the movie playing loudly, so I ended up watching it... 'twas funny, I tell you. I found out that it was a parody of Shakesphere's play called Twelfth Night or What you Will)
8)Sixth Sense (hated that movie... well, I hate all horror movies... not funny, and they're not interesting... just scary... give me nightmares... *shiver*)
9)Spirited Away (I actually watched it in Chinese... I thought it was okay...)
10)A Series of Unfortunate Events (The books were terrible, the movie was terrible, and so I found it boring when I was also forced to watch it at a birthday party... and by the way, this one was at a movie theatre, so if I fell asleep, I would have snored... yes, I snore, don't laugh...)
11)Pom Poko (It's a movie by Studio Ghibli about cute little raccoons... the story is kinda sad, but I liked it anyways... they reminded me of the Smokies in Ragnarok =P)
12)Final Fantasy VII: Advent Chidren (I LOVED THAT MOVIE!! Although I didn't play the game, I got it because my friend also plays that game. That movie is yet another one of my favorites...)
Did you notice how all my favorite movies are Japanese? Yeah, I noticed that too. Now what does that tell you about Japanese people? THEY ROCK!! Lol or maybe it's just my preferences =P My preferences might be off because I also noticed that a lot of the guys I liked from Japanese movies, animes, mangas, and games had long hair or looked sorta like girls O_o so maybe I am a little weird.

A fourth list... this time of the people I like from games, anime, and manga... I only put down the ones I like a LOT because if I put down everyone, the list would be waaay too long... not that the list isn't long enough as is >< First the males... XD (by the way, this is not listed in the order which I like them... it's just whoever popped into my head)
1)Roy- FE (I originally know him from SSBM, but then I did a bit more research on him... I love him! lol I even started playing FE after more research! and btw, like most other fangirls, me thinks he's hot =P but I can't draw him because of his hair ><)
2)Marth- FE (same thing as Roy! Poor Marth... his kingdom got invaded TWICE! O_o And the first time, he went into exile... HE'S BEEN ABUSED, I TELL YOU And he's shy too... cute!)
3)Vincent- FF VII (Fast! Strong! Silent! INTELLIGENT! XD I like those types of guys =D lol I think he's pretty hot too, but he doesn't look so good in the movie... I MANAGED TO DRAW HIM BETTER LOOKING THAN HE WAS IN THE MOVIE! Now that's just sad... XD Well, in my opinion, he looks better when he is more manga/anime style and not as realistic.)
4)Cloud- FF VII (just because he's so cool... now don't maul me, but I don't think he's hot... but he's pretty good looking...)
5)Squall- FF VIII (He's hot... plus, I got him in a personality test! I'm like him! Yay! lol and another man of few words =P but no, I am not a person of few words >< I have no idea how I got him on my personality test XD)
6)Hayate- Pretear (HE IS SO HOT! And he's not very loudmouthed, so I like that too... and he's cool... and he's strong... he can understand pain/is sympathetic... he's awesome!)
7)Edward Elric- Full Metal Alchemist (Okay, he's good looking, but not hot... he's short like me ^__^ *I get killed by Ed* lol anyways and he's quite powerful and fairly intelligent except when he gets angry... but then again, I don't know anyone who is intelligent when they are angry)
8)Link- The Legend of Zelda Series (I like his looks best in the SSBM title page... he looks so good there! and he also looks in TLOZ:OOT)(I used to think he was hot, but I change my mind now... lol I don't understand how he saves all of Hyrule, then comes back in the Majora's mask with only three hearts and no weapons besides some crappy sword?! What happened there?! And also, how he magiclly manages to master weapons the moment he gets, how that confuses me... well, I guess he IS the hero of time... and never be against the guy with the sword... and the bow... and the boomerang... and you get the point XD)
9)Older Trunks (not the younger one)-DBZ (I hate the way Trunks looks in DB GT) (I used to think he was sooo hot... it kinda died away now... simply because I learned about the drawing style of manga/anime, and I realized how screwed up the eyes are for the guys in DB, DBZ, and DBGT... LOL but I still think he's pretty good looking =D Oh and, he was the very first guy I liked... yes, this counts real life as well... the first guy I liked wasn't REAL! What does that say about me? Hmm... lol or what does that say about the guys I know? LOL THEY AREN'T HOT! XD not that you needed to know that. Also, HE USES A SWORD! Yeah, go swords! lol)
10)Henry- Little Fighter 2 (I think no one plays that game so I won't even go into it XD)
11)Ashootaka- Mononoke Hime (He's strong, fairly quiet, has a strong sense of justice, is kind, is caring, and can probably understand most people's problems, considering he had a lot of those himself XD So yeah, I like him... but I don't like San! ><)
12)Howl- Howl's Moving Castle (He's so good looking! I know some people don't really agree with me here, but I think he looks equally good with blonde or black hair... so there! NOW STOP CRYING HOWL!! lol He has a very sensitive girly side XD but he's humorous, hot, and he can cast magic! O_O woo hoo go Howl! Yeah, I really like him)
13)Hiroshi Nakano- Gravitation (Wow... he's got the looks and the personality that I want... HE'S AWESOME! So yeah, I uber like him...)
14)Sesshomaru- Inuyasha (GO SESSHOMARU! Uber strong! And he's soooo cool! You see, Inuyasha defeats most by either chance/fluke/luck or some new techinique that he randomly picks up... Sesshomaru, on the other hand, uses the same techiniques to deafeat everything in his path! HA! He doesn't need some new-fangled Tetsuiga. LOL although it would be a very handy addition to his growing collection of swords... XD jk! But yeah, Sesshomaru rocks. Too bad he hates humans >< except Rin... FAVORTISM! Ah well... too bad for me...)
15)Fai/Fye/Fei- Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicles (He's so awesome! So kind... he tries to lighten things up in spite of his own depression... he tries not to let his own problems drag him and others down... Just a side note, I pronounce his name as Fay, rhyming with hay (hay in ENGLISH, not in Spanish... I know it sounds completely different in Spanish...), I do not pronounce his name as Fye, rhyming with Eye... I realize that I pronounce it incorrectly, but I think the Fay sounds better than Fye... so I continue to say it that way... and my friends agree! HA!)
16)Syaoran- Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicles (I don't like him from his original series, Cardcaptor Sakura, because he's a little kid... and I am officially afraid of kids. In Tsubasa, however, he is much nicer, and since he's a teenager/pre-teen, not some little kid, I like him better.)
17)A WHOLE LOT OF GUYS FROM FIRE EMBLEM! Lol Fire Emblem has so many awesome characters! And a lot of really good looking ones too O_O lol just to name a few, I'll say Heath (because he's cool), Seth (because he's cool and pretty good looking), Pent (because he's cool and pretty good looking too =O), Matthew (because he's pretty entertaining and very useful =P), and the list goes on for a looong time... XD

Now for girls that I find awesome! This list is shorter because most girls are depicted as wimpy damsels in need of rescuing... feh... stupid stereotypes... (Note: Once again, these are not listed in order of how much I like them...)
1)Tifa- FF VII (She's so powerful and fast! Well, in my opinion... at least she isn't some useless thing sitting there screaming "SAVE ME!!")
2)Himeno- Pretear (I don't always like her attitude, although I DID get her on a personality test... XD but most of the time, I act a lot like her... Most of the time, I think that her personality is good... And she's super strong! I'm not super strong though >< Also, she is in NO WAY a helpless maiden in distress... that's always a plus on my list!)
3)Kikyo- Inuyasha (Well, she isn't helpless... she can take care of herself very well... and I feel so sorry for her because she has so much pain... And sorry to those Kagome fans, but I like Kikyo better... even though she IS dead... Kagome's got ATTITUDE O_o but yeah, I act a lot more like Kagome than Kikyo... still though, I hate how she's so jealous of Inuyasha and Kikyo... she whines too much about that)
4)Sango- Inuyasha (I like her for the same reasons as Kikyo... but it's too bad she likes Miroku... too bad indeed... what a bad choice of a man... but really, who can control who they fall in love with? If only... XD)
5)LOTS OF FIRE EMBLEM GIRLS! Yes, once again, I think that the characters from Fire Emblem are so awesome! To name a few that I really like, there's Erika (she's very kind and caring...), Ninian (Okay, so she is pretty helpless a lot of the time, but I feel so sorry for her! Poor Ninian...), Lucius... JUST KIDDING! I realize that Lucius is a boy, don't worry... continuing on... I also like Louise (I love the way Saria depicts her! lol but I hate the way she looks in the game... it's like she has too much eye shadow XD but she's very kind, loving, and cares about everybody... so yeah), Neimi (So she cries a lot... still, I like her... lol archers rock, but not so much in FE because they can only hit from at least 2 spaces away... archers are better in other games... but still, pretty good!), and the list goes on... lol I find Serra entertaining, but I'm not such a big fan of her XD so yup.

Okay, last list! XD These are the pairings that I like... If I list two guys/two girls on the same line, then it's because I like them as friends... I don't really like yuri/yaoi... why aren't people satisfied with friendships? T_T
1)Erika x Seth- FE:SS
2)Inuyasha x Kikyo- Inuyasha (No, not Inuyasha x Kagome... I used to like that, but then she started whinning... then I didn't like that pairing much anymore...)
3)Ninian x Eliwood (The ending is so sad! How Ninia- OKAY, I'M NOT SPOILING IT! Also, I believe this is the accurate pairing... I think he is Roy's mom for several reasons... my reasons are taken from I will not say them because there are spoilers... If you want to see it, scroll down to the E-mails section, and the second question has all the reasons as to why I believe Ninian is Roy's true mother... And since I like accurate/canon pairings, I like this pairing!)
4)Bartre x Karla (Yup, the accurate pairing once again... their conversation is so randomly stupid and funny! lol I like funnyness... is that a word?)
5)Rath x Wil (lol Wil is just that guy who is the exact opposite of Rath... then when they talk... well, it's just hilarious there)
6)Raven x Wil (yet another meeting of the opposites... lol)
7)Lyn x Rath
8)Lyn x Hector
9)Nino x Jaffar (I know, I know... Nino's ending would have been fine, but then if you combine her with anyone else for endings... it just gets ruined... so sad... but I like them together so much! I'll just pretend they didn't vanish! *sob* AH! DID I JUST SPOIL?! Whoops... oh well... you would have figured it out eventually...)
10)Priscilla x Heath (I know the ending could be not sad if I put her with Erk... but I don't like Erk and girls... he... just doesn't seem to fit it... sorry for the Erk fans... the only pairing for Priscilla I like is this one, although Priscilla and Guy is still kinda funny... XD the A Level one just made me laugh... it's happened to me before, that why... XD)
11)Yuna x Tidus (not Lenne... don't ask me why... but a whole other game was made to bring them back together! so I love this pairing =P)
12)Aries/Arieth x Cloud (I don't know... I'm just not as big a fan of the Tifa x Cloud pairing, although I don't hate that pairing... I just like this one better...)
13)Colm x Neimi (XD No really, this couple is so cute! Opposites meeting once again...)
14)Kent x Fiora (They aren't opposites... they're basically the same XD but I like them together =P)
15)Isadora x Harken (Come on, they were supposed to marry each other, so just make them do it! Goodness! lol)
16)Isadora x Geitz (Just because their support conversation is hilarious... XD)
17)Pent x Louise (They're married... heck, why wouldn't I like this?)
18)Serra x Sain (Because Serra is self-centered and Sain woos all girls... well, why not? They're funny together... lol and since I don't like any of the other Serra pairings, I like this one. Also, Erk, Oswin, and Matthew falling for Serra... the first word that comes into my mind is ICK... call me immature, but I insist that it's icky XP)
19)Marisa x Gerik (lol, they're hilarious together... XD "Wonderful day for battle, isn't it?" Ah ha ha ha ha...)
20)Forde x Vanessa (I realize that Vanessa liked Innes first, but really, I don't like them together... and besides, Forde is funneh =P)
21)Ichigo x Rukia (I think that Ichigo is not so good looking... personally, I don't really like the style of the person who drew Bleach... the boys look... pretty bad...... but this pairing isn't too bad...) Okay guys, I know that I had Karin before, and IT WAS A MISTAKE!! I THOUGH RUKIA WAS CALLED KARIN!! OKAY? Okay. But Ichigo and Karin are both funny. Lolz.
22)Orihime x Anybody! (lol Orihime is so funny! And nice! lol she goes well with basically anyone!)
23)Zelda x Link (Just because... lol)

Wow, this is an unbelievably long profile... I believe my profile probably holds record for longest profile description (so far as I have seen... I obviously haven't seen everyone's profile XD). I find it interesting how easily I get off topic... but that's besides the point. =P

I am a Christian, and I am unashamed to announce this because God matters to me... Praise the Lord in everything that you do! Including drawing and writing Fanfictions =D and making overly long profiles, for that matter =P

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
John 3:16 (NIV)

Be joyful always; pray conintually; give thanks in all circumstnaces, for this is God's will for you to do in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)


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Ky-Kiske on September 10, 2007, 6:53:48 AM

Ky-Kiske on
Ky-KiskeAha! Another Rebirth Player~ Good to see other RO players and the like around these parts!

Hikaru Hitachiin/Kyouya Ootori are my mains on rRO. xDD Even though I havent been on alot lately. D: Mebbe youve spotted me around or something. Or not, because theres those large masses of people everywhere. >.> (On the Midrate, that is)

Anyway! Gonna check out your DA~ Take care :3

Mojofooka on September 10, 2007, 12:10:13 PM

Mojofooka on
MojofookaOoo you play Rebirth as well! =D I haven't been on recently either XD I think my account is locked >< But yeah, I want to play Rebirth again as soon as I finish Fire Emblem!

Aw, sorry, I haven't seen you around =( I'm not all that famous either, so you probably haven't seen me as well XD My character names are Mirriam, Kara, Lillian, and I don't remember the name of my wizard XD

Yeah, definately large masses of n00bs around XD Ever since we made 1st in the top 100, we've been flooded with n00bs. Yuppers, I'm in the midrate as well =P I prefer it because low rate is too slow and high rate gets out of hand, so midrate is just right for me ^_^

Aw, thank you for checking out my dA ^_^ It's my main now, and where I shove my of my junk. If you're on dA as well, I would love to see your stuff too =D

Ky-Kiske on September 10, 2007, 2:52:02 PM

Ky-Kiske on
Ky-KiskeYeeeah, I went and messed around on LucidRO some. (Super High Rate) Although its uberhigh, it was actually alot of fun. I guess Rebirths Imbalance started ot get tome after a while, seeing as Im not a donator, and I suddenly got overwhlemed by these donator kids in my guild. Drove me nuts.

Went back to FlyFF recently, I cant really avoid it, its eaten my soul for a few years now. xD Just like RO did. Rofl.

I'll drop you a watch on dA, your stuff is adorable! My username is Ky--kiske. I do more on dA as well, anyway. This place kinda breaks my heart. xD; Wee~

Mojofooka on September 13, 2007, 9:15:38 AM

Mojofooka on
MojofookaAh, I don't join guilds, so I don't have that problem XD But yeah, I don't have donates either.

Oooo my friend plays FlyFF! She told me a lot about it, and it seems quite a bit like RO.

Aw, thanks for the watch! Well, my stuff is that adorable... is it? XD Yaysers, we're both dAers! =D Lawlz

Mmm how does this place break your heart? Actually, I think I kinda like their new layout better than the old one =)

Ky-Kiske on September 13, 2007, 2:37:07 PM

Ky-Kiske on
Ky-KiskeWell, problem with this site is is all the people with terrible art, (not for the content, but for the effort put into it) and terrible attitudes get the recognition here. Whereas the people who arent braggarts and have decent to good art get nothing at all. Ive yet to feel like theres much more to the community other than Sonic Marysues and Terrible Fancharacters, that people bow down to and suck up with the artists over. I rant too much. I wouldnt be down on anyone if they just had a good attitude, not act like theyre an internet tough-guy.

Now that FlyFF v9 came out, Im even more upset. I wouldnt advise getting into it right now. Its alot like RO, yeah, because they took some elements from it. But they implemented PK on all servers, deleveling and killstealing. Im not too thrilled about that at all, so im just relaxing. Back to RO with me I guess until its sorted out. Ive had bad luck with games, it seems. xD

Very adorable, yes~ dA'ers unite! x3

Sorry to babble on and on, I tend to have quite the motormouth once I get going. ._.;;

Mojofooka on September 15, 2007, 11:27:52 AM

Mojofooka on
MojofookaHmm I haven't been poking around enough of FAC to notice about that kind of thing, I guess XD But I agree with the terrible fan characters, all the Sonic fanart, and the terrible fan fictions in general.

I love how on Rebirth you can disable KSing =P It's such a great feature; I wish they'd put it in a long time ago XD Ick, I hate PK places. I always avoid those because I'm never in the mood to kill another character o_O

Welll if you don't want bad luck in games, you could always play games that aren't online =P But I enjoy how online games allow you to socialize while playing... that's pretty darn sweet ^_^

XD Why, thank you. I don't really think my work is that good, especially when I find all those amazing artists on dA, but I'm glad someone thinks it's not bad =D

Oh, no worries ^_^ I love reading bablings, and I am a ranter/rambler myself =P If you've ever seen my journals, they just go on and on and on... XD

SinlessSoul on August 28, 2007, 10:32:17 AM

SinlessSoul on
SinlessSoulI play on Rebirth, frozen glade, and.... um....
a lot more x3 you?

Mojofooka on August 30, 2007, 2:33:31 PM

Mojofooka on
MojofookaYOU PLAY ON REBIRTH?! ZOMG!!! XD I'm not active now because it's recently been overloaded with n00bs XD and since I haven't played for over three months, I think they've probably closed my account until I request it to be opened again, so I'm not on now... >< What were your character names? I want to check if I ever knew you, ha ha.

SinlessSoul on August 26, 2007, 5:48:24 AM

SinlessSoul on
SinlessSoulHey, One question, Do you play Ragnarok Online too? x3[/color]

Mojofooka on August 27, 2007, 7:31:36 AM

Mojofooka on
MojofookaYup, I do! Which server do you play on?

Psalms on December 22, 2006, 7:38:31 AM

Psalms on
PsalmsThanks for your comment! =^_^=

You DON'T suck at drawing. ~_~ *gives you cookie* ^^;;;

SecondFlame4710 on June 11, 2006, 3:39:51 PM

SecondFlame4710 on
SecondFlame4710Thanks so much for commenting on one of my pictures! ^^ I didn't think anybody cared to see my stuff :/ So you have made my day, lol.

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