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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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There’s no business like… cartoon business?! Will the Warners decide to end their scene inside the Warner Brothers Lot for good? Yakko thinks so, but what if his siblings think otherwise? The fate of desperate change is in Yakko’s hands, will he choose to be with his Hollywood Crush over his family?
If you think I've done too much artwork then you're in for a shock. My true obsession is writing, and I cannot stop. So I've made this to wrap up some of my scraped stories. Anyone can make a shout out if they want to see me finnish one, and anyone can ma
In order to get into a characters personality, while warming up to write a story, I usually take the time with the harder characters to try and become them by writing some paragraphs about them thinking of the people around them. Funny, now this has become a story itself.
A poem that i wrote fairly quickly, but with alot of thought. (sort of religious, leans on Christianity)